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Byline: Helen Dalby

LAST week I had a "bad mother" moment.

I got a call from my little boy's nursery giving me 24 hours notice to assemble a costume for World Book Day.

The theme was the That's Not My... series of toddler books. Distressed, I ransacked the bookshelves in my son's bedroom and established that he could be a monster, dragon, dinosaur, tiger, monkey or tractor. Yes, tractor.

Late home, tired and uninspired, I cut my favourite pair of brown tights up and made a monkey tail, and then in the morning dressed him in brown socks, brown trousers and a top with Mummy's Cheeky Monkey on it. Rubbish.

I did attempt a brown nose with eyeliner (despite my husband informing me that monkeys don't have brown noses) but by the time I unbuckled my son from his car seat on arrival at nursery, he'd rubbed it off.

You can see more impressive children's literary costumes for World Book Day on our events page this week, as well as heart-warming photos of residents of Briarwood Care Home, in Normanby, celebrating Valentine's Day.

If you've taken snaps at family celebrations lately, send them into and we''ll feature them on our news pages.

This week's club news comes from Cleveland Advanced Motorcyclists, which offers classes for bikers on road safety from Redcar Fire Station.

Its aim is to reduce the worrying statistics on road accidents that affect the biker community.

Elsewhere this week, find out how tots at Tilery Primary School learn about their key topics - at the moment, growth - both in and outdoor on page 5. You can see wedding and baby news from around Teesside on pages 6-7. This week's Wedding of the Week couple are Linthorpe's Jennifer White and Matt Blanks, who hails from Buckinghamshire.

They met in London and enjoyed a Harry Potter-themed wedding at Alnwick Castle last summer.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Date:Mar 10, 2012
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