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People aren't surprised that Donald Rumsfeld's new app is a war-themed game.

Donald Rumsfeld, the former Secretary of Defense for the US, has launched a new war-themed game. He played a pivotal role in both the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, leading to many accusations that he is a warmonger, or in some extreme cases, a war criminal. The new app is a World War Two themed solitaire game, called Churchill Solitaire.

The game is based on the version of the popular card game solitaire enjoyed by the British World War Two prime minister, Winston Churchill. Rumsfeld said that the game is probably the most challenging and strategic game of logic or puzzle" he has ever played, and despite acknowledging that he did not have "much of an idea of what an app even was," he went ahead and helped create the app.

He said that Churchill's grandson, Randolph, gave him the go ahead, but that, "It wasn't something I was sure the Churchill family would even want us to contemplate."

Of course, not everyone was surprised to learn that the 83-year-old's endeavor into the world of app creation would have a war theme. Others accused him of making fun out of war.

See below, via Twitter.

@NBCNews @AlexSmithNBC War is fun and games for those who don't go to fight, but when loved ones die it sucks.He wouldn't know about that.

-- Wayne F Vesely (@wvesely) January 25, 2016

@NBCNews @AlexSmithNBC War themed, what a shocker!!!

-- Chris Edward (@ChrisEdward123) January 25, 2016

@NBCNews @AlexSmithNBC Of course... Rummy can't get enough war.

-- Ryan Mance (@Mance_22) January 25, 2016

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