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Pentagon introduces tougher 'fully burdened cost of energy' rules.

* The Pentagon's energy office unveiled new procurement policies that are intended to restrict purchases of fuel-hogging equipment.

The Pentagon's traditional acquisitions system has not typically considered the "fully burdened cost of energy" in the design or acquisition of ground vehicles, ships or aircraft. FBCE includes the cost of not just buying fuel but also of transporting it to the battlefield and protecting it from enemy attacks.

Military buyers tend to emphasize performance and sticker price over other considerations such as energy use. It will likely be a challenge to institutionalize the FBCE guidance, at least until the military services change their doctrine and the way they write requirements for new weapon systems, says Dan Nolan, a 26-year Army veteran and former advisor to the Army's Rapid Equipping Force. "The acquisition model still has to adapt," he says. "This could take time, but it will happen."


According to a National Defense University report, "Among the biggest hurdles to effective use of energy innovations are the bureaucratic snags which slow down forward progress. ... A significant obstacle to reducing fuel use is that buyers focus on the upfront cost of a weapon system more so than on the long-term energy costs that accrue over decades."


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Title Annotation:Defense Insider
Comment:Pentagon introduces tougher 'fully burdened cost of energy' rules.(Defense Insider)
Author:Erwin, Sandra I.
Publication:National Defense
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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