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Pepe Martinez: 3/11/73-9/26/03.

PEPE MARTINEZ. MY MAN. P DOUBLE--the king of style, my brother. The best friend anyone could ask for passed away last Friday. He was one of the greatest skateboarders ever to live. He skated with such grace and style, and it was a pleasure to watch him get down on a skateboard. Pepe was so much more than just a great skateboarder, he was a wonderful friend who taught me a lot and was always there for me. He had his own style from his clothes to the way he talked; an innovator in all aspects of life. He had one dream in life, and that was to become a professional skateboarder He became one and made a mark on skateboarding that will never be forgotten, doing most of the tricks people do today many years ago. I know he is looking down on all of us right now and wants us to rejoice and celebrate his life. He touched so many lives in this world and he will forever be in our hearts. I love you Pep, and will always hold it down for you and your family Peace.
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Author:Hall, Chris
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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