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People need to clear snow to help bin collections; Letters

RE: The letter from K Heath (Letters, january 25) in which he proposes, tongue-in-cheek, that bin men could have been directed to clearing pavements of snow.

While clearly meant as a jest, it is patently obvious that if all the bin men had started pavement clearing it wouldn't have scratched the surface of this huge task.

What is needed is more social responsibility.

If everyone cleared the pavement outside their home the problem could easily be contained.

If it is impossible for someone to undertake the task neighbours could assist. There seems to be a misguided belief that there would be some form of liability issue if people clear "their" own stretch of pavement. This is nonsense and has sadly become typical of our increasingly risk-averse attitudes. In the USA, Canada and many parts of Europe it is a strict legal responsibility for residents to clear snow from pavements within a short time of a fall. The local authority will do it if it isn't done quickly and will bill the occupier for the privilege.

These countries know what real snow is and accept the fact that local authorities do not have unlimited resources to undertake the task. It is certain that Coventry ratepayers wouldn't pay for a huge team of people waiting through the winter just in case there was a fall of snow.

It is only a few short months since the Olympic Games Maker spirit was admired by everyone. Why does it have to stop? Surely we can pull together to do our little bit to make our paths safe for everyone.

John Green, Anchorway Road, Finham.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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