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SharedChater creates space for private flights to more travelers. Oct 26, 2020 198
SharedChater creates space for private flights to more travelers. Oct 26, 2020 210
SUBURBAN NEWS. Apr 7, 2020 258
HandCash, Money Button Bitcoin wallets collaborate to return peer-to-peer transactions back to bitcoin. Apr 2, 2020 167
HandCash, Money Button Bitcoin wallets collaborate to return peer-to-peer transactions back to bitcoin. Apr 2, 2020 165
Traceability of Cryptocurrency Transactions using Blockchain Analytics. Gagneja, Kanwal; Goode, Andre; Rentos, David; Rezk, Karim Mar 1, 2020 4000
Social media remains banned as India partially 'restores' internet in IoK. Jan 15, 2020 415
Infortrend Integrates DaVinci Resolve Project Server into Its Scale-out Shared Storage. Dec 17, 2019 382
MobiCard Strategic Partner Is Finalizing the Google Play App. Nov 27, 2019 962
Digital Currencies and Central Asia -- Part 5. Nov 21, 2019 2826
Digital Currencies and Central Asia -- Part 4. Nov 21, 2019 1123
P2P Payments Market Is Booming Worldwide / PayPal Holding, Tencent, Square, Circle Internet Financial. Nov 20, 2019 990
Digital Currencies and Central Asia -- Part 3. Tariq Saeedi Nov 20, 2019 1443
Will blockchain based decentralized applications /take over the mobile industry? CRYPTO A.M. INDUSTRY VOICES. Nov 19, 2019 603
Exclusive Interview with Cedric Gysel Johnson and Johnson's Cedric Gysel for Pre-Filled Syringe and Injectable Drug Devices 2020. Oct 24, 2019 536
Novel Drug Delivery to be Discussed at SMi's Ophthalmic Drugs Conference and Focus Day 2019. Conference notes Oct 24, 2019 441
Analytix to Exhibit at Quickbooks Connect 2019. Oct 21, 2019 317
MOPSO-based Data Scheduling Scheme for P2P Streaming Systems. Liu, Pingshan; Fan, Yaqing; Xiong, Xiaoyi; Wen, Yimin; Lu, Dianjie Oct 1, 2019 9079
Deriving ratings from a private P2P collaborative scheme. Okkalioglu, Murat; Kaleli, Cihan Sep 1, 2019 10935
Registration is Now Open for the Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Devices Conference 2020. Conference news Aug 17, 2019 416
MobiCard Inc. Joined The Stock Day Podcast to Announce The Upcoming Release of Their Revolutionary Platform. Aug 15, 2019 1092
How blockchains could change Kenya. Jul 26, 2019 1563
Toward Privacy-Preserving Shared Storage in Untrusted Blockchain P2P Networks. Rahmadika, Sandi; Rhee, Kyung-Hyune Report May 31, 2019 8754
Inmarsat certifies Smart4Aviation's electronic flight bag application for SB-S platform. Apr 25, 2019 238
Inmarsat certifies Smart4Aviation's electronic flight bag application for SB-S platform. Apr 25, 2019 251
Resolution of Max-Product Fuzzy Relation Equation with Interval-Valued Parameter. Yang, Xiaobin; Lin, Haitao; Xiao, Gang; Xue, Huanbin; Yang, Xiaopeng Mar 31, 2019 11464
Evaluation Model and Approximate Solution to Inconsistent Max-Min Fuzzy Relation Inequalities in P2P File Sharing System. Yang, Xiao-Peng Mar 31, 2019 7519
Authenticity is key in effective communication: Experts. Mar 20, 2019 434
Peer-to-peer networking the informal way to grow your firm. Mar 16, 2019 801
Can Blockchain Replace the Smart Grid? Frishberg, Manny Mar 1, 2019 1308
BitGo to offer wallet/custody support for TRON currency. Feb 26, 2019 209
BitGo to offer wallet/custody support for TRON currency. Feb 26, 2019 207
French Public Broadcaster, France Televisions Chooses Streamroot as Its Peer-to-Peer Video CDN Provider. Feb 15, 2019 628
Streamroot Chosen to Power Video Streaming for Spanish Public Television RTVE After Winning the First Public Tender for Peer-to-Peer Video Delivery. Feb 1, 2019 598
