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What Do Surveys of Program Completers Tell Us About Teacher Preparation Quality? Bastian, Kevin C.; Sun, Min; Lynn, Heather Report Jan 1, 2021 11608
Eye of the Beholder: How Media Bias Shapes Perception. Padgett, Lauree Jan 1, 2021 2780
Emotion Recognition in Cats. Quaranta, Angelo; d'Ingeo, Serenella; Amoruso, Rosaria; Siniscalchi, Marcello Jul 1, 2020 6366
Perceptions of Educators on Effective Culturally & Linguistically Responsive (CLR) Practices. Lubin, Jacqueline; Vaz, Pelgy; Scott, Robert Report Mar 22, 2020 5042
The Map in My Head. Purdy, Anthony Essay Mar 22, 2020 2886
Hume, Aesthetic Perception, and Our Disputations of Taste: An Exposition. Hagberg, Garry L. Critical essay Mar 22, 2020 7244
The Power of Deliberate Leader Presence. Dunlap, Jerrett W., Jr. Mar 1, 2020 1369
The Bind. Colby, Kate Critical essay Jan 1, 2020 5561
Perceived Impact of Attitudes and Competencies of Lecturers on Academic Performance of Female Students at a University in Zimbabwe. Manwa, Lilian; Chireshe, Regis; Chireshe, Excellent Report Jan 1, 2020 7050
Conceptualization of Reality in Roy's The God of Small Things: A Baudrillardian Analysis. Khan, Mohsin; Mashori, Ghulam Mustafa Critical essay Dec 31, 2019 8459
Intention Versus Perception: Narrowing the Gap. Landes, Shari Sep 1, 2019 1156
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 116, No. 6, June 2019. Abstract Sep 1, 2019 286
Posting All Those Selfies Online Could Backfire, Study Finds. McKiski, Kayla Aug 29, 2019 629
Critical Thinking: Perception and disposition of students in a Medical College of Pakistan. Report Jul 31, 2019 3419
Self-esteem: Predictor of Perceived Stress and Life Satisfaction in Students of Co-ed and Uni-gender Institutions. Afridi, Sana; Maqsood, Saira Report Jun 30, 2019 6069
MCDOWELL, WHITEHEAD, AND THE METAPHYSICS OF AGENCY. Hedrick, Lisa Landoe Essay Jun 1, 2019 5616
Evaluation of Illness Perception of Women with Breast Cancer in Turkey. Karabulutlu, Elanur Yilmaz; Avci, Ilknur Aydin; Karayurt, Ozgiil; Giirsoy, Ayla; Kosgeroglu, Nedime; Report Apr 1, 2019 5909
PERCEPTION VERSUS PUNISHMENT IN CYBERCRIME. Graves, James T.; Acquisti, Alessandro; Anderson, Ross Mar 22, 2019 21328
Aesthetic Perception. Osborne, Harold Report Mar 22, 2019 3530
News headlines or ideological beliefs: What affects readers' interpretations of news stories about immigration, killing in the name of religion and other topical issues? A cross-cultural analysis. Azeem, Anita A.; Hunter, John A.; Ruffman, Ted Report Mar 1, 2019 4479
The Relation Between Functional Anatomy of the Face and Threat Perception Evoked by Facial Expression of Anger in Schizophrenia. Baskak, Nilay Sedes; Ozates, Melike Ezerbolat; Herdi, Oguzhan; Sonel, Eda; Ulusan, Asena; Baskak, Bo Report Mar 1, 2019 4439
The Role of Psychological Safety in Implementing Agile Methods across Cultures: A psychological safety framework can help illuminate cultural challenges that occur when implementing Agile methods across different cultures. Thorgren, Sara; Caiman, Elin Mar 1, 2019 6408
Discussing Death with Children: A Developmental Approach. Boles, Jessika; Kronaizl, Sydney G. Report Jan 1, 2019 3529
The Legacy Continues. Kessinger, A. Jay Essay Sep 1, 2018 676
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 115, No. 4, April 2018. Essay Sep 1, 2018 302
Women's perception and attitude to medical students' participation in obstetrics and gynecology care. Subki, Ahmed H.; Algethami, Mohammed R.; Addas, Firas A.; Alnefaie, Majed N.; Hindi, Muhab M.; Abdul Sep 1, 2018 4482
Comparison of perceptions on the dental aesthetics of different malocclusions between orthodontists and schoolchildren. Zheng, Bowen; Muhammed, Fenik K.; An, Na; Bai, Lu; Liu, Fan; Zheng, Ying; Liu, Yi Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 2684
