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Optimization of Sperm Cryopreservation Protocol for Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus). Cardoso, Beatriz; Sanchez-Ajofrin, Irene; Castano, Cristina; Garcia-Alvarez, Olga; Esteso, Milagros Apr 1, 2020 5469
Effects of Perching Surfaces and Foot Bandaging on Central Metatarsal Foot Pad Weight Loading of the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus). Barboza, Trinita; Beaufrere, Hugues; Moens, Noel Report Mar 1, 2020 4539
Preliminary Findings of Structure and Expression of Opioid Receptor Genes in a Peregrine Falcon (Falco pevegrinus), a Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), and a Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot (Amazona aestiva). Duhamelle, Alexis; Raiwet, Diana L.; Langlois, Isabelle; Fitzgerald, Guy; Silversides, David W. Sep 1, 2018 4577
Incorporating productivity as a measure of fitness into models of breeding area quality of Arctic peregrine falcons. Bruggeman, Jason E.; Swem, Ted; Andersen, David E.; Kennedy, Patricia L.; Nigro, Debora Report Jan 1, 2018 7716
Serratospiculosis in captive peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in Switzerland. Veiga, Ines B.; Schediwy, Marion; Hentrich, Brigitte; Frey, Caroline F.; Marreros, Nelson; Stokar-Re Sep 1, 2017 3503
Banding Peregrines. Aug 1, 2017 158
New nesting record of the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) in Central Texas. Calder, Bruce, Jr.; Ducharme, Christopher A.; Prestridge, Heather L. Report Mar 1, 2017 2221
Sex in the windy city. Brief article Sep 22, 2016 245
Rapid nestling mortality in Arctic Peregrine Falcons due to the biting effects of black flies. Franke, Alastair; Lamarre, Vincent; Hedlin, Erik Report Sep 1, 2016 3624
Injured peregrine falcon--Bronx County. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 118
Vertebral osteomyelitis and septic arthritis associated with Staphylococcus hyicus in a juvenile peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). Maier, Kristina; Fischer, Dominik; Hartmann, Antje; Kershaw, Olivia; Prenger-Berninghoff, Ellen; Pen Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 4449
A high-flying recovery: a 40-year study follows the once-imperiled peregrine falcons of Alaska. Siber, Kate Jun 22, 2015 954
Migratory movements and mortality of Peregrine Falcons banded in Greenland, 1972-97. Mattox, William G.; Restani, Marco Report Dec 1, 2014 5975
Use of and responses to audio survey technique by Peregrine Falcons in Alaska. Ambrose, Skip; Ritchie, Robert J.; Florian, Christine Sep 22, 2014 2580
Intraspecific adoption and double nest switching in Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus). Anctil, Alexandre; Franke, Alastair Report Jun 1, 2013 3200
Brood reduction by infanticide in Peregrine Falcons. Franke, Alastair; Galipeau, Philippe; Nikolaiczuk, Laurent Report Jun 1, 2013 2543
On the edge--the perils and rewards of banding peregrine falcons. Loucks, Barbara Allen Apr 1, 2012 1627
Cornell project brings peregrines back to the eastern United States. Douglas, John H. Brief article Nov 19, 2011 190
Peregrines made comeback, doing just fine today. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Nov 19, 2011 310
Museum Pieces. Gibb, Robert Poem Jun 22, 2011 395
Long-term trends of persistent organochlorine pollutants, occupancy and reproductive success in peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus tundrius) breeding near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. Franke, Alastair; Setterington, Mike; Court, Gordon; Birkholz, Detlef Report Dec 1, 2010 6555
Plentiful peregrines. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 134
New York's peregrines--model of success. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 144
Fight or flight. Nelson, Dave Dec 1, 2009 563
Foraging ecology of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) along the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Stevens, Lawrence E.; Brown, Bryan T.; Rowell, Kirsten Report Sep 1, 2009 10933
Hematologic values in healthy gyr x peregrine falcons (Falco rusticolus x Falco peregrinus). Padrtova, Renata; Lloyd, Christopher G. Report Jun 1, 2009 4178
A bird's-eye view: juvenile peregrine falcons introduced at New River Gorge. Kirkwood, Scott Jun 22, 2007 631
Bird's eye view. Kibbe, Cindy Brief article May 11, 2007 295
Endoscopic removal of a bullet from the cranial thoracic air sac of a peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). Jekl, Vladimir; Tukac, Viktor; Hauptman, Karel; Knotkova, Zora; Knotek, Zdenek Case study Dec 1, 2006 2242
Fitness level as a determining factor in the survival of rehabilitated peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) and brown goshawks (Accipiter fasciatus) released back into the wild. Holz, Peter H.; Naisbitt, Richard; Mansell, Peter Mar 1, 2006 3468
Back from the brink. Loucks, Barbara Allen; Nadareski, Christopher A. Apr 1, 2005 1932
Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus). (Region 5). Jones, Shane Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 130
New web cam shows peregrine falcon chicks' development. Brief Article May 17, 2002 106
New web cam shows peregrine falcon chicks' development. Brief Article May 17, 2002 94
Monitoring Effort Helps Northeast Falcons Rebound. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 146
Endangered peregrine falcons born atop N.J. skyscraper. Brief Article Oct 3, 2001 239
Factors Influencing Nest Attendance and Time-Activity Budgets of Peregrine Falcons in Interior Alaska. PALMER, ANGELA G.; NORDMEYER, DANA L.; ROBY, DANIEL D. Jun 1, 2001 7040
LOOK WHO'S IN YOUR BACKYARD! Parker, Linda Apr 1, 2001 692
SWIRLY BIRD GETS THE PREY. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 188
A Partnership for Peregrines. Ambrose, Skip; Eberly, Chris Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 782
Restoring Our Wildlife Legacy. Scott, Charlie May 1, 2000 1801
Falcon Comeback. Brief Article Apr 10, 2000 254
Monitoring Contaminants in Alaskan Peregrines. Ambrose, Skip Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 719
The World's Fastest Animal. Smith, Dwight G. Jan 1, 2000 1685
A Spectacular Summer for Birds. Jul 1, 1999 1379
Peregrine Falcon Recovery Dramatic But Not Secure. Brief Article Dec 1, 1998 255
Peregrine to Soar Off Endangered List. Hoffman, Cindy Sep 1, 1998 1003
This bird works for you. Slattery, Marianne Jun 1, 1998 329
Falcon returns to the Smokies: reintroduction efforts prove successful in two eastern parks. Brief Article Jan 1, 1998 538
The Rochester peregrine falcon project: private partnership brings birds to Rochester. Money, Dennis J. Aug 1, 1997 1121
Peregrines in peril. Rowell, Galen Cover Story Mar 22, 1997 2836
Symbol of hope? Line, Les Oct 1, 1996 1556
If they can survive in New York City.... Brief Article Jul 15, 1995 161

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