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In Vitro Anticancer Activity of Imperata cylindrica Root's Extract toward Human Cervical Cancer and Identification of Potential Bioactive Compounds. Nayim, Paul; Sudhir, Krishna; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Kuete, Victor; Sanjukta, Mukherjee Report Oct 18, 2021 6587
A newly-reported Salicornia europaea population under threat. Shahid, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2018 1065
Influence of Sugar, Ammonium Nitrate and Plant Growth Regulators on in vitro Flowering of Celosia argentea var. cristata. Marcelina, Krupa-Malkiewicz; Oktawia, Mglosiek Report Dec 31, 2016 2925
The benefits of native prairie strips. Dell-Haro, Laura Brief article Apr 1, 2015 276
Assessment of seed quality parameters and effect of physical and chemical treatments on seed germination of Myriophyllum Spicatum L./Avaliacao de parametros de qualidade de sementes e efeito de tratamentos fisicos e quimicos na germinacao de sementes de Myriophyllum spicatum L. Wani, Aijaz Ahmad; Arshid, Shahzada Report Mar 1, 2013 4275
Phenolic Contents, Antioxidant Properties Phenolic Contents and Antioxidant Properties of Muscari parviflorum Desf. Mammadov, Ramazan; Ili, Pinar; Dusen, Olcay Report Jun 30, 2012 3134
No-fuss edibles. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 152
Developing perennial grains. Dehaan, Lee R. Sep 22, 2011 462
Switchgrass is a promising, high-yielding crop for California biofuel. Pedroso, Gabriel M.; De Ben, Christopher; Hutmacher, Robert B.; Orloff, Steve; Putnam, Dan; Six, Joh Report Jul 1, 2011 4615
Investing in perennial crops to sustainably feed the world: the dramatic increases in yields of annual crops are approaching their limits. But similar advances are possible in hundreds of underused perennial species. Kahn, Peter C.; Molnar, Thomas; Zhang, Gengyun G.; Funk, C. Reed Jun 22, 2011 4590
Muscari, persian shallot and medicinal usages. Moghaddasi, Mohammad Sharrif Report Jun 1, 2011 1315
Distribution of verbesina virginica (asteraceae, frost weed) in central texas and possible causes. Gagliardi, Jason W.; Van Auken, O.W. Report Aug 1, 2010 6246
Winter use of senescent herbaceous plants by white-tailed deer in Minnesota. Windels, Steve K.; Jordan, Peter A. Report Jul 1, 2008 3569
Orchards on the ground: fall and winter crops that come in perennial form. Goss, Jeffrey May 1, 2008 1107
Perennial peanut for quality pasturage and hay. Flores, Alfredo Mar 1, 2008 617
Essential herbs: plant these perennials once for years of fresh seasonings. Cohoon, Sharon Mar 1, 2007 421
One plant, one pot: a simple strategy spotlights containers at their peak. Brenzel, Kathleen N. Mar 1, 2007 536
Whopper perennials: tall bloomers steal the spotlight in beds and borders. Cohoon, Sharon Mar 1, 2007 604
Agroecosystem restoration through strategic integration of perennials. Schulte, Lisa A.; Liebman, Matt; Asbjornsen, Heidi; Crow, Thomas R. Nov 1, 2006 3505
How to divide perennials: give these spring bloomers a fresh start now. Chai, Julie Sep 1, 2006 368
More prolific whites. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 142
Bloom time: nine easy perennials for last-minute color. Cohoon, Sharon Jun 1, 2006 505
Inheritance of resistance to gray leaf spot disease in perennial ryegrass. Han, Yuanhong; Bonos, Stacy A.; Clarke, Bruce B.; Meyer, William A. May 1, 2006 5946
Establishment stand thresholds for switchgrass grown as a bioenergy crop. Schmer, M.R.; Vogel, K.P.; Mitchell, R.B.; Moser, L.E.; Eskridge, K.M.; Perrin, R.K. Jan 1, 2006 4186
Grazing evaluation of big bluestems bred for improved forage yield and digestibility. Mitchell, R.B.; Vogel, K.P.; Klopfenstein, T.J.; Anderson, B.E.; Masters, R.A. Nov 1, 2005 4114
Summer fireworks. McCausland, Jim Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 162
No fuss, no fail: 9 foolproof perennials for busy gardeners. Swezey, Lauren Bonar; Cohoon, Sharon Jun 1, 2005 552