CULedger raises funds. Jan 29, 2019 104
CULedger raises funds. Jan 29, 2019 102
An Optimal Peer Selection Algorithm for Mesh-based Peer-to-Peer Networks. Han, Seung Chul; Nam, Ki Won Report Jan 1, 2019 7598
Discovering P2P Botnets Behaviors in Skype Application using Machine Learning Approach. Abdullah, Raihana Syahirah; M.A., Faizal; Farhani, Anis Jan 1, 2019 3671
Canada arrest leads to Filipino sex trafficker. Nov 8, 2018 1109
Happy 10th Birthday, Bitcoin. Oct 31, 2018 965
Peer-to-peer payment programs gaining popularity. Oct 8, 2018 743
Telegram desktop app leaked user data during calls. Oct 1, 2018 172
Skrumble Network app simplifies peer-to-peer communication. Aug 10, 2018 218
Skrumble Network app simplifies peer-to-peer communication. Aug 10, 2018 208
Skrumble Network app simplifies peer-to-peer communication. Aug 10, 2018 218
Peer-to-Peer piracy major contributor to global content piracy: Irdeto research. Aug 8, 2018 400
Entrepreneurs 'Unbox' at the 2018 EO South Asia Leadership Conference. Conference news Jul 13, 2018 530
Pioneering peer-to-peer video delivery technology: Streamroot at BroadcastAsia 2018. Jul 2, 2018 455
Blockchain tech firm Apla partners with HalalGuide. Jun 27, 2018 526
BABB raises a USD 20m funding round. Mar 12, 2018 378
BABB raises a USD 20m funding round. Mar 12, 2018 376
PLDT supports carrier blockchain study group. Feb 26, 2018 248
Osney Media's The Summit for Asset Management Returns to London on 13th March for Its 18th Year. Feb 20, 2018 484
American University of Dubai Student Wins UAE Qualifiers of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. Feb 7, 2018 509
Nexus Earth partners with SingularityNET. Feb 6, 2018 213
Nexus Earth partners with SingularityNET. Feb 6, 2018 211
This PayPal Competitor Is Dropping Bitcoin Like A Bad Habit. Jan 30, 2018 1102
OnPar Technologies Now Delivers Dark Web Monitoring Services Through ID Agent Partnership. Jan 26, 2018 588
Kanto Boys versus P-2-P. Jan 14, 2018 1100
Open Garden launches decentralized ISP for Internet sharing. Jan 4, 2018 295
Open Garden launches decentralized ISP for Internet sharing. Jan 4, 2018 283
Open Garden launches decentralized ISP for Internet sharing. Jan 4, 2018 295
Detecting P2P Botnet in Software Defined Networks. Su, Shang-Chiuan; Chen, Yi-Ren; Tsai, Shi-Chun; Lin, Yi-Bing Jan 1, 2018 9019
A Balanced Trust-Based Method to Counter Sybil and Spartacus Attacks in Chord. Pecori, Riccardo; Veltri, Luca Jan 1, 2018 12547
A Rational Exchange Protocol under Asymmetric Information in Wireless Sensor Networks. Lv, Zhen; Peng, Changgen; Peng, Yanguo; Zhang, Junwei Jan 1, 2018 8390
The Dynamical Modeling Analysis of the Spreading of Passive Worms in P2P Networks. Zhang, Shujuan; Jin, Zhen; Zhang, Juan Jan 1, 2018 6475
New type exchange of digital tokens draws attention. Dec 19, 2017 516
Blockchain's Factory of Trust. Dec 5, 2017 974
Revealing Influenced Selected Feature for P2P Botnet Detection. Wan, Ahmad Ramzi W.Y.; Faizal M.A.; Rudy, Fadhlee M.D.; Nur, Hidayah M.S. Report Dec 1, 2017 5969
London Symphonic Orchestra performs Azerbaijani composer's suite. Concert review Nov 22, 2017 276
2017 EO Hyderabad University hosts over 450 entrepreneurs from 35 countries. Oct 26, 2017 592
Seven EO Cleveland Members Make Inc. 5000 List. Aug 23, 2017 239
Decoding blockchain: How the distributed ledger tech can transform security. Aug 22, 2017 1236
UAE public sector drives $300 Million blockchain market. Aug 9, 2017 371
A survey of various prefetching techniques in P2p video streaming. Sandhya, S.G.; Hemalatha, P.; Anishya, F.; Giridharan, S. Survey Jun 1, 2017 3871
