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Hearing voices?: Addressing the subject of balancing voices in pianistic textures. Lanners, Thomas Apr 1, 2002 3779
The soft-focus sound: reverb as a gendered attribute in mid-century mood music. Leydon, Rebecca Jun 22, 2001 4401
Performance Emotions in an Elite Archer: A Case Study. Robazza, Claudio; Bortoli, Laura; Nougier, Vincent Jun 1, 2000 7606
A Laboratory Investigation of Positive and Negative Affect Within Individual Zones of Optimal Functioning Theory. Russell, William D.; Cox, Richard H. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2000 6294
Athletes' Perceptions of the Home Advantage: An Investigation of Perceived Causal Factors. Bray, Steven R.; Widmeyer, W. Neil Mar 1, 2000 4236
The Importance of Analyzing Position-Specific Self-Efficacy. Weigand, Daniel A.; Stockham, Kimberley J. Mar 1, 2000 3755
Performance Measurement Guide from Leatherhead. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 130
Jackson and Schuler (1985) Revisited: A Meta-Analysis of the Relationships Between Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict, and Job Performance [1]. Tubre, Travis C.; Collins, Judith M. Jan 1, 2000 7172
When things go wrong: the effect of daily work hassles on effort, exertion and negative mood. Zohar, Dov Sep 1, 1999 9054
Mood scores: mood and performance in professional cricketers. Totterdell, Peter Aug 1, 1999 7060
Work organization, technology, and performance in customer service and sales. Batt, Rosemary Jul 1, 1999 12270
Temporal factors in mental work: effects of interrupted activities. Zijlstra, Fred R.H.; Roe, Robert A.; Leonora, Anna B.; Krediet, Irene Jun 1, 1999 9807
Goods on American Education, The. Stake, Robert May 1, 1999 3716
Writing to the Rubric: Lingering Effects of Traditional Standardized Testing on Direct Writing Assessment. Mabry, Linda May 1, 1999 6613
Risking Frankness In Educational Assessment. Moss, Pamela A.; Schutz, Aaron May 1, 1999 7531
Short History Of Performance Assessment: Lessons Learned. Madaus, George F.; O'Dwyer, Laura M. May 1, 1999 7718
A win-win solution for production workers through gainshare pay. Aboud, Karl May 1, 1999 768
Adverse selection and pay compression. Stewart, Jay Apr 1, 1999 7625
A Proper Mentality for Benchmarking. Ammons, David N. Mar 1, 1999 3019
A New Dimension of Company Performance: The Nonfinancial Indicators. BUGHIN-MAINDIAUX, CHRISTIANE Feb 1, 1999 186
New Methodology for Analyzing Fluctuating Unit Activity. Jacobson, Ann K.; Seltzer, Joyce E.; Dam, Eric J. Jan 1, 1999 2407
Research Note: The Creation of Capabilities in New Ventures - A Longitudinal Study. Kazanjian, Robert K.; Rao, Hayagreeva Jan 1, 1999 6893
Predictors of performance in the National Hockey League. Voyer, Daniel; Wright, Edward F. Dec 1, 1998 5794
Competence and the classical cascade: a reply to Franks. Patterson, Sarah Dec 1, 1998 5291
Measures and interpretations of vigilance performance: evidence against the detection criterion. Balakrishnan, J.D. Dec 1, 1998 12201
Bureaucratic Theory Meets Reality: Public Choice and Service Contracting in U.S. Local Government. Boyne, George A. Nov 1, 1998 8334
Effects of top management team change on performance in downsized US companies. Krishnan, Hema A.; Park, Daewoo Oct 1, 1998 6223
Performative Transformation of the Public Queer in Paris is Burning. Gregory, Christian A. Sep 22, 1998 7338
Performativity in 1960s American Experimental Cinema: The Body as Site of Ritual and Display. Dixon, WheelerWinston Sep 22, 1998 3897
Best practices is more than a buzz word. McCauley, Mary Ann Aug 1, 1998 1543
The expectations treadmill. Dobbs, Richard F.C.; Koller, Timothy M. Jun 22, 1998 3607
Knowledge and performance in argument: disciplinary and proto-theory. Lyne, John Jun 22, 1998 3893
Research method and the long-run performance of acquiring firms. Da Silva Rosa Jun 1, 1998 7334
Effects of sleep deprivation and user interface on complex performance: a multilevel analysis of compensatory control. Hockey, G. Robert J.; Wastell, David G.; Sauer, Jurgen Jun 1, 1998 12064
