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Pennsylvania Boot Camp Proves Successful.

A Pennsylvania boot camp known for reducing recidivism and curtailing incarceration costs expanded its capacity from 158 inmates to 550 inmates, according to Corrections Alert.

The $10 million Quehanna Boot Camp expansion project will enhance treatment efforts that already save Pennsylvania more than $16,330 for every inmate sent to the camp, according to a 1997 Office of the Auditor General report. The new 120,000-square-foot facility, funded by Gov. Tom Ridge's Special Session on Crime, includes new facilities for food, health care, education, physical training, and drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Between 1992, when it opened, and 1997, 996 inmates "graduated" from the boot camp. The majority of inmates earn their general equivalency diplomas (GEDs) at Quehanna (85 percent did so between 1994 and 1998), and no inmates have tested positive for drugs since the adoption of a systemwide drug-testing program, according to Department of Corrections statistics.

Nonviolent offenders under age 35 who are sentenced to five years or less are eligible for the boot camp. After inmates complete a six-month stay at Quehanna, their remaining sentences are served under supervised parole. In the event of disciplinary problems at the camp, inmates return to their former facilities to complete their full sentences.
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Author:Harry, Jennifer L.
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Date:Oct 1, 1999
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