What do learners value in online education? An emerging market perspective. Toufaily, Elissar; Zalan, Tatiana; Lee, Dennis Report Sep 1, 2018 7760
Emotion identification, discrimination and expression in encephalitis survivor children. Kumari, Nisha Sep 1, 2018 4397
Perceived and reported romantic and sexual outcomes in long-distance and geographically close relationships. Goldsmith, Kaitlyn M.; Byers, E. Sandra Aug 1, 2018 11361
Information Protection - A Comparative Analysis of Popular Models. Naseem, Shahid; Khan, Zeashan Hameed; Abid, Muhammad Irfan Report Jul 1, 2018 2870
LEADING LIGHT. Griffin, Jonathan Interview Jul 1, 2018 2805
Perception of Value Co-creation Actions in Agricultural Cooperatives. Ferraz, Luana Zanetti Trindade; Rezende, Amaury Jose; de Lima, Joao Paulo Resende; Todeva, Emanuela Report Jul 1, 2018 15797
Knowledge-based Language Teaching and its Implications on Teacher Education: Perceptions of Teacher Educators in Pakistan. Khan, Haji Karim; Butt, Muhammad Naeem Report Jun 30, 2018 7353
Power Distance and Trustworthiness in Organizations: A Comparative Study of Students' Perceptions in Two Countries. Kwantes, Catherine T.; Idemudia, Erhabor S.; Olasupo, Matthew O. Report Jun 1, 2018 6681
Providing Fairer Perception of Discipline. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 259
Power Pressures and Pocketbook Concerns: Perceptions of Organizational Influences on News Content in the Television Industry. Colistra, Rita Case study Apr 1, 2018 9083
Understanding the Darker Side of ICTs: Gender, Sexual Harassment, and Mobile Devices in Pakistan. Hassan, Bushra; Unwin, Tim; Gardezi, Akber Report Mar 22, 2018 9278
Coping with Uncertainty in an Agile Systems Development Course. Taipalus, Toni; Seppanen, Ville; Pirhonen, Maritta Report Mar 22, 2018 7344
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 114, No. 12, December 2017. Abstract Mar 1, 2018 309
Chinese-Americans Are Poor Judges of Weight. Feb 1, 2018 371
A Comparison of Practitioners' Perceptions about Professional Identity at Higher Secondary Level. Tabassum, Farkhanda; Malik, Sufiana Khatoon Report Dec 31, 2017 5067
PERCEPTION ON DENGUE AND ITS PREVENTION AMONG CONSTRUCTION WORKERS IN MKCG MEDICAL COLLEGE CAMPUS, BERHAMPUR, ODISHA--A CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY. Jena, Parsuram; Jena, Dhaneswari; Dandapat, Uttar Kumar; Pradhan, Srabani; Mahapatra, Dillip Kumar; Report Dec 11, 2017 3200
Perceptions of Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization Treatment among Married Couples in Anambra State, Nigeria. Okafor, Nneka I.; Joe-Ikechebelu, Ngozi N.; Ikechebelu, Joseph I. Report Dec 1, 2017 7892
Online Certificate Program Moves Participants to Advanced Stages of Concern for Social Marketing. Chaudhary, Anil Kumar; Warner, Laura A.; Stofer, Kathryn A. Report Oct 1, 2017 6467
An investigation of technological pedagogical content knowledge, self-confidence, and perception of pre-service middle school mathematics teachers towards instructional technologies. Karatas, Ilhan; Tunc, Mutlu Piskin; Yilmaz, Nurbanu; Karaci, Gulzade Report Jul 1, 2017 6539
Survey of patients' attitude about anaesthesia and anaesthesiologist--a preliminary evaluation in a rural hospital of North Bengal. Sarkar, Susanta; Mandal, Mohanchandra; Chakrabarti, Piyali; Bagchi, Dipanjan; Pal, Suchitra Report Jun 26, 2017 6812
An Examination of Estimated BMI and Perceived Wellness among Students at a Midsized Midwest University. Kenedy, Kylie; Wiedenman, Eric M.; Ball, James W.; Dinkel, Danae; Akehi, Kazuma; Bice, Matthew R. Report Jun 22, 2017 5215