Effects of a split keyboard design and wrist rest on performance, posture, and comfort. Smith, Michael J.; Karsh, Ben-Tzion; Conway, Frank T.; Cohen, William J.; James, Craig A.; Morgan, J Jun 1, 1998 7562
Evolution guided by design: a systems perspective. Banathy, Bela H. May 1, 1998 5359
Digital portfolios: capturing and demonstrating skills and levels of performance. Wiedmer, Terry L. Apr 1, 1998 3161
An interview with the authors of Paradoxical Thinking: how to profit from your contradictions. Olwyler, Kelle; Fletcher, Jerry Interview Mar 22, 1998 1598
An agency analysis of the effect of long-term performance plans on managerial decision making. Ferris, Stephen P.; Kumar, Raman; Sant, Rajiv; Sopariwala, Parvez R. Mar 22, 1998 7904
Product-market uncertainty, portfolio restructuring, and performance: an information-processing and resource-based view. Bergh, Donald D. Mar 1, 1998 8337
Examining the market orientation-performance relationship: a context-specific study. Kumar, Kamalesh; Subramanian, Ram; Yauger, Charles Mar 1, 1998 13011
Consistency of performance on eyedness tasks. Osburn, David M.; Klingsporn, M. James Feb 1, 1998 6008
UK companies help employees improve their job prospects, according to IPD survey. Jan 1, 1998 517
Practising relationship marketing in Southeast Asia: reducing uncertainty and improving performance. Abramson, Neil R.; Ai, Janet X. Jan 1, 1998 11718
Competitor analysis practices of US companies: an empirical investigation. Subramanian, Ram; IsHak, Samir T. Jan 1, 1998 5393
Measures of performance in UK international alliances. Glaister, Keith W.; Buckley, Peter J. Jan 1, 1998 11358
Assessing replication and extension: a commentary on Glaister and Buckley: measures of performance in UK international alliances. Geringer, J. Michael Jan 1, 1998 8450
A field experiment on the effects of benchmarking and goal setting on company sales performance. Mann, Leon; Samson, Danny; Dow, Douglas Jan 1, 1998 9843
Goal orientation and performance in martial arts. King, Laura A.; Williams, Teresa A. Dec 1, 1997 4499
Using hierarchical linear modeling to examine dynamic performance criteria over time. Deadrick, Diana L.; Bennett, Nathan; Russell, Craig J. Nov 1, 1997 5267
The effect of the environment on export performance among telecommunications new ventures. Zahra, Shaker A.; Neubaum, Donald O.; Huse, Morten Sep 22, 1997 12205
The moderating effect of environmental variables on the entrepreneurial and marketing orientation of entrepreneur-led firms. Becherer, Richard C.; Maurer, John G. Sep 22, 1997 5513
Framing of task performance strategies: effects on performance in a multiattribute dynamic decision making environment. Nygren, Thomas E. Sep 1, 1997 7057
Performance learning. Smith, Peter A.C. Sep 1, 1997 5369
An international study of quality improvement approach and firm performance. Adam, Everett E., Jr.; Corbett, Lawrence M.; Flores, Benito E.; Harrison, Norma J.; Lee, T.S.; Rho, Sep 1, 1997 13679
Analysis of fault tolerant systems operating under different levels during a mission. Kumar, U. Dinesh Jul 1, 1997 2690
Leadership as competence. Morden, Tony Jul 1, 1997 5146
Competitive advantage period: the neglected value driver. Mauboussin, Michael; Johnson, Paul Jun 22, 1997 4911
Multiple factors that determine performance with tables and graphs. Meyer, Joachim; Shinar, David; Leiser, David Jun 1, 1997 10537
What makes teams work: group effectiveness research from the shop floor to the executive suite. Cohen, Susan G.; Bailey, Diane E. May 1, 1997 23295
Linking CEO compensation to organizational performance. Myslewski, Lawrence G. Apr 1, 1997 2480
Strategic quality management and financial performance indicators. Chapman, Ross L.; Murray, Peter Charles; Mellor, Robert Apr 1, 1997 6316
Sources of CEO power and firm financial performance: a longitudinal assessment. Daily, Catherine M.; Johnson, Jonathan L. Mar 1, 1997 9306
