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Penny Hutchinson and David Parker.

Penny Hutchinson and David Parker came north from New York City on a frigid weekend to share a program performed by the choreographers and their respective troupes.

A former member of the Mark Morris Dance Group, Hutchinson was accompanied by Joe Bowie and Ruth Davidson, both still performing with Morris, and Donald Mouton, who left the company in 1989. Their sureness of attack brought authority to Hutchinson's works, created on the Morris model: long, fluid patterns of movement that closely follow the music. Distant Angels, a collage of solos for Hutchinson, Bowie, and Davidson, was set to a score composed and performed by pianist Rick Austill. Two longer works, His Story and Becoming, which ranged far and wide across the studio floor space, had music by Schoenberg and Schubert, expertly played by Austill. The dances suggested a skilled choreographer in the making but one in need of an editor's eye. Juliet Burrows, Henning Rubsam, and Allison Tipton augmented Hutchinson's company for the two group works.

The sensation of the concert was Parker's duet, Bang and Suck, performed by the choreographer and Jeffrey A. Kazin dressed in gray flannel suits and red power ties. Stretched prone for the first segment, the men aggressively bumped, slapped, and smashed their bodies on the floor and against, each other in syncopated rhythms, then gradually made it upright for an exquisite satire on ballet pas de deux performed to music from The Nutcracker. The partnering was accomplished by means of sucking on one another's thumbs, interspersed with juicy kisses. The dance is irreverent, slyly erotic, and among the freshest I've seen.

Parker's newest piece for five dancers, Whites of Their Eyes, with original music composed and performed by Dawn Buckholz, completed the program. Like Bang and Suck, its filled with athleticism and jokes and is accompanied by sounds made on and by the dancers' bodies. Parker's company of five included Kazin, Eric Diamond, Ben Munisteri, and Kristin Eliasberg.
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Title Annotation:Green Street Studios, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Author:Fanger, Iris M.
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Date:May 1, 1994
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