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Pen points.

ONCE again a dismal Sky Blue failed season is hailed a success by management, Telegraph writers and even some fans.

Eighteenth in the league, still poor entertainment.

Crowing over two or three wins and a few goals from a player who should never have been at the club sums up the Sky Blues.

M Thompson, Longford Road, Coventry.

* YOUR report on my teachers' union conference speech (May 9) misses one crucial point. It is government policy imposed through their Ofsted organisation which has pitched staff and students into chaos.

The decision to move the goal posts of Ofsted inspection, treating Pupil Referal Units (PRUs) as if they were mainstream schools is tantamount to declaring Special Educational Needs to be an imaginary condition.

This spells disaster for PRUs, their staff and the children whose interests we serve.

John Lockwood, Warwickshire National Union of Teachers.

THE government is warning people to be vigilant since the killing of Bin Laden, while at the same time they are in the process of sacking thousands of policemen and reducing the army.

J Hampton, Hurst Road, Longford.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:May 11, 2011
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