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Perfect patterns and clean lines; Claire Hornby looks at how geometric patterns can make a real statement in a room.

It's no surprise to me that geometric pattern is once again lending its edges to contemporary interior design and finding a place at the heart of our homes. Geometrics have had a place in our choice of decor throughout time, from ancient Greece to the swinging 60s, right through to today.

Geometrics, with their simple, mathematically correct, clean lines and strong repeating shapes, are symmetrical favourites when it comes to making a real statement in a room.

They add interest and definition to any space - for instance, a rug can become a genuine focal point when it's boldly patterned in black and white, a simple design such as our Geometric Wool Rug perfectly complements a room, drawing the eye to its centre.

Geometric patterns work superbly well within the current fashion for an Urban Luxe look. It's a cool and spacious look with lots of light and a sophisticated, muted palette, so the angular shapes seen in the intenselysculptural Axan coffee table are a great way to add an edge when going for this trend. With its industrial-style use of concrete and black, it's a real eye-opener and no-one could enter the room without loving it.

Against all those 'sharp' corners, the soft shapeliness of the Mercier 4 Seater Sofa offers a laid-back elegance that looks incredibly tempting.

The Tobin Outback Leather Chair helps to soften the vibe too, the squishiness of the cushions is tempered by the angularity of the arms and legs, so it fits well with the more geometric elements of the scheme.

Add a sculptural surface with a multifunctional side table crafted from reclaimed wood. The Hyatt Hexagon is handmade from reclaimed timber and can be used as a planter or even stacked to create a unique shelving unit.

Quirky yet practical, the Hyatt is a perfectly unique side table, and proves that it's not all monochrome in the world of geometrics.

Geometric Copper Cage Pendant Light pairs the current obsession with copper with a strongly-formed shape - its warm hue adds a flash of metallic colour to a room, if used on a dimmer switch the light will bounce softly of the shiny frame and give a welcoming soft glow.

Geometric patterns are generally hard-edged, but they do surprisingly well when combined with softness, so finally, use them in moderation and ideally sit pieces with geometric designs against plain, complementary surfaces where they can do their job - and simply look fabulous.


Geometric copper cage pendant light PS55. Below, geometric wool rug PS235

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 19, 2017
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