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Pen points.

GEORGE Osborne says the unemployed will now have to work for their social benefits.

If the unemployed work, strictly speaking, they are not unemployed. If they are employed, will they S be paid the minimum wage or will they be paid the living wage? Is it right to make them work or is it slavery by another name? Could it be that he is underhandedly trying to boost the economy by introducing a soupcon of cheap labour? Jock Brownlee, Loxley Close, Wood End.

THE developer's promises have fallen at the first fence. Pegasus promised a leaflet circulation round 8,500 houses within Keresley.

This has not happened; some houses have had a leaflet while others have been missed out altogether. The houses in close proximity to the site have not been notified at all.

Sandra Camwell, Chair of Keresley Parish Council.

I NOTICE that the building work in Trinity Street, Coventry, has no details of a finishing date.

No doubt we are looking at a very long delay.

Ian Harris, Tulliver Street, Radford.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 14, 2013
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