NAA providing year-round training for aspiring executives: NAA Education Conference & Exposition, NAA Education Institute highlight full offerings for all management positions. Conference news May 1, 2017 1199
A secure pattern based near field authentication for P2P systems. Dhanalakshmi, G.; Akshaya, M.; Chetana, V.; Jayanthi, P. Report May 1, 2017 2467
A survey of data sharing and security issues in P2P networks. Ravichandran, C.G.; Xavier, J. Lourdu Report May 1, 2017 3367
A share of the future. Cover story Apr 1, 2017 14849
Heads or tails: how Europe will become the global hub for Bitcoin business if the United States does not reexamine its current regulation of virtual currency. Ficcaglia, Gregory V. Jan 1, 2017 17624
Parallel Evolutionary Peer-to-Peer Networking in Realistic Environments. Ohnishi, Kei Jan 1, 2017 10195
Will OpenBazaar succeed where Silk Road failed? A new company looks to erase the limits on what can be bought and sold online. Malone, Sean W. Nov 23, 2016 583
Speeding Up VM Image Distribution for Cloud Data Centers. Lee, Choonhwa; Lee, Hyungseock; Kim, Eunsam Nov 1, 2016 5327
Vicinity Manufacturing[TM] to Sponsor Microsoft Dynamics[TM] GP User Group Summit. Oct 9, 2016 644
Vying for customer trust has reshaped business relationships. Myron, David Oct 1, 2016 569
Load balancing strategy for P2P VoD systems. Huang, Guimin; Li, Chengsen; Liu, Pingshan Report Sep 1, 2016 6481
The End Of Kickass Torrents? Jul 21, 2016 446
BitTorrent News Network To Launch Monday. Jul 14, 2016 352
BitTorrent unveils 'BitTorrent Live' P2P online streaming platform. May 19, 2016 246
Low cost cloud-Assisted Peer to Peer live streaming. Alghazawy, Bahaa Aldeen; Fujita, Satoshi Report Apr 1, 2016 8472
Filtering dishonest trust recommendations in trust management systems in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Ullah, Zakir; Islam, Muhammad Hasan; Khan, Adnan Ahmed; Sarwar, Sohail Report Apr 1, 2016 8193
Are GDP and productivity measures up to the challenges of the digital economy? Ahmad, Nadim; Schreyer, Paul Mar 22, 2016 12649
A novel scheme for improving quality of service of live streaming. Zhang, Guomin; Hu, Chao; Xing, Changyou; Wang, Na; Wei, Xianglin Report Dec 1, 2015 5747
A churn resilience technique on P2P sensor data stream delivery system using distributed hashing. Kawakami, Tomoya; Ishi, Yoshimasa; Yoshihisa, Tomoki; Teranishi, Yuuichi Report Dec 1, 2015 5184
Expediting P2P Video Delivery through a Hybrid Push-Pull Protocol. Lee, Choonhwa; Kim, Sungho; Kim, Eunsam Nov 1, 2015 5610
Status based segment oriented caching in P2p video streaming. Suresh, T.; Sameeullah, A.M. Sep 1, 2015 6144
Peer to Peer Network to Buy C2A MobiCard, Sell Psychic Friends Network. Aug 21, 2015 380
Peer to Peer Network to Buy C2A MobiCard, Sell Psychic Friends Network. Aug 21, 2015 382
Topology optimization in hybrid tree/mesh-based peer-to-peer streaming system. Ha, Tran Thi Thu; Kim, Jinsul; Park, Jaehyung; Yoon, Sunghyun; Ryu, Ho-Yong Report Aug 1, 2015 2565
A malicious peers detection framework for peer-to-peer systems. Wei, Xianglin; Fan, Jianhua; Wang, Tongxiang; Wang, Qiping Report Aug 1, 2015 7013
A game theoretic analysis of public goods allocation in p2p networks. Zhang, Qingfeng; Wang, Sheng; Liao, Dan Report Aug 1, 2015 8009
Determine point-to-point networking interactions using regular expressions. Deev, K.S.; Boyko, Yu. V. Report Jul 1, 2015 2645
The Haymarket Theatre and literary property: constructing common law playright, 1770-1833. Gerland, Oliver Essay Jun 1, 2015 9891
