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Pennsylvania contractor creates an exceptional workforce. (Capabilities Guide: Special Advertising Section).

Leon E. Wintermyer, Inc., total site development contractor in Etters, Pennsylvania, knows first-hand the power of job tracking software. Wintermyer provided its 30 foremen with laptops so that they can enter daily time card information into Heavy Job out in the field.

Both the management and field people have benefited from software that has reduced payroll processing time and payroll errors, allowed instant access to job site information, and improved employee initiative with an easy-to-learn design. This instant feedback from the field and emphasis on making money everyday is helping Wintermyer create a truly exceptional workforce.

Reduce Payroll Processing Time

The efficiency of Wintermyer's back-office operation is extremely impressive. Heavy Job is able to export time card data to accounting, which cuts payroll processing time and reduces errors. "It's really sped up our data processing on a job. Before 8:00 a.m. every morning, the foremen email time cards to the office, where they are reviewed and processed, making up-to-date job site information available by 10:00 a.m.," reports Brady Galek, job cost accountant. As a result, one payroll position has been eliminated, pay-roll is out two days earlier and errors have been drastically reduced.

Cuts Foremen's Reporting Time In Half

The foremen appreciate the reduction in paperwork due to the elimination of paper time cards and Heavy Job's ability to capture detailed job notes for future reference. Heavy Job is uniquely designed to speed job site reporting--often cutting the amount of time foremen spend doing paperwork in half. "I'd never go back to paper. I hate paper," declares Dan Kulig, safety manager. Foremen can keep notes on anything that happens on a daily basis for a specific job. Wintermyer foreman Larry Lukunich, says "I write everything down in Heavy Job." Keeping good notes can help project managers substantiate change orders, document claims, and often help avoid litigation.

Access Job Site Information Instantly

Instant, company-wide access to productivity and equipment utilization is another important feature Of Heavy Job. "Everyone in the company has access to Heavy Job, so everyone can see exactly where we are on a job," says Brady. Both management and the field people know instantly whether the job is making or losing money. This instant access is also helpful when tracking major material receipt and usage.

Foremen Become Proactive

Foremen are now proactively using daily production information to improve their individual productivity. "Heavy Job tells me if I need to change my plan. It lets me know if we're in the red or if we're making money, and, that's good," says Dan. "Our foremen have become more proactive, instead of us having to call them, they are now calling us to find out how they can improve on the job," notes controller Dave Weller.

Point-and-Click Design

The point-and-click design of the program is simple enough for people who have never used a computer, making it easy for most of the foremen to learn. "It's really easy," explains foreman Denny Hurley. "I had a class, and I picked it up fast. I have had it for a year now, and I would not give it up."

Heavy Job Works the Way You Do

Heavy Job job tracking software can help increase the productivity and profitability of any size contractor. Heavy Job gives foremen a fast, easy way to enter labor hours, equipment hours, progress quantities, major material receipt and usage as well as diary notes via a PDA, laptop or desktop PC. This information can then be dispatched back to the office via e-mail, fax or on a floppy disc.

Customer Satisfaction

HCSS has set the standard for infrastructure construction software since 1986. With unparalleled 24-hour technical support, high quality job tracking and estimating software tools, on-site training by veteran contractors and annual user's group meetings attended by hundreds of contractors each year, HCSS is committed to providing the highest level of customer service available. As a result, HCSS has hundreds of references that are always happy to explain why they use HCSS. Leon Wintermyer, P.J. Hoerr, Lake County Grading, Herlihy Mid-Continent, Gohmann Asphalt and T & C Contracting are a handful of companies already using Heavy Job to streamline their operations. To create your own exceptional workforce, call HCSS at 1-800-683-3196, or visit them on the web at
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