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Pen shock gives rescue workers the blues.

TWO kittens could have permanent breathing difficulties after they were coloured in with marker pens, a cat rescue centre has said.

The one-month-old cats, named Smurf and Shrek in accordance with their brightly dyed coats, were handed into Bradford Cat Watch Rescue in West Yorkshire by police on Monday evening.

Katie Lloyd, care co-ordinator at the rescue centre, said she could not believe it when the kittens were brought in covered in blue and green ink.

She was told the cats were blue and so brought out a nebuliser ready for their arrival, but was "totally shocked" when she discovered they had been drawn on with permanent marker.

"At first I believed I was getting cats with breathing difficulties because they were blue," she said.

But the ink could have a longterm impact on the kittens. Ms Lloyd explained: "It could have affected the lungs because they were having breathing difficulties when they arrived.

"It could affect the skin, it could cause infections, irritations, it could infect anything really - the whole respiratory system."

The rescue centre will seek to re-home the kittens.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Apr 28, 2016
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