Review of security threats and its countermeasures in Mobile Adhoc Networks. Geetha, A.; Sreenath, N. Report Jun 1, 2015 2982
Delay reduction by providing location based services using hybrid cache in peer to peer networks. Krishnan, C. Gopala; Rengarajan, A.; Manikandan, R. Report Jun 1, 2015 6366
A mobile P2P semantic information retrieval system with effective updates. Liu, Chuan-Ming; Chen, Cheng-Hsien; Chen, Yen-Lin; Wang, Jeng-Haur Report May 1, 2015 7539
Bitcoin and the cypherpunks: will recent breakthroughs in computer science make truly free markets a reality? Epstein, Jim May 1, 2015 3062
Building a peer-to-peer team. White, Larry R. Mar 1, 2015 1078
You are not welcome among us: pirates and the state. Beyer, Jessica L.; McKelvey, Fenwick Report Mar 1, 2015 8265
A Popularity-Aware Semantic Overlay for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Search. Lee, Choonhwa; Choi, Junwan; Kim, Eunsam Feb 1, 2015 3371
Implementation of resource discovery mechanisms on PeerSim: enabling up to one million nodes P2P simulation. Jamal, Azrul Amri; Awang, Wan Suryani Wan; Kadir, Mohd Fadzil Abdul; Aziz, Azwa Abdul; Teahan, Willi Report Jan 1, 2015 2929
New Technique to Improve BitTorrent Performance Based on Application Layer Traffic Optimization. Pinthong, Nattee; Lilakiatsakun, Woraphon Report Jan 1, 2015 5604
New Technique to Improve BitTorrent Performance Based on Application Layer Traffic Optimization. Pinthong, Nattee; Lilakiatsakun, Woraphon Jan 1, 2015 5604
A Popularity-Aware Semantic Overlay for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Search. Lee, Choonhwa; Choi, Junwan; Kim, Eunsam Nov 1, 2014 3352
How to setup the peer to peer connection between two Android devices. Oct 6, 2014 493
BitTorrent copyright trolls: a deficiency in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? D'Amato, David Sep 22, 2014 13793
Resource and Query Aware, Multi-Attribute Resource Discovery for P2P Systems. Bandara, H.M.N. Dilum; Jayasumana, Anura P. Report May 1, 2014 8467
A license management system for content separate delivery over P2P network. Inamura, Masaki; Iwamura, Keiichi Report Apr 1, 2014 4355
CAMPSNA: a cloud assisted mobile peer to peer social network architecture. Tang, Yuan-ni Liu Hong; Zhao, Guo-feng Report Apr 1, 2014 3452
The Pirate Bay Plans to Beat the Hell out of Censorship with new P2P Network - Check it Out! Jan 7, 2014 448
Measurement and analysis of P2P IPTV program resource. Wang, Wenxian; Chen, Xingshu; Wang, Haizhou; Zhang, Qi; Wang, Cheng Report Jan 1, 2014 5717
Supporting seamless mobility for P2P live streaming. Kim, Eunsam; Kim, Sangjin; Lee, Choonhwa Report Jan 1, 2014 5182
A prediction system using a P2P overlay network for a bus arrival system. Lu, Ssu-Hsuan; Chan, Yu-Wei Report Jan 1, 2014 5039
Structured P2P overlay of mobile brokers for realizing publish/subscribe communication in VANET. Pandey, Tulika; Garg, Deepak; Gore, Manoj Madhava Report Jan 1, 2014 7756
Towards accurate node-based detection of P2P botnets. Yin, Chunyong Report Jan 1, 2014 6921
Exploring a QoS driven scheduling approach for peer-to-peer live streaming systems with network coding. Cui, Laizhong; Lu, Nan; Chen, Fu Report Jan 1, 2014 7041
A splay tree-based approach for efficient resource location in P2P networks. Zhou, Wei; Tan, Zilong; Yao, Shaowen; Shipu Wang Report Jan 1, 2014 6855
Evolutionary game theoretic modeling and repetition of media distributed shared in P2P-based VANET. Wu, Di; Liu, He; Bi, Yingrong; Zhu, Hongsong Report Jan 1, 2014 8734
Application of fault-tolerant mechanism to reduce pollution attacks in peer-to-peer networks. Chen, Chien-Sheng; Yeh, Ting-Yuan; Lee, Chin-Tan; Lu, Chyuan-Der Report Jan 1, 2014 12854