Pharmacological assay of Cordia verbenacea V: oral and topical anti-inflammatory activity, analgesic effect and fetus toxicity of a crude leaf extract. Sertie, J.A.A.; Woisky, R.G.; Wiezel, G.; Rodrigues, M. May 1, 2005 4071
What to do in your garden in May. Swezey, Lauren Bonar May 1, 2005 615
Perennials add pizazz to shade gardens. Lang, Mike Apr 1, 2004 531
Partnerships for plant conservation in Texas. Cobb, Robyn; Janssen, Gena Jan 1, 2004 998
Developing perennial upland rice I: field performance of Oryza sativa/O. rufipogon [F.sub.1], [F.sub.4], and B[C.sub.1][F.sub.4] progeny. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Sacks, Erik J.; Roxas, Jose P.; Sta. Cruz, Maria Teresa Jan 1, 2003 8845
Developing perennial upland rice II: field performance of [S.sub.1] families from an intermated Oryza sativa/O. longistaminata population. (Crop Breeding, Genetics & Cytology). Sacks, Erik J.; Roxas, Jose P.; Sta. Cruz, Maria Teresa Jan 1, 2003 5170
Potting perennials: three approaches to low-care planting. (Garden). Brenzel, Kathleen N.; McCausland, Jim Jul 1, 2002 626
Macho Mediterraneans: these ground covers and compact perennials stand up to summer drought and winter cold. (Garden). Cohoon, Sharon Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 450
They bloom like annuals, but live on for years: Marathon perennials. McCausland, Jim Apr 1, 2002 2016
Prepare your soil for perennial beds. (2002 Feature Section--Landscape Design). Duncan, Brian Jan 1, 2002 450
Perennials for a shady garden. (2002 Feature Section--Landscape Design). Pomo, Jean Jan 1, 2002 1421
Fairytale Columbines. Swezey, Lauren Bonar Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 762
Severity of Gray Leaf Spot in Perennial Ryegrass as Influenced by Mowing Height and Nitrogen Level. Williams, D. W.; Burrus, P. B.; Vincelli, P. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 3359
Biomass Partitioning, Forage Nutritive Value, and Yield of Contrasting Genotypes of Timothy. Bregard, A.; Belanger, G.; Michaud, R.; Tremblay, G. F. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 6489
Kathryn Weaver. Young, Darlene Brief Article Jun 10, 2001 160
When to divide perennials. (Gardening In General). Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 162
Age of Maturity and Life Span in Herbaceous, Polycarpic Perennials. BENDER, MARTIN H.; BASKIN, JERRY M.; BASKIN, CAROL C. Jul 1, 2000 8287
Columbines forever in Ketchum. Kelso, Suzanne Touchette Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 208
Bright rockets of bloom. McCAUSLAND, JIM Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 397
FISH and RFLP Marker-Assisted Introgression of Festuca mairei Chromosomes into Lolium perenne. Chen, C.; Sleper, D. A. Nov 1, 1999 2340
Late performers for a grand finale. Lorton, Steven R. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 479
Foolproof perennials. Swezey, Lauren Bonar May 1, 1999 570
The garden: Plant once -- harvest for years! May 1, 1999 2674
Compatibility relationships in distylous bluets: Houstonia serpyllifolia and H. longifolia (Rubiaceae). Beliveau, Bethany D.; Wyatt, Robert Apr 1, 1999 4344
A comparative study of the seedling-juvenile and flowering stages of the life cycle in an annual and a perennial species of Senna (Leguminosae; Caesalpinioideae). Baskin, Jerry M.; Nan, Xiaoying; Baskin, Carol C. Apr 1, 1999 4962
Color champions of the mountain west: 22 choice plants for your most spectacular summer garden ever. McCausland, Jim Mar 1, 1999 1381
Grazing Induces a Patterned Selection Response in Tall Fescue. Vaylay, Ravi; Van Santen, Edzard Jan 1, 1999 7533
Perfect peonies. Lorton, Steven R. Oct 1, 1998 814
Baker's Law revisited: reproductive assurance in a metapopulation. Pannell, John R.; Barrett, Spencer C.H. Jun 1, 1998 9001
Effects of variable life history and insect herbivores on reproduction in Solidago macrophylla (Asteraceae) on an elevational gradient. Kelly, Carol A. Apr 1, 1998 4983
