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Kerr TotalCare introduces PerfectPearl disposable prophy angle, a new contra disposable prophy angle to complement the company's line of infection-prevention products. This DPA combines features such as contra angle design, smooth bevel gears, a small, sleek shape and a soft grip, the company says. Kerr TotalCare claims that PerfectPearl's beveled gearing provides vibration-free operation with low chatter, while the angle's contra design provides comfort and control. The small design allows for visibility in the patient's mouth and easier posterior access, and the soft grip pad offers an easy-to-hold grip that is comfortable on the wrist, elbows and shoulders, Kerr TotalCare states. According to the company, PerfectPearl assists with both cleaning and polishing, the latex-free cup offers less splatter and good flare for optimal subgingival cleaning, and the spiral grooves in the soft cup help push paste toward the tooth, reducing splatter and assisting with stain removal. Visit or call 1-800-841-1428 to request a free sample.


Kerr TotalCare


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Title Annotation:ADAA Product Report
Publication:The Dental Assistant
Date:May 1, 2010
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