An improved multipoint relaying scheme for message propagation in distributed peer-to-peer system. Liao, Zhiping; Liu, Song; Xi, Shengfeng Report Jan 1, 2014 6754
GTrust: group extension for trust models in distributed systems. Albuquerque, Robson de Oliveira; Villalba, Luis Javier Garcia; Kim, Tai-Hoon Report Jan 1, 2014 7186
An identity-based key-insulated encryption with message linkages for peer-to-peer communication network. Hsu, Chien-Lung; Lin, Han-Yu Report Nov 1, 2013 5991
Social media use during Japan's 2011 earthquake: how twitter transforms the locus of crisis communication. Cho, Seong Eun; Jung, Kyujin; Park, Han Woo Essay Nov 1, 2013 5998
Connectivity properties of real BitTorrent swarms. Cuevas, Ruben; Kryczka, Michal; Cuevas, Angel; Guerrero, Carmen; Azcorra, Arturo Report Sep 1, 2013 10040
Capacity aware scalable video coding in P2P on demand streaming systems. Xing, Changyou; Chen, Ming; Hu, Chao Report Sep 1, 2013 6928
PTT service interworking between IMS based networks and P2P overlay networks. Tieu, Tuan-Hao; Kim, Younghan; Gim, Gwangyong Report Jul 1, 2013 6143
A device authentication mechanism reducing performance cost in mobile P2P networks. Jeong, Yoon-Su; Kim, Yong-Tae; Shin, Seung-Soo; Lee, Sang-Ho Report Apr 1, 2013 11621
Smart: a subspace based malicious peers detection algorithm for P2P systems. Wei, Xianglin; Fan, Jianhua; Chen, Ming; Ahmed, Tarem; Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan Report Apr 1, 2013 6753
Lenders to face stronger regulation. Dec 8, 2012 345
D3-P2P: managing distributed and replicated database in P2P environment by using quorum system. Mounine, Hemam Sofiane; Walid, Hidouci Khaled Report Dec 1, 2012 8531
BPTrust: a novel trust inference probabilistic model based on balance theory for peer-to-peer networks. Tan, Zhenhua; Zhang, Liangyu; Yang, Guangming Report Dec 1, 2012 2896
File sharing could net you jail; YourRights. Sep 3, 2012 379
A distributed trust model based on reputation management of peers for P2P VoD services. Huang, Guimin; Hu, Min; Zhou, Ya; Liu, Pingshan; Zhang, Yanchun Sep 1, 2012 5559
A new security model in P2P network based on rough set and Bayesian learner. Hai-Sheng, Wang; Xiao-Lin, Gui Sep 1, 2012 8923
Modeling push-based Live P2P streaming by stochastic activity networks. Zhang, Peiqing; Helvik, Bjarne E. Report Aug 1, 2012 4520
BitTorrent's popularity leads to mass copyright litigation. Torpy, Bill Aug 1, 2012 748
Pirates, who are they? A cognitive-linguistic analysis of Italian media discourse. Guidi, Annarita Report Apr 12, 2012 9450
"Free culture" lost in translation. Vandresen, Monique Report Apr 12, 2012 7589
Survey of file-sharing culture. Caraway, Brett Robert Report Apr 12, 2012 8970
Theatrical distribution and P2P movie piracy: a survey of P2P networks in hungary using transactional data. Bodo, Balazs; Lakatos, Zoltan Report Apr 12, 2012 13293
P2P in the networked future of European cinema. Cardoso, Gustavo; Caetano, Miguel; Espanha, Rita; Jacobetty, Pedro; Quintanilha, Tiago Lima Report Apr 12, 2012 10568
A secure and user privacy-preserving searching protocol for peer-to-peer networks. Sen, Jaydip Report Apr 1, 2012 9610
A novel architecture for peer-to-peer interconnect in millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber access networks. Liu, J.; Zhang, L.; Fan, S.-H.; Guo, C.; He, S.; Chang, G.-K. Report Apr 1, 2012 2794
Confusion on hot topics mobile, P2P and social pay. McGarvey, Robert Mar 21, 2012 1011
