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A fugitive's return, a would-be return president's coming campaign, and a threat from abroad presents a host of worries over the coming election, taxing the President's resources in Stuart Woods's fast-paced thriller Mounting Fears (9780143144113, $29.95), narrated by recording artist Carrington McDuffie and presenting a gripping, evolving plot with many twists and turns. Stephen King's THE BODY (9780143143925, $29.95) pairs veteran narrator Frank Mueller with the powerful novella about one Gordie and three friends, who learn about life and death in their own backyard Maine woods. THE BODY served as the basis for King's film STAND BY ME and is one of four novellas brought to audio life from the bestseller DIFFERENT SEASONS: any library strong in Stephen King fans should consider this indispensable. Just as indispensable is Stephen King's audio of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (9780143143956, $19.95), a another novella brought to audio life from DIFFERENT SEASONS. Here Frank Muller narrates the story of a murderer in a prison run by a sadistic warden and a con who can pull strings.

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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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