The differential relationship among peer group indicators and internalizing symptoms in a problematic absenteeism population. Craun, Elizabeth A.; Haight, Courtney; DeCou, Christopher R.; Babbitt, Stephanie C.; Wong, Maria M. Report Jun 1, 2017 4996
Perception and satisfactory level of beneficiaries regarding female sterilization services through client exit interview at various facilities of Rajkot district. Oza, Jasmin R.; Thakrar, Dhara V.; Patel, Umed V.; Kadri, Amiruddin M.; Kanabar, Bhavesh R.; Jogia, Report Jun 1, 2017 1899
Illusions of knowledge: Media exposure and citizens' perceived political competence. Weber, Mathias; Koehler, Christina Essay May 1, 2017 8702
Ragging: awareness and perception among undergraduate medical students: a cross-sectional study. Arepalli, Sreedevi; Marati Savanthe, Aruna; Prasad, Hari; Chakravarthy, Kalyan; Bhavani, Pooja Report May 1, 2017 3545
Professional characteristics that impact perceptions of successful transition collaboration. Plotner, Anthony; Rose, Chad; Stinnett, Chelsea VanHorn; Ivester, Joy Report Apr 1, 2017 8692
Top of mind. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 215
Discussion of average versus extreme case severity in pandemic risk communications. Zikmund-Fisher, Brian J.; Scherer, Aaron M.; Knaus, Megan; Das, Enny; Fagerlin, Angela Report Apr 1, 2017 1288
Perceptions of pain, injury, and transition-retirement the experiences of professional dancers. Harrison, Carly; Ruddock-Hudson, Mandy Report Apr 1, 2017 8802
What the Management Professional Saw at the Not Quite End. Miller, Leslie Adrienne Poem Mar 22, 2017 282
Traditional lectures and team-based learning in an occupational therapy program: a survey of student perceptions. Zachry, Anne H.; Nash, Brittany H.; Nolen, Ann Report Mar 22, 2017 5200
Reality-as-imagination openness. Turliuc, Serban Mar 22, 2017 1474
Research Review. Price, Paula Mar 22, 2017 853
Perception of live lectures by medical students. Narendran, Nisha; Lally M.S.; Rajany, Jose Report Mar 20, 2017 3269
Changes in nursing students' attitudes towards nursing during undergraduate study. Cukljek, Snjezana; Juresa, Vesna; Bile, Cecilija Grgas; Rezek, Biserka Report Mar 1, 2017 5608
Putting a human face on cold, hard facts: Effects of Personalizing social issues on perceptions of issue importance. Grabe, Maria Elizabeth; Kleemans, Mariska; Bas, Ozen; Myrick, Jessica Gall; Kim, Minchul Report Feb 1, 2017 9288
Study of effect of mouthpiece and BMI on auditory and visual reaction time among undergraduate medical students: a comparative study. Pandarbale, Sanjay S.; Sardessai, S.R.; Dhupdale, Nitin Y.; Dalal, Narayan V. Kamat; Pednekar, J.R. Report Jan 5, 2017 2150
Perception of family medicine residents towards use of portfolio in their assessment in joint program of family medicine, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 2015. Algarni, Ahmad A.; Anagreyyah, Sulaiman; Mansour, Mubarak Al-; Alaidarous, Salwa Report Jan 1, 2017 4619
The Effect of Personality on Online Game Flow Experience and the Eye Blink Rate as an Objective Indicator. Rau, Pei-Luen Patrick; Tseng, Yu Chien; Dong, Xiao; Jiang, Caihong; Chen, Cuiling Report Jan 1, 2017 5480
Strategies for Growing User Popularity through Retweet: An Empirical Study. Diaz-Beristain, Yecely Aridai; Hoyos-Rivera, Guillermo-de-Jesus; Cruz-Ramirez, Nicandro Case study Jan 1, 2017 5762
Association between Salivary Leptin Levels and Taste Perception in Children. Rodrigues, Lenia; Espanca, Rosa; Costa, Ana Rodrigues; Antunes, Celia Miguel; Pomar, Clarinda; Capel Report Jan 1, 2017 5176
New Insights into the Role of the Locus Coeruleus-Noradrenergic System in Memory and Perception Dysfunction. Eschenko, O.; Mello-Carpes, P.B.; Hansen, N. Editorial Jan 1, 2017 1653