From Betamax to YouTube: how Sony Corporation of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. could still be a standard for new technology. Corsaro, Veronica Mar 1, 2012 11190
A resource discovery with data dissemination over unstructured mobile P2P networks. Bok, Kyoung Soo; Kwak, Dong Won; Yoo, Jae Soo Technical report Mar 1, 2012 8618
Zipcar, Fontinalis Partners invest in P2P car sharing firm Wheelz. Feb 22, 2012 192
A P2P-to-UPnP proxy gateway architecture for home multimedia content distribution. Hu, Chih-Lin; Lin, Hsin-Cheng; Hsu, Yu-Feng; Hsieh, Bing-Jung Report Jan 1, 2012 7132
"Must-Work": a scalable model for parallel recursive problems on P2P networks. Amad, Mourad; Aissani, Djamil; Bellal, Toufik Report Dec 1, 2011 5263
A CDN-P2P hybrid architecture with location/content awareness for live streaming services. Nguyen, Kim-Thinh; Kim, Young-Han Report Nov 1, 2011 5159
Economic Development Peer Network kicks off this Wednesday. McConnell, J. Katie Brief article Oct 31, 2011 217
Reality Mobile granted US patent concerning mobile P2P communications. Oct 19, 2011 129
Locality preserving scheme of text databases representative in distributed information retrieval systems. Hassan, Mohammad; Lahham, Yaser A. Al- Report Oct 1, 2011 5248
The analysis and identification of P2P botnet's traffic flows. Tarng, Wernhuar; Den, Li-Zhong; Ou, Kuo-Liang; Chen, Mingteh Report Aug 1, 2011 5933
LimeWire, RIAA $105 mln settlement signals end of P2P era. May 13, 2011 292
Software-defined instrumentation with peer-to-peer computing. Friedman, Matthew May 1, 2011 1304
Pew study: peer-to-peer health partners. Mulvihill, Amanda Apr 1, 2011 940
Urban guerrilla & piracy surveillance: accidental casualties in fighting piracy in P2P networks in Europe. Frosio, Giancarlo F. Mar 22, 2011 21792
Forty-second selected bibliography on computers, technology and the law: (January 2010 through December 2010). Bibliography Mar 22, 2011 17850
Peer-to-peer lending in the United States: surviving after Dodd-Frank. Magee, Jack R. Mar 1, 2011 13523
Three Canadian CUs tout mobile P2P as a first. Jan 26, 2011 158
RYU-Co introduces P2P social local guide matching service. Jan 20, 2011 124
Scalable search based on fuzzy clustering for interest-based P2P networks. Mateo, Romeo Mark A.; Lee, Jaewan Report Jan 1, 2011 10488
ELiSyR: efficient, lightweight and Sybil-resilient file search in P2P networks. Kim, Hyeong S.; Jung, Eunjin "EJ"; Yeom, Heon Y. Report Dec 1, 2010 7381
UMonitor added P2P to transfer solution. Oct 13, 2010 199
Fair peer assignment scheme for peer-to-peer file sharing. Hu, Chih-Lin; Chen, Da-You; Chang, Yi-Hsun; Chen, Yu-Wen Report Oct 1, 2010 12920
An efficient overlay for unstructured P2P file sharing over MANET using underlying cluster-based routing. Shah, Nadir; Qian, Depei Report Oct 1, 2010 7676
Real-time classification of Internet application traffic using a hierarchical multi-class SVM. Yu, Jaehak; Lee, Hansung; Im, Younghee; Kim, Myung-Sup; Park, Daihee Report Oct 1, 2010 6862
A PXI chassis is more than a box with slots. Lecklider, Tom Oct 1, 2010 3556
A legal matter: peer-to-peer file sharing, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the higher education opportunity act: how Congress and the entertainment industry missed an opportunity to stem copyright infringement. Storch, Joseph; Wachs, Heidi Sep 22, 2010 20541
File replication method based on demand forecasting of file download in P2P networks. Kobayashi, Mamoru; Kageyama, Jun; Shibusawa, Susumu; Yonekura, Tatsuhiro Report Aug 1, 2010 5072
Improving the availability of scalable on-demand streams by Dynamic Buffering on P2P networks. Lin, Chow-Sing Report Aug 1, 2010 8066
