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Penultimate Adventures with Britannia: Personalities, Politics and Culture in Britain.

Penultimate Adventures with Britannia: Personalities, Politics and Culture in Britain. W.R. Louis, editor. I.B. Tauris. [pounds sterling]35.00. x + 320 pages. ISBN 978-1-84511-693-4. This latest collection of lectures given before the University of Texas' British Studies seminar is, mainly, from the years 2005-2007. The contributors range from academics to journalists and their subjects are even more diverse. Lord Morgan leads with a paper on Lloyd George's view of the French and Germans and this is followed by a lecture on the 'old goat's' relationship with his mistress and later wife, Frances Stevenson. Other topics include: changes in historical interpretation; Kipling in South Africa; Tolkien in the Great War; W.H. Auden; Britain and the Middle East in the 1920s; Arthur Marder; Cecil Beaton's Wartime Art; England and India during the Second World War; Paul Scott (author of the Raj Quartet); the role of partitioning; Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard; C. Wright Mills; 'decline' in cultural politics; the British book trade in the 1950s; Feliks Topolski's work; All Souls and Suez (by the editor); the colony of Kenya; the Empire in twenty-first-century imagination; devolution in the UK; the American Empire compared to Britain's and, finally, a lighthearted analysis of US policing. (A.C.)
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Publication:Contemporary Review
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Date:Sep 22, 2008
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