The Impact of Perception toward the Built Environment in Airport Access Mode Choice Using Hybrid Choice Modeling. Yazdanpanah, Mahdi; Hosseinlou, Mansour Hadji Report Jan 1, 2017 10263
Subthreshold Depression and Clinically Significant Depression in an Italian Population of 70-74-Year-Olds: Prevalence and Association with Perceptions of Self. Vaccaro, Roberta; Borrelli, Paola; Abbondanza, Simona; Davin, Annalisa; Polito, Letizia; Colombo, Ma Report Jan 1, 2017 6428
Perceptions of digital financial services in rural Fiji. Finau, Glen; Rika, Nacanieli; Samuwai, Jale; McGoon, James Report Dec 22, 2016 5849
Online trust cues: perceptions and application. Bauman, Antonina A. Report Oct 1, 2016 9185
Can long-term training in highly focused forms of observation potentially influence performance in terms of the observer model in physics? Consideration of adepts of observational meditation practice. Bushell, William C. Report Jul 1, 2016 5084
Perceptions of outcomes for men and women in ambiguous date rape situations. Hull, Debra; Hull, John H.; Sheplavy, Erin Report Jun 1, 2016 5471
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 90, No. 1, Winter 2016. Abstract Jun 1, 2016 891
The perception of violence in children's drawings. Krajewska-Kulak, Elzbieta; Kulak, W.; Stelcer, B.; Jasinski, M.; Kowalczuk, K.; Lukaszuk, C.; Guzows Report Jun 1, 2016 4513
Spring clean your filter for juicy joy. McCourt, Lisa May 1, 2016 2367
Smart lighting for enhancing perception of pedestrians based on visual properties. Hiratsuka, Shigeyoshi; Kojima, Shinichi; Shiraki, Nobuyuki; Higuchi, Kazunori; Tsukada, Toshihiko; S Report Apr 1, 2016 4327
Efficiency of Indian Commodity Market: A Survey of Brokers' Perception. Gupta, Shashi; Choudhary, Himanshu; Aggarwal, D.R. Case study Apr 1, 2016 5855
Sensory processing as a predictor of feeding/ eating behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder. Smith, Jerilyn A. Report Mar 22, 2016 5209
Vehicle of Wonder. Kampa, Stephen Poem Mar 22, 2016 224
Measuring perception: purpose and methods. Ivey, Jean Report Mar 1, 2016 739
Transformation of meaning through relations of sameness and opposition. Perez, William Ferreira; de Almeida, Joao Henrique; de Rose, Julio C. Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 8206
Pain as a contextual experience. Peper, Erik Nov 1, 2015 2991
Heavenly bodies in the eye of the beholder. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 256
Social representations of cybersecurity by university students and implications for instructional design. Pawlowski, Suzanne D.; Jung, Yoonhyuk Case study Sep 22, 2015 10497
The impact of the introductory IS Course on students' perceptions of IS Professionals. Akbulut, Asli Yagmur Report Sep 22, 2015 7643
From tech skills to life skills: Google online marketing challenge and experiential learning. Croes, Jo-Anne V.; Visser, Melina M. Report Sep 22, 2015 7309
College student perceptions of psychology as a science as a function of psychology course enrollment. Pettijohn, Terry F., II; Pettijohn, Terry F.; Brenneman, Miranda M.; Glass, Jamie N.; Brito, Gabriel Report Sep 1, 2015 2018
Survey says: less is more: new tools make us less reliant on surveys, but that doesn't mean they have to go away. Gibbons, Patrick Survey Jul 1, 2015 727
Effects of exchange benefits, security concerns and situational privacy concerns on mobile commerce adoption. Dai, Hua; Chen, Yan Report Jul 1, 2015 7300
Perceptions of administrators' servant leadership qualities at a Christian University: a descriptive study. Burch, Michael J.; Swails, Patricia; Mills, Randy Report Jun 22, 2015 2616
Healthcare workers baulk at caring for contagious patients. Bateman, Chris Report Jun 1, 2015 1462