Ruling could have chilling effect on P2P services. May 16, 2010 530
Ruling could have chilling effect on P2P services. May 15, 2010 530
FTC: data leaked to P2P networks. May 1, 2010 486
Aliaswire granted allowance of US patent for mobile P2P payment. Mar 29, 2010 122
Peer pressure. Manafy, Michelle Mar 1, 2010 858
Lawmakers set sights on P2P programs. Brief article Feb 25, 2010 232
Whose burden is it anyway? Addressing the needs of content owners in DMCA safe harbors. Jansen, Greg Jan 1, 2010 11495
Unleashing the open mobile internet. Penchuk, Robert A. Jan 1, 2010 13614
Can the madness be monetized? An exploratory survey of music piracy and acquisition behavior. Gloor, Storm; Rolston, Clyde Philip Report Jan 1, 2010 8796
mTouche forms JV to offer P2P mobile content in India. Dec 9, 2009 350
Join new work force development peer-to-peer network. Seeger, Katie Brief article Dec 7, 2009 127
Security breach on Capitol Hill. Wade, Jared Dec 1, 2009 334
Day 3 WISE 2009: Peer-to-Peer Digital Communications. Nov 19, 2009 336
Peer-to-peer file sharing and secondary liability in copyright law. Book review Nov 1, 2009 153
What's replacing P2P, BitTorrent as pirate hangouts? Oct 13, 2009 692
Wataniya launches international p2p mobile recharging service. Sep 8, 2009 181
Wataniya Telecom launches international p2p mobile recharging service. Sep 8, 2009 142
Musicians oppose P2P disconnection plan. Brief article Sep 5, 2009 282
Mobile peer-to-peer computing for next generation distributed environments; advancing conceptual and algorithmic applications. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 211
Peer-to-peer accountability. Bills, Jennifer; Ching-Chung, Ke; Heringer, Roy; Mankin, Dave Aug 1, 2009 3343
New health IT czar: we are 'counting on peer-to-peer influence'. Schneider, Mary Ellen Interview Jul 1, 2009 1276
Curtailing unintended file sharing: may take an act of Congress. Lopresti, Michael J. Jul 1, 2009 720
Taking counsel: P2P file sharing networks--be careful! Sirme, Dace Jun 10, 2009 637
Cellphones may soon form peer-to-peer network to broadcast disaster alerts. Jun 8, 2009 254
P2P (Peer to Peer) Conference Veliko Turnovo. Conference notes May 1, 2009 91
Student Ambassadors advance Ohio CPA Foundation's mission: the Student Ambassador Program, a flagship initiative of The Ohio CPA Foundation since 2001. uses the power of peer-to-peer influence to help undecided students see the benefits and opportunities of obtaining an accounting degree and pursuing the CPA license. May 1, 2009 1065
Canadian copyright reform - 'user rights' in the digital era. Chan, Sara Wei-Ming Mar 22, 2009 16814
Data about US presidential helicopter leaked via P2P. Mar 9, 2009 308
Efficient peer-to-peer lookup in multi-hop wireless networks. Shin, Minho; Arbaugh, William A. Technical report Feb 1, 2009 9574
P2P wireless 'Autonet' being tested to reduce congestion, accidents. Jan 11, 2009 206
Practical password-authenticated three-party key exchange. Kwon, Jeong Ok; Jeong, Ik Rae; Lee, Dong Hoon Report Dec 1, 2008 9967
Highwinds partners with Octoshape to create Hybrid P2P CDN solution. Sep 24, 2008 308
Intelligent peer networks for collaborative web search. Menczer, Filippo; Wu, Le-Shin; Akavipat, Ruj Sep 22, 2008 5438
Peer-to-peer file-sharing crackdown; in association with RBS Small Business. Sep 9, 2008 329
P2P no longer means piracy 2 everyone. Tracy, Kathleen Sep 1, 2008 1211
Athletics win with antivirus: low-cost, easy-to-deploy software defeats span at Penn State University. Sep 1, 2008 862
