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Perils of parenting; chronicle comment.

THERE are many experiences which contribute to the make-up of each one of us.

The most important factor in learning about life remains the influence of parents.

The difference between the stability provided by good parenting and the effect of a lack of guidance - or worse, a negative influence - is huge.

The path to adulthood is a difficult one, even in the most straightforward of childhoods.

Regularly, the lack of parental guidance is apparent in cases where young people have turned to crime, or their lives have imploded in some other way.

The effect of a dysfunctional upbringing is profound on society; righting what has gone before is a long and difficult process.

Today a Tyneside-based charity launches a campaign to support families and bridge the gap between parents and teachers.

It is wrong to assume that all parents are capable of steering their young ones from birth to adulthood, instilling the values which will ensure they fulfil their full potential.

Schools already do a great deal to encourage parents to contribute fundamentally to their child's education.

Parentline Plus says its findings demonstrate a lack of information about how to be an effective parent.

These findings should not go unheeded. The relative gain from improving the information available to all parents would surely bring a benefit in the future.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 26, 2011
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