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People relying more on fake spiritual healers.

ISLAMABAD, June 20, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The number of people relying on fake spiritual healers is rising in cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad due to illiteracy, poverty and lack of awareness. In the name of spirituality, these quacks loot the illiterate people especially women who generally believe in whatever they say. A psychologist said it is human psychology that everyone want to know what will happen in future and want to use that information for personal gains. The so-called faith healers are ruining the life of common people and there is no check on them. Tahir a victim of these faith healers told that on the suggestion of a friend he went to a Pir near Mansehra to discuss his marriage issue. That Pir trapped me and guaranteed that my problem will be solved through 40 days chilla (meditation) and I will be married with the girl of my choice but I have to pay Rs 70000. Nothing happened even after three years and I went to another Pir in a village near Jhelum who asked me to bring two black goats worth Rs 25000 and Rs 30000 so that he could remove obstacles in my marriage. He said despite spending this much money nothing happened and he was still unmarried. The healers claim to possess unique knowledge but most of them are swindlers who play with the emotions of the simple to extract easy money by telling falsehood and grab hefty amount. Some of these spiritualists also blackmail young boys and girls who come to them for a spell so that they can get married to a person of their choice. The practice of black magic has always been a moneymaking business and it brings to mind some horrible crimes committed in the name of supernatural powers. In twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it has been observed that most of the aamils operate in areas inhabited by working classes, with majority of them have their offices on Murree Road and its adjoining areas. But they have less clients where well to do live. Anwar, who had bad experience with a fake healer said the person used to call him and his wife separately and tried to turn them against each other by backbiting. He said the swindler got money from them and was talking behind their back to prolong the process of establishing cordial relations and for frequent visits. A fake healer admitted that they try to put doubts in the hearts of the people to mint money. These aamils offer solutions to different problems like If your husband is wayward and you are losing control over him or If your daughter-in-law is snatching away your son and making your life miserable or If you want to get married and find no suitable match or If your beloved is having second thoughts about the relationship. Javed who sits at Faizabad bridge, takes Rs. 40 from each person to let his parrot pick a card to tell about future. He said people have belief so they come to him to have a peep into the future. Following the recent trend, the spiritualists, astrologers and palmists often visit schools and colleges during fun fairs and make a lot of money at the stalls that they set up to tell naive students about their future. People have a lot of complaints about fake faith healers and palmists and they have been demanding that the concerned authorities should take notice of the situation to save people from misery and financial loss.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 20, 2010
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