Factors related to do-not-resuscitate directives among critically ill patients in a medical intensive care unit. Chang, Li-Fang; Zeng, Wen-Ping; Hung, Pei-Shan; Wu, Li-Fen; Pan, Hsueh-Hsing Report May 1, 2015 3125
Assessment of knowledge regarding cataract among Saudi adult population in Makkah city, Saudi Arabia. Magliyah, Moustafa S.; Nageeb, Mohammed R.; Abdulmannan, Dina M.; Badr, Hattan M.; Hemmeish, Mohamme Report May 1, 2015 3320
Transformative times: Australian journalists' perceptions of changes in their work. Hanusch, Folker Report May 1, 2015 7673
Eye Exam. Bellows, Nathaniel Poem May 1, 2015 572
Two Men Seen from the Back, Standing on a Brick Roadway Beneath a Bridge. Robinson, Elizabeth Poem May 1, 2015 173
Homeless Man Curled, Crouching on the Street. Robinson, Elizabeth Poem May 1, 2015 215
Moderating effects of sales promotion types. de Oliveira Santini, Fernando; Sampaio, Claudio Hoffmann; Perin, Marcelo Gattermann; Espartel, Lelis Report Apr 1, 2015 8247
Cataracts. Moon, Kamilah Aisha Poem Mar 22, 2015 152
Building theory. Ivey, Jean Report Mar 1, 2015 439
Survey of mystical stages from the perspective of Qur'an and Nahjalbalagheh. MosaviSadat, Seyyed Khodadust; Geravand, Parenaz; Kordi, Vahoora Report Mar 1, 2015 4785
Factors affecting the opinions of family physicians regarding generic drugs--a questionnaire based study. Lewek, Pawel; Smigielski, Janusz; Kardas, Przemyslaw Report Feb 1, 2015 3960
Sociology view on study of systematic theory of experts in order to represent of program of systematic model of education on 19 region of Tehran. Farzad, Sara Report Jan 1, 2015 4247
Perceptions and use of anonymous communication across cultures. Lang, Guido; Subramanian, Ramesh; Mavlanova, Tamilla Report Jan 1, 2015 4896
Staff communication: control, filters, and perceptions. Hoffner, Lori A. Jan 1, 2015 2079
Frowning and jaw clenching muscle activity reflects the perception of effort during incremental workload cycling. Huang, Ding-Hau; Chou, Shih-Wei; Chen, Yi-Lang; Chiou, Wen-Ko Report Dec 1, 2014 6512
Cognitive Assonance. Anderson, C.B. Poem Sep 22, 2014 117
The Window. Bond, Bruce (American poet) Poem Sep 22, 2014 566
Perceptions of aggression are colored by gender roles. Borhart, Hannah M.; Terrell, Heather K. Report Sep 1, 2014 2907
The role of social support in dialysis patients' feelings of autonomy and self-esteem: is support more beneficial for patients with specific illness perceptions? Jansen, Daphne L.; Rijken, Mieke; Boeschoten, Elisabeth W.; Kaptein, Ad. A.; Dekker, Friedo W.; Groe Report Sep 1, 2014 8586
Perceptions and outlook towards HIV/AIDS among reproductive age group of urban slum population. Manjrekar, Shivani; Sherkhane, Mayur; Chowti, Jaiprakash Report Jul 1, 2014 3633
Consistency of the relation between individual facial cues and the perceived suggestibility and trustworthiness across varying facial expressions. Nurmoja, Merle; Bachmann, Talis Jun 1, 2014 6582
Failing to see eye to eye: the role of the self in conflict misperception. Collisson, Brian Report Jun 1, 2014 3023
Informed of the norms? College faculty and staff drinking behaviors and their perceptions of student alcohol consumption. Lear, Mary K.; Weinstein, Lian; Smallwood, Alicia; Satterfield, Katia; Propsom, Pamela Report Apr 1, 2014 3518
Memories of You. Miller, Leon (American poet) Poem Mar 22, 2014 305
Ghost Story. Mullen, Laura Essay Mar 22, 2014 2216
Student and faculty perceptions of plus/minus grading and its effect on course grade point averages. Edgar, Leslie D.; Johnson, Donald M.; Graham, Donna L.; Dixon, Bruce L. Report Mar 1, 2014 7787
Suppression of face perception during saccadic eye movements. Seirafi, Mehrdad; De Weerd, Peter; de Gelder, Beatrice Report Jan 1, 2014 5097