Celebrating the "essential:" the impact of performance on the functional favoritism of CEOs in two contexts. Miller, Danny; Droge, Cornelia; Vickery, Shawnee Mar 1, 1997 9304
Strategy formation patterns, performance, and the significance of context. Slevin, Dennis P.; Covin, Jeffrey G. Mar 1, 1997 9401
Driving change through performance measurement. Russell, John C. Mar 1, 1997 1076
Benchmarking CPA firms for productivity and efficiency: an update. Jerris, Scott I.; Pearson, Timothy A. Mar 1, 1997 2362
An operational approach to competency assessment. Baer, Daniel M. Feb 1, 1997 1270
Taking an aerial view. Panza, Carol M. Feb 1, 1997 1901
An examination of organizational communication as a moderator of the relationship between job performance and job satisfaction. Pettit, John D., Jr.; Goris, Jose R.; Vaught, Bobby C. Jan 1, 1997 5597
Methodological approaches to Native American narrative and the role of performance. Hill, Randall T.G. Jan 1, 1997 15625
The operating performance of seasoned equity issuers: free cash flow and post-issue performance. McLaughlin, Robyn; Safieddine, Assem; Vasudevan, Gopala K. Dec 22, 1996 7201
Dynamic core competences through meta-learning and strategic context. Lei, David; Hitt, Michael A.; Bettis, Richard Dec 22, 1996 9280
Searching for an effective measure of R&D performance. Chiesa, Vittorio; Masella, Cristina Dec 15, 1996 6308
Supporting decision making on TQM programmes. Azzone, Giovanni; Noci, Guiliano Dec 15, 1996 8117
Personality and job competences: a comment on the Robertson & Kinder (1993) study. Salgado, Jesus F. Dec 1, 1996 987
The effect of effort on sales performance and job satisfaction. Brown, Steven P.; Peterson, Robert A. Dec 1, 1996 1111
Reflections: a three-tier model of organizational competencies. New, George E. Nov 1, 1996 3274
Program/activity-based management at the Regional Municipality of Peel: an organization in transition. Garrett, Michael R.; MacDonald, Todd Aug 1, 1996 3102
The uses of performance measurement in government. Allen, John R. Aug 1, 1996 3484
Relationships among performance expectations, anxiety, and performance in collegiate volleyball players. Alexander, Virginia; Krane, Vikki Aug 1, 1996 6646
ACA's new paradigm in the making. Huskey, Bobbie Aug 1, 1996 1902
Designing effective performance-measurement systems under the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993. Kravchuk, Robert S.; Schack, Ronald W. Jul 1, 1996 9691
Psychiatric hospital ownership and performance: do nonprofit organizations offer advantages in markets characterized by asymmetric information? Mark, Tami L. Jun 22, 1996 6527
Debt, performance-based incentives, and firm performance. McConaughy, Daniel L.; Mishra, Chandra S. Jun 22, 1996 8254
Stock option compensation, CEO pay, and corporate performance: a board-level perspective. Griner, Emmanuel H. Jun 22, 1996 3902
The effect of putting-confidence on putting-performance. Picken, Morris M.; Rotella, Robert J.; Gansneder, Bruce M. Jun 1, 1996 5337
Human performance and control of multiple systems. Murray, Steven A.; Caldwell, Barrett S. Jun 1, 1996 3431
Validation of the AGARD STRES battery of performance tests. Draycott, Simon G.; Kline, Paul Jun 1, 1996 8023
EVA & MVA as performance measures and signals for strategic change. Lehn, Kenneth; Makhija, Anil K. May 1, 1996 2825
An application of Taguchi's robust experimental design technique to improve service performance. Kumar, Ashok; Motwani, Jaideep; Otero, Luis Apr 1, 1996 5077
The effects of perceived co-worker involvement and supervisor support on service provider role stress, performance and job satisfaction. Babin, Barry J.; Boles, James S. Mar 22, 1996 5646
The ABCs of customer-centered performance measures. Lemak, David J.; Austin, Walter W.; Montgomery, Joseph C.; Reed, Richard Mar 22, 1996 4595
Isoperformance curves in applied psychology. Jones, Marshall B.; Kennedy, Robert S. Mar 1, 1996 9365
Assessing students through data-exploration tasks. Peressini, Dominic; Bassett, Judy Feb 1, 1996 3275
