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Perfect skin - The gift that keeps giving; Epilight Advertising Feature.

GIVE the gift of perfect, youthful looking skin this Christmas at Epilight New Skin Clinic.

Whether you want to help a loved one look and feel more confident in their skin or wish to treat yourself (and why not? You deserve it!), there are some amazing treatments available at the state-of-the-art clinic on Rodney Street.

Lin Cunningham, managing director at Epilight, explains: "We would all like to have perfect and beautiful skin and, with today's advanced technology and the range of professional skin treatments that are available, great improvement is possible for most people, regardless of their age.

"Epilight New Skin Clinic is a leading light and passionate about achieving your best-ever skin and is always at the forefront of providing the best of the innovative masterclass treatments that are clinically proven to give results."

She advises: "We wear our skin every day and, if well cared for, it can be one of our most valuable and beautiful assets.

"At every age, from our 20s to our 70s, we should be looking to prevent the signs of skin damage and take control of the ageing process.

"A simple daily skin regimen designed specifically for your skin, preferably by a professional, should be adopted.

"Even more importantly, a programme of both restorative and preventative anti-ageing treatment should be adopted to maintain your vibrant, luminous, clear and healthy, young-looking skin."

When clients first come to Lin, she usually starts their course of treatment by addressing any problem areas, such as acne or scars, lines, texture, pigment problems, redness and broken veins, sun damage texture lost collagen and elastin etc.

For those who wish to clear away signs of ageing, there are advanced treatments available. Lin reveals: "Ageing, sagging, crepey, lined, loose or damaged skin is our 'specialist' subject and we have a wide range of treatments to address every problem and to help you to achieve your beauty goal.

"After treatment, your fresh, beautiful skin will feel and look amazing.

"It is then very easily maintained with home-use products and with an affordable and easy maintenance plan that will keep your skin regenerated and reverse any future sun damage, stimulating fresh new glowing skin.

"You can be in control of how your skin looks now and as you age. It's simply amazing!" Right now there are some fabulous special offers to take advantage of at Epilight, many of them half price, to give you the 'wow' factor, not just for Christmas but throughout 2014 and beyond.

For smoother, clearer, firmer, tighter and more lifted skin - the '6 Mix' Skin Regeneration Package is the ideal solution and offers PS2,000 worth of treatments for just PS999.

The package includes six visits to the clinic to receive the most advanced medical therapies. Choose from Clear Lift - the laser facelift for lifting, tightening and improving clarity and texture; Pixel laser skin resurfacing for restructuring and remodelling the skin; layered photorejuvenation can banish veins and improve colour tone and texture; ACCENT radio frequency is great for those who want skin tightening and no downtime whatsoever; IMPACT is an amazing sonic wave peeling and medicine delivery system that uses micro cavitation and acoustics, with amazing, instant, visible results that improve over time.

Best of all, you can mix them up and combine different treatments to create a bespoke skin health package to suit your individual needs.

The 6 mix really is the gift that keeps on giving so book now for perfect skin.

Another great Christmas gift - there's up to 50% off smooth, hair-free skin with the painless new Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal. ? For a free consultation call 0151 709 0099 or visit


SOFTLY, SOFTLY: You too can enjoy skin that''s smooth and soft to touch with the latest skin treatments and Soprano Ice laser hair removal up to half price at Epilight NewSkin Clinic

UPLIFTING: Enjoy uplifted, tighter, clearer, smoother skin for up to half price at Epilight New Skin Clinic
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 27, 2013
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