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People problem.

On Saturday, May 20 in Memphis, Tennessee's small Lauderdale Market, two robbers made a clerk lie on the floor and took $600 and cigarettes. The next day just before midnight, three men attempted to rob the same store as the owner, Adam Obsiye, was closing up for the night.

One robber waited outside, and two armed men came in. When they "demanded money from Obsiye, the store owner grabbed his pistol and started shooting," reported ABC News channel 24. Obsiye wounded one robber in the thigh as the men ran off.

Obsiye emigrated from Somalia. His friend Ai Mohammed says the situation is the same there as it is here: "People ... killing people." He added, "You gotta do that once in a while. If you let them keep robbing you, the next day they shoot you."

One person has been arrested in regard to the Saturday robbery.
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Title Annotation:robbery, shooting increases
Author:Williamsen, Kurt
Publication:The New American
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Date:Jul 24, 2006
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