Polishing a data task: seeking better assessment. Zawojewski, Judith S. Feb 1, 1996 3180
A study of agentic self-efficacy and agentic competence across Britain and the USA. Sadri, Golnaz Jan 1, 1996 5101
How EVA works against GATX. Glasser, James J. Jan 1, 1996 1344
Board self-assessment. Gray, Sandra Trice Column Jan 1, 1996 491
Reviewing board performance. Greene, Celene Jan 1, 1996 1343
Evidence for Turkish industrial salespeople: testing the applicability of a conceptual model for the effect of effort on sales performance and job satisfaction. Menguc, Bulent Jan 1, 1996 8180
Employee stock ownership plans, firm performance, and monitoring by outside blockholders. Park, Sangsoo; Song, Moon H. Dec 22, 1995 6930
Human resource management and firm performance: testing a contingency model of executive controls. Snell, Scott A.; Youndt, Mark A. Dec 22, 1995 11102
Corporate ideology, diversification and firm performance. Goll, Irene; Sambharya, Rakesh B. Dec 22, 1995 9030
P=f(M x A): cognitive ability as a moderator of the relationship between personality and job performance. Wright Patrick M.; Kacmar, K. Michele; McMahan, Gary C.; Deleeuw, Kevin Nov 1, 1995 3910
How performance assessments affect teaching and learning. Khattri, Nidhi; Kane, Michael B.; Reeve, Alison L. Nov 1, 1995 2197
The effects of understaffing on individual and group performance in professional and trade occupations. Ganster, Daniel C.; Dwyer, Deborah J. Jun 22, 1995 4840
HRM and the irresistible rise of the discourse of competence. Holmes, Len Jun 1, 1995 6889
On relations between perceiving, imagining and performing in the learning of cyclical movement sequences. Vogt, Stefan May 1, 1995 12494
Employee involvement in performance improvement: a consideration of tacit knowledge, commitment and trust. O'Brien, Rita Cruise May 1, 1995 4985
Assessing civic discourse. Parker, Walter C. May 1, 1995 861
Combined effects of normative information and task difficulty on the goal commitment-performance relationship. Martin, Beth Ann; Manning, Donald J., Jr. Mar 22, 1995 6101
Costing training activity: a decision maker's dilemma. Wright, Phillip C.; Belcourt, Monica Mar 1, 1995 6419
Financial performance measurement: not a total solution. Barker, R.C. Mar 1, 1995 5037
Supporting audiences and performance under pressure: the home-ice disadvantage in hockey championships. Wright, Edward F.; Voyer, Daniel; Wright, Richard D.; Roney, Chris Mar 1, 1995 2508
Manager coach mid-season replacement and team performance in professional team sport. McTeer, William; White, Phillip G.; Persad, Sheldon Mar 1, 1995 3463
Top management team certainty: environmental assessments, teamwork, and performance implications. Isabella, Lynne A.; Waddock, Sandra A. Dec 22, 1994 8577
The effects of family responsibilities on the work commitment and job performance of non-professional women. Campbell, Donald J.; Campbell, Kathleen M.; Kennard, Daniel Dec 1, 1994 6995
Use of performance measures by GFOA members. Tigue, Patricia Dec 1, 1994 2271
Working smarter and harder: a longitudinal study of managerial success. O'Reilly, Charles A., III; Chatman, Jennifer A. Dec 1, 1994 10733
When to hold, when to fold. Lavin, Norman A. Nov 1, 1994 3118
Importance-performance analysis: a case study in restaurant positioning. Keyt, John C.; Yavas, Ugur; Riecken, Glen Sep 1, 1994 2920
The bottom line on quality. Weems, M. Marshall Sep 1, 1994 1812
Variable pay: linking salary to performance. Mullen, John M. Sep 1, 1994 796
The effect of performance on a worker's career: evidence from minor league baseball. Spurr, Stephen J.; Barber, William Jul 1, 1994 8569
A comment to contextualize "Performance and Readability: A Comparison of Annual Reports of Profitable and Unprofitable Corporations." (comment on article by Ram Subramanian et al., The Journal of Business Communication, vol. 30, p. 49, 1993) Jones, Michael John Jul 1, 1994 1670
Performance and readability: a response to Jones' comment. Jul 1, 1994 918
