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People deserve decent advice not sordid suggestions to be a sex e worker k; Western Mail.

CARWYN R JONES had little choice but to launch an investigation into how a Welsh Government website came to be offering career advice on working as a stripper, r in a lap dancing club or for an escort agency.

Most women in particular will find it grossly offensive that such suggestions could be made to people desperate to find work.

The sex industry is one that exists on both sides of the law - some of it is illegal, while other areas are not. Sometimes businesses purport to be operating within the law when in fact they are illegally employing prostitutes.

There have been instances in the past when JobCentres have sought to recruit lap dancers. But this appears to be the first occasion when a Government website has been used to offer career guidance about working in the sex industry. As an administration that is proud of its commitment to equality, y therevelation that a branch of it is promoting employment of this kind is bound to cause embarrassment.

Until the investigation has taken place, we cannot be sure what those running the website had in mind when they put forward working in the sex industry as a route for young people to follow. w Perhaps in their enthusiasm to reduce youth unemployment, they lost sight of the sensitivities that surround such roles.

They may try to defend their actions by asserting that the businesses concerned are operating legally - but most people realise that escort agencies are in many'ses no more than covers for prostitution. The nature of at least one of the links on the website - which refers to "ebony, y transsexual post-operation and submissive" escorts - should leave little doubt about what any applicant can expect.

There is another element to this story too.

The website is largely aimed at people wanting to start their own business. Budding entrepreneurs are also, it seems, being encouraged to enter the sex industry.

In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis on getting people to start small businesses of their own. This stems fromadecline in the number of traditional jobs in manufacturing, for example. We are asked to believe that a significantly high proportion of the labour force is capable of becoming an entrepreneur. This is simply not the case. Most people have neither the temperament nor inclination to run a business of their own.

Because of this myth, it is perhaps r the case that those seeking to push people in such a direction are widening the definition of what could be seen as an acceptable enterprise.

What most people want is a decently paid job that will enable them to earn money using the skills they have acquired, and possibly a career structure. that will help them earn even more. They don't expect. a Government website that asks them to consider becoming sex workers.

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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Leading articles
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 26, 2013
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