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PenRight! launches first cross platform pen-based mobile computing application development tool; PenRight! for Windows allows developers to create Windows and DOS applications for PDAs, tablets, handhelds, notebooks, and desktop computers from single source code.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 24, 1995--PenRight! Corporation, a leading provider of pen-based mobile computing software, today announced PenRight! for Windows, the latest addition to its family of application development tools.

PenRight! for Windows is the industry's first pen-based development tool that allows developers to create MS Windows, DOS and DOS protected mode applications from single source code.

With the ability to create pen-based cross platform applications from single source code, developers can now utilize the widest range of mobile computing hardware including PDAs, tablets, handhelds, notebooks and even desktop computers. For end users determining the best environment in which to run their applications, PenRight! for Windows allows them to easily investigate key issues such as battery life, memory requirements, speed of execution and overall cost of the solution.

"PenRight!'s unique design eliminates the risk of having to choose between creating applications for Windows or DOS. Now with the click of a button users can have both," said PenRight! President David Marino. "Now developers can maximize their development resources and let their customers decide which platform makes the most sense for their mobile application needs," added Marino.

A special conversion utility allows any of the more than 1,000 existing vertical applications created within PenRight!'s successful DOS-based PenRight! Pro development tool to be automatically imported to PenRight! for Windows. Once converted, developers can immediately offer customers a complete range of DOS and Windows based solutions for industries such as transportation, sales force automation, insurance, public safety, route management, and healthcare.

To accelerate the speed of application development PenRight! for Windows is designed as a tightly integrated object oriented development tool. Easy-to-reference icons activate nearly all aspects of application development including project forms, database structures, "C" code, and 3rd party libraries. Further speeding application development are the graphical forms designer, hierarchical property sheet, database mapper and "C" code editor. PenRight!'s "C" based architecture also makes linking in industry standard third party libraries for features such as bar coding, scanning, and wireless communications extremely easy.

"PenRight! for Windows is not a desktop development tool trying to fit the needs of the mobile computing market," said Marino. "It is designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the mobile data communications market."

PenRight! for Windows is immediately available for $595. For more information call 510/249-6900.

PenRight! Corporation, located in Fremont, Calif., designs and markets mobile computing operating environments and application development tools. PenRight! is a graphical user interface and handwriting recognition environment which supports 10 international languages. PenRight! Pro and PenRight! for Windows are "C" based software development kits for creating industry leading mobile applications. PenRight!'s operating environment has been licensed by all of the leading manufacturers of pen-based computers. PenRight! currently runs on pen computers from AST/GRiD, Casio, Compaq, Dauphin, Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, Kalidor, NEC, MicroSlate, Norand, Samsung, Sharp, Symbol Technologies, TelePad, Telxon, Toshiba, and the Zoomer PDAs.

CONTACT: PenRight! Corporation

Chris Temple, 510/249-6911

David Marino, 510/249-6903
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 24, 1995
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