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Pen points.

WHY the fuss about this 11-year-old lad being locked up (Telegraph, January 31)? If it was my premises that the lad had broken into i would have been disappointed if he hadn't been. A short, sharp shock hopefully will give the lad a wake up call. Also why do juveniles nearly always have their identity hidden for serious crimes? It should be in the interest of a township to know who is exactly walking in their midst.

R Taylor, By email.

THERE are no 'shared spaces' in Coventry because officially they do not exist! The council's correct title for them is a 'low speed environment scheme'. If we truly had shared spaces there would be information signs advising motorists and pedestrians about them and the pedestrian crossings would not be required.

Terry Pearce, Brownshill Green Road, Coventry.

I AGREE with Ed Ruane, we should show off our jewel in the crown.

The 760-year-old Guildhall is being neglected and should be open all year round. I've had some lovely meals in there in the past, so why not again? J Young, Curtis Road, Wyken.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 2, 2013
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