The influence of tone inventory on ERP without focal attention: a cross-language study. Zheng, Hong-Ying; Peng, Gang; Chen, Jian-Yong; Zhang, Caicai; Minett, James W.; Wang, William S.-Y. Report Jan 1, 2014 4099
Causal attribution and illness perception: a cross-sectional study in Mexican patients with psychosis. Gomez-de-Regil, Lizzette Report Jan 1, 2014 5559
Does play matter to parents? Taiwanese parents' perceptions of child's play. Lin, Yen-Chun; Yawkey, Thomas D. Report Dec 22, 2013 5689
Preschool staff members' perceptions of the implementation of a grant-funded intervention program designed to combat childhood obesity: a phenomenological approach. Brewer, Hannah; Rieg, Sue Report Dec 22, 2013 5757
Southeast Asia in the US rebalance: perceptions from a divided region. Graham, Euan Essay Dec 1, 2013 10290
Evaluation of effective factors on personnel individual resistance in Bandar Imam Special Economic Zone. Habibiyan, Kamran; Feizi, Mohammad Report Nov 1, 2013 3437
Evaluation of knowledge, attitude, and perception regarding Halal pharmaceuticals, among general medical practitioners in Malaysia. Sadeeqa, Saleha; Sarriff, Azmi; Masood, Imran; Farooqi, Maryam; Atif, Muhammad Report Oct 1, 2013 5249
Preservice teachers' perceptions of teacher leadership: is it about compliance or understanding? Rogers, Carrie; Scales, Roya Q. Report Sep 22, 2013 7329
Floating sensations prior to sleep and out-of-body experiences/ Sensaciones de flotacion antes de dormir y experiencias extracorporales/ Sensations de flotter avant le sommeil et experiences de hors corps/ Schwebegefuhle vor schlafbeginn und ausserkorperliche erfahrungen. De Foe, Alexander; Van Doorn, George; Symmons, Mark Report Sep 22, 2013 4878
Perceptions and use of social networking sites in the United States and Ecuador: a mixed-methods approach. Pumper, Megan A.; Yaeger, Jeffrey P.; Moreno, Megan A. Report Sep 1, 2013 3874
The relationship between students' motives to communicate with their instructors, course effort, and course workload. Myers, Scott A.; Thorn, Kyla Report Sep 1, 2013 1492
Do third-person perceptions amplify exemplification effects? Scherr, Sebastian; Muller, Philipp; Fast, Victoria Report Aug 1, 2013 8233
Gender differences of thermal comfort perception under transient environmental and metabolic conditions. Ugursal, Ahmet; Culp, Charles Report Jul 1, 2013 6200
Less is more for smart perception: high-IQ people more readily ignore less relevant features. Bower, Bruce Brief article Jun 29, 2013 270
Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure and body-weight bias: influence of gender of participants and targets. Nolan, Jason; Murphy, Carol; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Report Jun 22, 2013 9909
Age differences in emotion recognition between Chinese younger and older adults. Ma, Zhenling; Li, Juan; Niu, Yanan; Yu, Jing; Yang, Lixia Report Jun 22, 2013 6473
In U.S., Far Fewer Say Temperatures Are Warmer Than Usual; Higher proportion attribute warmer temperatures to global warming than did in 2012. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 25, 2013 928
The changing landscape of carrier screening: expanding technology and options? McGowan, Michelle L.; Cho, Deborah; Sharp, Richard R. Mar 22, 2013 7807
Development and validation of the Sport Rivalry Fan Perception Scale (SRFPS). Havard, Cody T.; Gray, Dianna P.; Gould, James; Sharp, Linda A.; Schaffer, Jay J. Report Mar 1, 2013 7383
Review: a face-specific N170?--The controversy goes on. Scott, Adam Report Jan 1, 2013 4374
Experience of Pakistanis' Who Migrated to United Kingdom: Immigrants Perception. Usman, Sabahat; Muzaffar, Misbah Report Dec 31, 2012 5522
Corrective Lenses. Foust, Rebecca Poem Dec 22, 2012 265
