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Perceptual and Motor Skills: "Effect of Metaphorical Verbal Instruction on Modeling of Sequential Dance Skills by Young Children.".

Sawada, M., S. Mori, and M. Ishii, "Effect of Metaphorical Verbal Instruction on Modeling of Sequential Dance Skills by Young Children." Perceptual and Motor Skills 95(3 Pt. 2):1097-1105, 2002.

Metaphorical verbal instruction was compared to specific verbal instruction about movement in the modeling of sequential dance skills by young children. Two groups of participants (Younger, mean age 5:3 years, n = 30; Older, mean age 6:2 years, n = 30) were randomly assigned to conditions in a 2 (sex) x 2 (age [Younger and Older]) x 3 (verbal instruction [Metaphorical, Movement-relevant, and None]) factorial design. Order scores were calculated for both performance and recognition tests, comprising five acquisition trials and two retention trials after 24 hours respectively. Analysis of variance indicated that metaphorical instruction produced better results than the other two methods of instruction for both younger and older children. The results suggest that metaphorical verbal instruction enhances the recognition and performance of sequential dance skills in young children.

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Author:Sawada, M.; Mori, S.; Ishii, M.
Publication:Journal of Dance Medicine & Science
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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