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Pentagon intelligence shop will be lean. (Security Beat).

The new office of the undersecretary of defense for intelligence I headed by Stephen Cambone will need at least a year to settle and "carry the whole weight," said Richard Haver, a special assistant to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Meanwhile, Rumsfeld is considering reducing the size of Cambone's staff, said Haver. The cutbacks, he explained, are consistent with Rumsfeld's belief that large staffs tend to get in the way of decision making.

"The key to staffing small is that you keep them elevated up the right policy line," said Haver. "This will be an example for all about how we can reduce the size of the department overhead and make the entire operations more efficient."

The Pentagon's intelligence shop will have sweeping authority over the direction, policies and budgets of all Defense Department intelligence programs and organizations.

Critics view it as an attempt by the defense secretary to take over functions previously performed by the CIA. Rumsfeld contends that he created this office to enhance, rather than undermine the work of the CIA.

This is "nor a massive plot to marginalize central intelligence or reduce the effect of the CIA," said Haver in remarks to the 2003 TechNet conference. The intent is to make internal Pentagon intelligence operations more efficient. "Instead of making the DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] and his immediate subordinates ... come down to four or five 'departments of defense' at any one time, they now have one-stop shopping," he said.
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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