Reciprocal role peer tutoring: can it enhance students' motivation and perceptions of proficiency when learning a foreign language? East, Martin; Tolosa, Constanza; Villers, Helen Report Nov 1, 2012 5540
Perceptions of students in developmental classes. Koch, Bevan; Slate, John R.; Moore, George Report Sep 22, 2012 6917
Reliability and validity of the OMNI-vibration exercise scale of perceived exertion. Marin, Pedro J.; Santos-Lozano, Alejandro; Santin-Medeiros, Fernanda; Robertson, Robert J.; Garatach Report Sep 1, 2012 4822
Young South African adults' perceptions of parental psychological control and antisocial behavior. Roman, Nicolette Vanessa; Human, Anja; Hiss, Donavon Report Aug 1, 2012 4616
The importance of procedural justice in shaping individuals' perceptions of the legal system. Paraschiv, Ramona-Gabriela Report Jul 1, 2012 2226
On certain similarities between mainstream psychology and the writings of B.F. Skinner. Goddard, Murray J. Report Jun 22, 2012 6890
Undergraduate college students' perceptions of psychologists. Firmin, Michael W.; Wantz, Richard A.; Holmes, Hannah J.; Stoltzfus, Melissa; Ray, Brigitte N.; Geib Report Jun 1, 2012 3581
Do you love me, too? Perceptions of responses to I love you. Blomquist, Brooke A.; Giuliano, Traci A. Report Jun 1, 2012 4982
Interactive digital television and voice interaction: experimental evaluation and subjective perception by elderly/ Skaitmenines televizijos ir balso interakcija: pagyvenusiu zmoniu vertinimas ir subjektyvus suvokimas. Bures, V. Report Jun 1, 2012 3094
A reflection of the perceptions of alternatively prepared first-year teachers in an urban high school: the necessity for improvements of mentoring and induction. Lambeth, Dawn T.; Lashley, Carl Report Mar 22, 2012 10524
Science & the senses: perceptions & deceptions. Stansfield, William D. Report Mar 1, 2012 3915
The role of affect in the creation and intentional pursuit of entrepreneurial ideas. Hayton, James C.; Cholakova, Magdalena Jan 1, 2012 14489
The role of mixed emotions in the risk perception of novice and serial entrepreneurs. Podoynitsyna, Ksenia; Van der Bij, Hans; Song, Michael Jan 1, 2012 13530
How concept-mapping perception navigates student knowledge transfer performance. Tseng, Kuo-Hung; Chang, Chi-Cheng; Lou, Shi-Jer; Tan, Yue; Chiu, Chien-Jung Report Jan 1, 2012 7562
Facing structural inequality: students' orientation to oppression and practice with oppressed groups. Hancock, Tina U.; Waites, Cheryl; Kledaras, Constantine G. Report Jan 1, 2012 9154
Camouflage and surrealism. Elias, Ann Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 7191
Mediated messages' impact on students' perceptions of reality. Jabro, Ann D. Report Jan 1, 2012 1640
Faculty Role Perceptions at University Level. Dilshad, Muhammad; Latif, Muhammad Ijaz Report Dec 31, 2011 3504
Perceptions Of Migration Clash With Reality, Report Finds. Brothers, Caroline Brief article Dec 27, 2011 179
Student perspectives on facilitating positive undergraduate research experiences. Bruno, Barbara C.; Thomas, Sara; James, La'Toya; Frazier, Monika Dec 22, 2011 3419
Investigation of the reliability and validity of the perception of teaching profession problems scale with a structural equation model: a research on teachers. Karaca, Erol Report Dec 22, 2011 4224
Student learning and engagement in the context of curriculum integration. Brinegar, Kathleen; Bishop, Penny A. Report Dec 22, 2011 8331
The systems analysis and design course: an educators' assessment of the importance and coverage of topics. Guidry, Brandi N.; Stevens, David P.; Totaro, Michael W. Report Dec 22, 2011 9433
'I sort of feel like I'm a part of France as well': student perspectives of bilingual identity. Fielding, Ruth Report Nov 1, 2011 6833