Evolutionary predictability in natural populations: do mating system and nonadditive genetic variance interact to affect heritabilities in Plantago lanceolata? Tonsor, Stephen J.; Goodnight, Charles J. Dec 1, 1997 8828
Fillers spillers. Ocone, Lynn; Swezey, Bonar Lauren; McCausland, Jim Brief Article Mar 22, 1997 499
Perennials for an instant show. Lorton, Steven R. Sep 22, 1996 542
Divide perennials and double your pleasure. Sep 22, 1996 676
Evolution of floral traits in a hermaphroditic plant: field measurements of heritabilities and genetic correlations. Campbell, Diane R. Aug 1, 1996 10749
New perennials fast - for free. Swezey, Lauren Bonar May 1, 1996 822
Yellow jackets (Vespula vulgaris) as a second seed disperser for the myrmecochorous plant, Trillium ovatum. Jules, Erik S. Apr 1, 1996 1897
Keep perennials in shape all year. Mar 22, 1996 639
Perennials Swezey, Lauren Bonar Nov 1, 1995 925
Fall is prime time to plant columbines. McCausland, Jim Oct 1, 1995 800
Survival and aerenchyma development under flooded conditions of Boltonia decurrens, a threatened floodplain species and Conyza canadensis, a widely distributed competitor. Stoecker, M.A.; Smith, M.; Melton, E.D. Jul 1, 1995 4258
Perennial favorites. Lockwood, Bruce Jul 1, 1995 1628
A band of plants for gardeners who dig the blues. Lorton, Steven R. Jun 1, 1995 363
Number of seeds per pod in three species of perennial legumes: a compromise between ecological and physiological constraints. Siemens, David H.; Johnson, Clarence Dan Apr 1, 1995 4181
Favorite flowering perennials. Bushnell, Dick; MacCaskey, Michael; Ocone, Lynn; Swezey, Lauren Bonar Mar 22, 1995 502
Keeping perennials in shape. Swezey, Lauren Bonar Mar 1, 1995 928
Perennial gardens that make every inch count. Swezey, Lauren Bonar May 1, 1994 640
Perennial show-offs. McKinnon, Margaret Mar 22, 1994 533
Nothing's subtle about statice. Ocone, Lynn Feb 1, 1994 517
Perennials come back - stronger than ever. MacCaskey, Michael; Ocone, Lynn; Swezey, Lauren Bonar May 1, 1993 3232
Autumn tune-up for potted perennials. Lincowski, Emely Oct 1, 1992 451
A few months, a few dollars, a lot of color. Lincowski, Emely Feb 1, 1992 365
The heirloom garden. Gardner, Jo Ann Dec 1, 1991 4153
Getting your perennials ready for the stretch run. Aug 1, 1991 306
Ready for some new hang-ups? Apr 1, 1991 532
Looking for flowers 3 feet and taller? Here are perennials and biennials that tower. Nov 1, 1990 391
Talk about longevity! Heucheras age beautifully. Sep 1, 1990 361
No-flop, no-fungus perennials with this irrigation system. Jun 1, 1990 404
Perennials in pots. They can last for years. Here are choices. Nov 1, 1989 534
Easygoing borders; with perennials and biennials the trick is in the combining. Oct 1, 1989 825
Multiplying favorite perennials with stem cuttings. May 1, 1989 245
What can you expect from sixpack perennials? Mar 1, 1989 1050
For 1989 bloom, plant these perennials now. Oct 1, 1988 777
Silver lining for a border. Apr 1, 1988 169
Here in the West, perennials ignore garden books. Mar 1, 1988 1193
Four-season showoffs. Nov 1, 1987 1170
Perennial beauty. Henke, Ellen May 1, 1987 1046
The perennials of tomorrow? May 1, 1987 548
To renew, to restrict, to's time to divide perennials. Oct 1, 1986 361
The obliging penstemons. Sep 1, 1986 898
The easy-to-live-with liriopes. Nov 1, 1985 729
Kangaroo paw for arrangements. Nov 1, 1985 207
"Sunray" coreopsis ... one perennial that's easy to grow from seed. Aug 1, 1985 289
Ready for rediscovery at your nursery this month ... perennials by the dozen. Jun 1, 1985 837
Pronto perennials ... from seed to bloom in their first year. Jan 1, 1985 320
How do you like your phlox? Low and casual, or formal and stately? Nov 1, 1984 401
Why bergenia? Big leaves, pink flowers, and you can't kill it. Nov 1, 1984 318
Big show of perennials with a small outlay ... sow seeds. Oct 1, 1984 405
For cutting all summer long, it's the easygoing helianthus. Apr 1, 1984 224

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