Query planning in the PORDaS P2P database system. Norvag, Kjetil; Eide, Eirik; Standal, Odin Hole Aug 1, 2008 6024
P2P+ initiative announced by Velocix. Jul 11, 2008 140
NTCA 2008 fall conferernce preview. Arellano, Jonah Conference notes Jul 1, 2008 667
Is P2P the future of video content delivery, or will traditional content delivery technology win out in the end? Apr 1, 2008 622
Technology review: evaluating peer-to-peer solutions for online courses and programs. Klinker, Eric Mar 22, 2008 2051
Peer-to-peer lending gaining ground; PERSONAL FINANCE. Jan 19, 2008 613
Identity-based management. Nunley, Shawn Dec 1, 2007 586
SAGE selects Proactis P2P. Nov 28, 2007 147
P2P: new national security risk? Swartz, Nikki Nov 1, 2007 699
P2P identity theft. Sep 1, 2007 225
Tier-3 warns over P2P security. Sep 1, 2007 392
Internet industry competition dynamics: peering limitations, exposure, and counter strategies. Shin, Seungjae; Tucci, Jack E. Aug 1, 2007 7604
Cookin' with P2P: recipe for success or flash in the pan? Miller, Ron Cover story Jun 1, 2007 3140
Prolexic adds new capabilities to protect from peer-to-peer DDoS attacks. Brief article May 24, 2007 172
Prolexic adds new capabilities to protect from peer-to-peer DDoS attacks. May 24, 2007 174
BitDefender warns P2P network users of Ymeak.A worm. Apr 30, 2007 192
BitDefender warns P2P network users of Ymeak.A worm. Brief article Apr 30, 2007 205
Skinkers raises $3.9 million to fund live content delivery. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 104
Spanish pirates flip for disk drives. Hopewell, John; Mayorga, Emilio Jan 29, 2007 315
Nokia introduces new network solution to manage data traffic. Brief article Nov 23, 2006 220
University masters bandwidth management: Terry Doub, network operations manager at Louisiana State University, tamed P2P use and improved emergency hurricane communications. Cover story Sep 1, 2006 2143
U.K.'s Benfield group moves to bring peer-to-peer links closer. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 140
TribalWeb introduces free peer-to-peer file sharing to UK market. Brief article Jul 7, 2006 135
TribalWeb introduces free peer-to-peer file sharing to UK market. Brief article Jul 7, 2006 148
TribalWeb introduces free peer-to-peer file sharing to UK market. Brief article Jul 7, 2006 150
Spain bows VOD service. De Pablos, Emiliano Jun 19, 2006 375
Beyond term indexing: a P2P framework for web information retrieval. Podnar, Ivana; Rajman, Martin; Luu, Toan; Klemm, Fabius; Aberer, Karl Jun 1, 2006 6662
See saw. Manafy, Michelle Apr 1, 2006 848
Enhancing language & culture learning through P2P. Bregni, Simone Mar 22, 2006 2992
Peer to peer blog. Mar 1, 2006 144
Warner Bros to sell films via P2P network. Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 223
Warner Bros to sell films via P2P network. Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 211
Nareos unveils legal p2p mobile service. Jan 23, 2006 198
Nareos unveils legal p2p mobile service. Brief Article Jan 23, 2006 208
LOGNet: peer-to-peer info sharing. Dec 1, 2005 115
Applying peer-to-peer technology to the building of distributed educational systems. Muldner, Tomasz Sep 22, 2005 8283
Secure peer-to-peer Video-on-Demand system launched by ioko in partnership with Kontiki. Brief Article Sep 12, 2005 149
UNC Begins Fueling P2P Shuttles With Biodiesel. Sep 12, 2005 115
The future of P2P. Pike, George H. Sep 1, 2005 1046
I want my MP3: secondary copyright liability in a hidden peer-to-peer network. Carroll, Wayne Essay Jul 1, 2005 11533
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