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Periodic puzzler.

Now that you've named this issue's mystery element ("Name That Element!" p. 16), use your problem-solving skills and your periodic table to solve this puzzle. In the space below, fill in the shaded letters to reveal the mystery phrase.


1. This inner transition metal has 90 electrons.

2. This noble gas has two protons.

3. This inner transition metal has an atomic mass of 167.26.

4. This metal is in the fourth period, group 11.

5. This element, which is used to make rat poison, has 33 protons.

6. This transition metal's chemical symbol is Hg.

7. This element is between tellurium and the noble gas xenon.

8. This glittery element's symbol is Au.

9. This alkali metal has 76 fewer electrons than francium.

10. This element's atoraic number is 77.

11. This alkaline earth metal has eight more protons than magnesium.

12. This is the fourth element in the fourth period.

13. This 60-neutron element has an atomic mass of 106.4.

14. This element has 27 electrons.

15. This element, which can bind to form ozone, has an atomic mass of 15.999.

Mystery Phrase: Dimitri Mendeleev published the first in 1869.


1. thorium 2. helium 3. erbium 4. copper 5. arsenic 6. mercury 7. iodine 8. gold 9. sodium 10. iridium 11. calcium 12. titanium 13. palladium 14. cobalt 15. oxygen Mystery phrase: periodic table
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