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Sham peer review: outrageous and unjustified immunity. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Dec 22, 2015 3740
A step up in standards for peer reviewers: updated requirements reflect a continued focus on quality and the public interest. Reinstein, Alan; Apostolou, Barbara Dec 1, 2015 2468
Pay me, pal! Grift, Tony Nov 1, 2015 748
Innovations in policy and practice: engaging practitioners as authors/Innovations dans les politiques et la pratique: recruter des auteurs parmi les praticiens. Hancock, Trevor; Barr, Victoria; Potvin, Louise Sep 1, 2015 7030
Sham peer review: new tactics and pitfalls for employed/ exclusively contracted physicians. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Mar 22, 2015 3041
Evolving practice monitoring to improve quality in A&A engagements: AICPA concept paper seeks feedback on new approach. Tysiac, Ken Feb 1, 2015 554
Becoming an effective journal reviewer. Spolarich, Ann Eshenaur; Wilder, Rebecca S. Feb 1, 2015 1771
Hooked on hooky: hw breaks can turn into breakthroughs. Balmain, Melissa Column Aug 29, 2014 856
Reader Beware. Gaby, Alan R. Apr 1, 2014 779
The importance of reviewers. Fahs, Pamela Stewart Editorial Mar 22, 2014 511
A primer for peer review. Pahman, Dylan Editorial Mar 22, 2014 2256
Managing the "Republic of NGOs": accountability and legitimation problems facing the UN cluster system. Heath, J. Benton Jan 1, 2014 19653
Managing the "Republic of NGOs": accountability and legitimation problems facing the UN cluster system. Heath, J. Benton Jan 1, 2014 6000
Evaluating the impact and determinants of student team performance: using LMS and CATME data. Braender, Lynn M.; Naples, Michele I. Report Dec 22, 2013 5888
CBA taking action against licensees failing to respond to peer review inquiry. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 103
Writing an effective manuscript review: the 6 "Be's" to success. Annesley, Thomas M. Jul 1, 2013 4864
Peer Review figures. Brief article May 17, 2013 120
Peer Review events success. Brief article Feb 8, 2013 109
Peer review roadshows launched. Brief article Jan 25, 2013 119
Why there's much ado about peer review: OT's clinical editor Dr Navneet Gupta gives a comprehensive guide to the new mandatory form of CET so that practitioners can make the most of this engaging learning format. Jan 11, 2013 2673
The art of peer review: everything you need to know about being a peer reviewer. McCrone, Linda Oct 1, 2012 2449
CBA: makes peer review changes. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 111
Writing for an interdisciplinary journal. Peterson, James C. Editorial Sep 1, 2012 916
Judging the data: peer review versus Good Laboratory Practice standards. Schmidt, Charles W. Jul 1, 2012 431
Academic excellence: a commentary and reflections on the inherent value of peer review. Roberts, Thomas J.; Shambrook, Jennifer Report Mar 22, 2012 2261
Peer evaluations and team performance: when friends do worse than strangers. Corgnet, Brice Jan 1, 2012 7944
Mandated essay underwent peer review but process not completed. Fox, Thomas C. Sep 16, 2011 582
Is peer review in decline? Ellison, Glenn Jul 1, 2011 15754
Empirical evidence of the fairness and quality of peer evaluations. Malone, David Report May 1, 2011 4477
Writing centers go to class: peer review (of our) workshops. Bedore, Pamela; O'Sullivan, Brian May 1, 2011 3184
Ratification processes examined. Brief article May 1, 2011 150
Critiquing scholarship as formal review: the role and responsibilities of readers for academic journals. Nelson, Thomas Essay Mar 22, 2011 4257
ACPE member conducts peer review research. Mar 1, 2011 511
An exploratory study of class presentations and peer evaluations: do students perceive the benefits? Girard, Tulay; Pinar, Musa; Trapp, Paul Report Jan 1, 2011 7331
Our peer-review practice and strategies to improve journal's scientific performance/Bagimsiz degerlendirme deneyimimiz ve derginin bilimsel performansinin arttirilmasina yonelik stratejilerimiz. Kudaiberdieva, Gulmira Editorial Oct 1, 2010 813
How peer writing can shape identity for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Kindzierski, Corinne M.; Leavitt-Noble, Kimberly Report Sep 22, 2010 5019