Brief report: narrative qualities and perceptions of generated alibis. Allison, Meredith; Michael, Stephen W.; Mathews, Kyla R.; Overman, Amy A. Nov 1, 2011 2686
Picasso's Eyes. Friman, Alice Poem Sep 22, 2011 351
Influence of parental presence on the child's perception of, and behaviour, during dental treatment. Cox, I.C.J.; Krikken, J.B.; Veerkamp, J.S.J. Report Aug 1, 2011 3529
Perpetual self conflict: self awareness as a key to our ethical drive, personal mastery, and perception of enterpreneurial opportunities. Hunter, Murray Report Jul 1, 2011 18664
Patient perception regarding impact of orthodontic treatment. Awaisi, Zubair H.; Asad, Saad; Mahmood, Amjad Report Jun 30, 2011 2021
Europeans Most Open to Those With Intellectual Disabilities; Education may play a role in receptivity. English, Cynthia; Muller, Gale Jun 27, 2011 614
Beyond vision: the role of perception in Denise Levertov's examination of blindness. Gamez-Fernandez, Cristina Essay Jun 22, 2011 8337
Students' decisions to major in math and science. May 1, 2011 448
Enhancing perceptions of tennis players. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 304
Spatial and temporal biases in assessments of environmental conditions in New Zealand. Milfont, Taciano L.; Abrahamse, Wokje; McCarthy, Norma Report Apr 1, 2011 8955
Brains go low guesstimating speed: vision centers relying on past experience expect slow moves. Sanders, Laura Mar 26, 2011 367
In the eye of the beholder: the power of perceptions/Dans le regard de l'autre : L'importance de la perception. Crosbie, Rowena Mar 22, 2011 1994
The multidimensional nature of the quest construct forgiveness, spiritual perception, & differentiation of self. Holeman, Virginia T.; Dean, Janet B.; Deshea, Lise; Duba, Jill D. Report Mar 22, 2011 7879
Addressing instructor ambivalence about peer review and self-assessment. Bedore, Pamela; O'Sullivan, Brian Report Mar 22, 2011 9379
The Truth About What We Don't Know. Schlitz, Marilyn Mar 1, 2011 558
Language, Vorstellung, and meaning as use. Ruthrof, Horst Report Jan 1, 2011 15728
The homework experience: perceptions of low-income youth. Bempechat, Janine; Li, Jin; Neier, Shelby M.; Gillis, Caroline A.; Holloway, Susan D. Report Jan 1, 2011 8519
Discrepancies between students' and teachers' perceptions of homework. Hong, Eunsook; Wan, Min; Peng, Yun Report Jan 1, 2011 8520
Educational reform: gender perceptions of innovative initiatives in selected public schools in Jamaica. Morrison, James L.; Oladunjoye, G. Titi; Onyefulu, Cynthia; Phillips, Gareth; Rose, Dale Report Jan 1, 2011 6338
Perception of 4th year Medical students about Problem Based Learning. Report Dec 31, 2010 2013
People's Perception of the NGO, Public and Private Schools. Report Dec 31, 2010 2579
Body weight perception and methods of weight reduction used by patients with first-episode psychotic disorders in Hong Kong. Wong, M.M.C. Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 3052
Development of body composition, hormone profile, physical fitness, general perceptual motor skills, soccer skills and on-the-ball performance in soccer-specific laboratory test among adolescent soccer players. Vanttinen, Tomi; Blomqvist, Minna; Hakkinen, Keijo Report Dec 1, 2010 6789
The breakup of romantic relationships: situational predictors of perception of recovery. Locker, Lawrence, Jr.; McIntosh, William D.; Hackney, Amy A.; Wilson, Janie H.; Wiegand, Katherine E Report Dec 1, 2010 5359
Does the order of questionnaire items change subjects' responses? An example involving a cheating survey. Standing, Lionel G.; Shearson, Charles G. Report Dec 1, 2010 4556
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