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Penrhos not Pyongyang.

TALK of "North Korean" style police powers being used on young people in Bangor are well wide of the mark. I was in North Korea last summer: I can assure readers the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Gwynedd have little in common. Bangor and Pyongyang are not going to sign a twinning arrangement anytime soon.

Pyongyang has posters on the threat of imminent invasion by the USA, with slogans such as "our gun is merciless; US imperialists will never forget the lessons of history". Bangor's posters tend to alert the population to cut price offers on cornflakes at the Co-op.

Young people in Pyongyang have plenty to do: learning more about the wonderful work of the Dear Leader, weapons training and helping out on the land ensure that every minute is productive. I'm certainly not suggesting teenage girls on Maesgeirchen are taught the Korean military goosestep and how to strip an AK47, but wouldn't it be better if youth services weren't being axed and our teenagers had sporting and social alternatives to hanging around our town centres?
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Geographic Code:9NORT
Date:Jun 22, 2012
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