Peer effects in higher education: does the field of study matter? Brunello, Giorgio; de Paola, Maria; Scoppa, Vincenzo Jul 1, 2010 9396
Peer review: taking the mystery out of the new requirements. McCrone, Linda May 1, 2010 2816
Team-based peer review as a form of formative assessment--the case of a systems analysis and design workshop. Lavy, Ilana; Yadin, Aharon Report Mar 22, 2010 9809
Out of Aotearoa. Report Mar 1, 2010 3132
Mandatory peer review in effect. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 86
Basic steps for good peer review. Tanner, Michael G. Feb 1, 2010 1092
Risk management: the role of peer review in potentially compensable event and medical malpractice claims processing in the army medical department. Kutsch, Anthony J. Jan 1, 2010 2115
Adverse privileging actions in the army medical department. Gagliano, Rosalind D. Jan 1, 2010 4569
Sham Peer Review. Borg, Walter P. Brief article Dec 22, 2009 278
Reviewers prefer positive findings: journals may be less likely to publish equivocal studies. Raloff, Janet Brief article Oct 10, 2009 250
Manuscript blind review: an overview of our process and suggestions for authors. Milsom, Amy Editorial Oct 1, 2009 2109
Tactics characteristic of sham peer review. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Sep 22, 2009 2428
Peer review: a new tool for quality improvement. Edwards, Marc T. Sep 1, 2009 2683
Scholarly peer review aimed at enhancing the first-year student learning experience. Scutter, Sheila; Wood, Denise Jul 1, 2009 3573
Guidelines for disciplinary action from peer review. Guthrie, Michael Jul 1, 2009 614
Effect of peer review on citations in the open access environment. Bhat, Mohammad Hanief Report Jun 1, 2009 2558
Introducing the new principles-based peer review standards: enhancing the clarity and integrity of peer review reports. Graham, G. William May 1, 2009 2249
The effects of peer feedback practices with elementary education teacher candidates. Wilkins, Elizabeth A.; Shin, Eui-Kyung; Ainsworth, Janet Report Mar 22, 2009 6291
Faculty should consider peer review as a means of improving students' scientific reasoning skills. Timmerman, Briana; Strickland, Denise Report Mar 22, 2009 2960
Editorial: sham peer review: the Fifth Circuit Poliner decision. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Dec 22, 2008 2003
The Poliner case: the clinical story. Poliner, Lawrence R. Essay Dec 22, 2008 2561
Citation auctions as a method to improve selection of scientific papers. de la Rosa, Josep Lluis; Szymanski, Boleslaw K. Report Oct 1, 2008 7145
Toward improvement of scholarly publications: the Journal of Social Work Education advances. Galambos, Colleen Editorial Sep 22, 2008 1569
Sham peer review: perversions of a powerful process. Pfifferling, John-Henry; Meyer, Deborah N.; Wang, Clark J. Sep 1, 2008 2798
Comments on "Letter to the Editor". Lindsey, Timothy J. Letter to the editor Jun 22, 2008 1179
Peer-reviewed studies identifying problems in the design and implementation of lethal injection for execution. Zimmers, Teresa A.; Koniaris, Leonidas G. Jun 1, 2008 4239
What is wrong with what is said? Yazici, Hasan Report Jun 1, 2008 2270
Policy & practice. Survey Apr 15, 2008 866
Expert witnesses under fire. Zaremski, Miles J. Apr 15, 2008 996
Vires acquirit eundo. Lotz, Jan Apr 1, 2008 392
Authorship (and non-authorship) criteria and new author requirement. Siebers, Rob Apr 1, 2008 1081
Preface/Voorwoord. van Huyssteen, Gerhard B.; Bosch, Sonja E. Apr 1, 2008 1968
Freedom of speech. Sieber, Joan E. Mar 22, 2008 612
Diabetes drug and conflicts of interest. Raloff, Janet Brief article Feb 9, 2008 288
An inside look at the professional school counseling review process. Auger, Richard W. Feb 1, 2008 1460
Sham peer review: the unjust "objective test". Huntoon, Lawrence R. Dec 22, 2007 1383
A qualitative decision-support model for evaluating researchers. Taskova, Katerina; Stojanova, Daniela; Bohanec, Marko; Dzeroski, Sago Report Dec 1, 2007 5106
CBA update: new board member; peer review and mobility top agenda. Allen, Bruce C. Nov 1, 2007 856
