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Peripheral Regional Anesthesia. An Atlas of Anatomy and Techniques.

Peripheral Regional Anesthesia. An Atlas of Anatomy and Techniques. Gisela Meier, Johannes Buettner; Thieme, Elsevier Australia, 30-52 Smidmore Street, Marrickville, N.S.W 2204; $240.00; 235X 310 mm; ISBN: 3131397918.

This book is a winner for all those performing peripheral regional anaesthesia and likely to attract those who have been apprehensive about trying these techniques. When one reads 'Atlas' in the title one expects a combination of photographs and diagrams, with as much interest as a road directory. Indeed, I have seen many such books. However, this atlas is distinguished by features which elevate it above other books on regional anaesthesia.

These are, firstly, the detailed cadaveric dissections, which have been meticulously displayed to correspond with both photographs of models and schematic diagrams. The combination of the three gives the reader an overall view and appreciation of where the nerves lie in relation to the surface markings. It adds enormous depth to understanding. For added insight, X-rays and MRI are also supplied when they can further illuminate. Secondly, the authors convey a wealth of experience to the reader in terms of small tips for each block; this information has been gained through a vast experience and is bound to help those who perform some blocks occasionally. Thirdly, there is detailed information on using the nerve stimulator, and a major emphasis on threading indwelling catheters. These are essential skills in today's practice. The concluding chapter deals comprehensively with general considerations. Although ultrasound guidance receives some attention, the book was published before this technique became common. I suspect that this atlas will be an ideal companion for books specifically on ultrasound imaging, which are bound to appear in the next few years.

The book has involved an inestimable amount of preparation (especially the dissections). Originally published in German, we are fortunate that the publishers have sought a translation (expertly done by Dag Selander). Anybody performing peripheral neural blockade should have access to this book.


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Author:Silbert, B.
Publication:Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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