How to manage human performance. Galpin, Timothy Jun 22, 1994 7041
A mid-range theory of the interactive effects of international and product diversification on innovation and performance. Hitt, Michael A.; Hoskisson, Robert E.; Ireland, R. Duane Jun 22, 1994 10304
Contemporary teacher classroom performance observation instruments. Lavely, Carolyn; Berger, Neal; Blackman, Joseph; Follman, John; McCarthy, Jan Jun 22, 1994 3790
Linking employee and enterprise performance. Panel Discussion Jun 1, 1994 5852
A Richter rehearsal at the Barbican. Horder, Mervyn May 1, 1994 1059
Measurement of performance, productivity, and quality. Wiley, Ann L. May 1, 1994 2017
Organizational performance and multiple constituencies. Boschken, Herman L. May 1, 1994 4101
Finesse in quality service - beyond 'a smile in every aisle.' Tschohl, John Mar 22, 1994 677
Performance assessment in the boardroom. Lorsch, Jay W. Mar 22, 1994 1400
Orchestrating the renewal. Koss, Ellee; Burgin, A. Lad; Tisch, Tom Mar 22, 1994 2057
Well-designed performance measurement is the strongest tool for controlling your business objectives. Green, Chris; Brown, Winifred Dec 22, 1993 2312
A resource-based perspective on the dynamic strategy-performance relationship: an empirical examination of the focus and differentiation strategies in entrepreneurial firms. Mosakowski, Elaine Dec 22, 1993 9695
Ownership, strategy and performance: is the dichotomy sufficient? Gedajlovic, Eric Dec 22, 1993 8237
The power of performance Measurement: a computer performance model and examples from Colorado cities. Griesemer, James R. Oct 1, 1993 2759
Towards an integrated concept of management efficiency. Ruhli, Edwin; Sauter-Sachs, Sybille Oct 1, 1993 6108
Affect and managerial performance: a test of the sadder-but-wiser vs. happier-and-smarter hypotheses. Staw, Barry M.; Barsade, Sigal G. Jun 1, 1993 9441
Testing the relationship of locus of control to different performance dimensions. Blau, Gary Jun 1, 1993 6276
The Delta Force approach to balancing long-run performance. Ernst, Ricardo; Ross, Douglas N. May 1, 1993 3592
Rate of return - the poison apple? Parks, Bill May 1, 1993 2432
Performance measurement and appraisal: Merck tries to motivate managers to do it right. Murphy, Kevin J. Mar 22, 1993 4868
A director's performance appraisal. Mueller, Robert K. Mar 22, 1993 2086
A causal model of organizational performance and change. Burke, W. Warner; Litwin, George H. Sep 1, 1992 8843
Performance audits. Stack, Larry Aug 1, 1992 1063
Performance surveys: quality tools emerging for the 1990s. Rollins, Thomas Jun 22, 1992 1725
Increasing crew productivity. Billings, Clayton H. May 1, 1992 751
The performance puzzle. Meyer, Marshall Apr 1, 1992 1843
A competency-based model of sustainable competitive advantage: toward a conceptual integration. Lado, Augustine A.; Boyd, Nancy G.; Wright, Peter Mar 1, 1992 6755
Achieving peak performance. Lorch-Bacci, Ingrid Column Jan 1, 1992 906
The effects of board composition and direct incentives on firm performance. Hermalin, Benjamin E.; Weisbach, Michael S. Dec 22, 1991 7611
New opportunities: a CPA's primer on performance auditing. Blessing, Linda J. May 1, 1991 2742
Expand your client base with management advisory services. Hopson, James F.; Domagalski, Theresa; Hibschweiler, Arlene Aug 1, 1990 2524
Why not the best? Freeland, James W. May 1, 1990 887
Management dialogues: turning on the marginal performer. Schermerhorn, John R., Jr.; Gardner, William L.; Martin, Thomas N. Mar 22, 1990 5963
Who's the fairest of them all? Fey, Thomas M. column Jan 1, 1990 958
Exploring fit and misfit with multiple contingencies. Gresov, Christopher Sep 1, 1989 10598
Motivation and job satisfaction. Holland, Barbara K. Sep 1, 1989 3135
What's wrong with testing? Except for supressing the talented, protecting incompetents, and making us less productive - not much. Fallows, James May 1, 1989 5931
Group therapy: the answer to merit pay. Waldman, Steven Mar 1, 1989 1395

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