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People's lifestyle should be changed in order to achieve climate neutrality.

RIGA, Jan 28 (LETA) - The government today supported the strategy for achieving climate neutrality in 2050 prepared by the Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry.

The strategy does not list the tasks that should be performed, but outlines a vision for Latvia in 30 years.

Climate neutrality means that business and consumption do not leave a negative impact on the environment. The ministry believes that this should be done by reducing emission of greenhouse gases in all national economy sectors and increasing capturing of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Two approaches will be used to achieve that - development of technological solutions and change of people's lifestyle.

The ministry in its vision describes energy efficiency of all new buildings, fossil energy resources replaced with renewable energy resources - solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy and biomass, as well as geothermal and hydrothermal energy. The transport sector will be decarbonized thanks to different initiatives and innovations in transport infrastructure and technologies as well as changes in people's everyday habits. Digital solutions will be used broadly, reducing the necessity for mobility.

The main benefits will be creation of new market sectors and jobs, increase of export ability of Latvian companies, creating product and services with higher added value.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday endorsed the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030, drafted by the Economics Ministry.

The plan will now be submitted to the European Commission. Implementation of the plan will be coordinated and monitored by the National Energy and Climate Council, chaired by the prime minister.

The National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 will be a key document for formulating long-term energy and climate policies of Latvia. The plan's main objective is to facilitate the development of a climate-neutral economy in a sustainable, competitive and secure manner.

The total funding needed for implementation of the plan is close to EUR 10 billion.

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Date:Jan 28, 2020
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