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Perez, Miguel A. and Raffy R. Luquis (Eds.) Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion.

Perez, Miguel A. And Raffy R. Luquis (Eds.) Cultural Competence in Health Education and Health Promotion. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008. Pp. xxii, 279. ISBN 978-0-7879-8636-0 (paper) $68.00.

This text addresses ongoing concerns of the American Association for Health Education: to develop an awareness of and skill with culture for health educators. Drawing on the work of 12 specialists as well as their own expertise, the editors assemble a range of materials to support the training of health educators. Chapters include an overview of the demographic changes in the united States that call for greater cultural knowledge, a discussion of the disparities in health among ethnic groups, and basic definitions of cultural competence. Other chapters introduce ideas of complementary and alternative medicine, spiritual approaches to health, and theoretical models for multicultural populations. The book also presents material on specific skills: needs assessment; communication competence; and strategies, practices, and models for delivering culturally appropriate health education. The book concludes with cultural approaches to specific populations, particularly the ageing and the LGBT community.

As befits a textbook, each chapter begins by stating its learning objectives and providing an overview. After the discussion, the chapters end with key "points to remember" and a case study. The chapters also have indivdual reference lists, though the book has a common index. In addition, several appendices present the Position Statement of the American Association for Health Education, web resources for understanding health disparities and for working with the elderly, and a list of "Known health disparities among racial and ethnic groups."

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Date:Dec 1, 2012
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