Court panel rejects commissions for evaluating judges: opponents fear government created evaluation panels could become politicized. Killian, Mark D. Aug 1, 2007 955
An evaluation of the Bush administration reforms to the regulatory process. Shapiro, Stuart Jun 1, 2007 10496
The psychology of sham peer review. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Mar 22, 2007 1202
Dr. Bonham and due process for doctors: lessons from long ago. White, Jeffrey Mar 22, 2007 3255
Student peer evaluations in business education: a web-based administration. Sherwood, Arthur Lloyd; DePaolo, Concetta A. Report Jan 1, 2007 4379
NSF-style peer review for teaching undergraduate grant-writing. Blair, Benjie G.; Cline, George R.; Bowen, William R. Jan 1, 2007 2666
Evaluating short-term and long-term peer assessment of student teamwork. Sergi, Michael Report Jan 1, 2007 9535
"Peer to patent": collective intelligence, open review, and patent reform. Noveck, Beth Simone Sep 22, 2006 18377
State confidentiality laws don't protect peer review records. Sileo, Carmel Aug 1, 2006 725
Enhancing public confidence: the GAO's peer review experience: even auditors need to be audited. Walker, David M. Jul 1, 2006 1516
Peer review and privileging: one pill cures all--but it's tough to swallow. Lauve, Richard Jul 1, 2006 3234
Growth models vary. Pascopella, Angela Jun 1, 2006 191
Peer evaluation as an active learning technique. Reese-Durham, Nancy Dec 1, 2005 5111
Comparative contraventions. Legrand, Pierre Nov 1, 2005 7368
Peer assessment and role play: a winning alliance. Lockhart, Marilyn Sep 22, 2005 2851
Evaluation of a peer support program to reduce substance abuse within a large manufacturing company. Hill, Steve Jul 1, 2005 4153
Peer review is stronger and better now: the AICPA peer review board has enhanced the standards. Beddow, Dean Apr 1, 2005 2040
Scholarly Journals and the flow of information. Grabill, Stephen J. Editorial Mar 22, 2005 988
Raising the bar: the AICPA Peer Review Program moves toward more transparency. Jan 1, 2005 1575
Increasing transparency in peer review: members speak out. Snyder, Adam Dec 1, 2004 1751
Peer review: nothing to hide. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 105
Moving toward increased transparency in peer review process. Sep 1, 2004 522
Doctor sues medical association, claiming intimidation. Aug 1, 2004 340
Chair's corner. Voynich, Scott Jul 1, 2004 557
Author guidelines for the CARING Newsletter. Jun 22, 2004 573
The future of peer review: it is a misconception that the CBA requires peer review. Hein, Marcia Jan 1, 2004 834
Peer reviewed. Goering, Carroll; Reeder, Randall Aug 1, 2003 835
Peer review board issues exposure draft proposing revisions to peer review standards. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 87
AICPA to handle 2003 SEC peer review. (News Flash: National). Brief Article May 1, 2003 167
Recent changes at Health Services Research. (Editorial Column). Flood, Ann Barry; Luft, Harold S. Apr 1, 2003 2220
CBA's full docket: CPE, client notification, peer review under scrutiny. (Government Relations). Allen, Bruce Mar 1, 2003 817
Combating reduced rigor and grade inflation: an action plan for higher standards in higher education. (Last Word). Zimmerman, Allen Mar 1, 2003 663
The fiction of technical peer review. Ryan, L.D. Jan 1, 2003 1071
Understanding adjudication: origins, targets, and outcomes of ethics complaints. Strom-Gottfried, Kimberly Jan 1, 2003 5792
Contempt citation for refusal to produce documents vacated. . Tammelleo, A. David Dec 1, 2002 753
Multicultural group supervision: a comparison of in-person versus Web-based formats. Constantine, Madonna G. Dec 1, 2002 5319
Dr.'s `overutilization' & peer review privilege under HCQIA. Tammello, A. David Nov 1, 2002 755
Are your financial statements a hidden treat? (Performance Measurement). Sokol, Michael Oct 1, 2002 1550
The power of peer review in multimedia production. Steed, Marlo Sep 22, 2002 4925
Peer review blues. (Indications). Berger, Joanne M. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 154
Common problem areas in financial statements. Kessler, Steven P. Apr 1, 2002 2032
Taking fear out of the Peer Review process. Vierse, Lisa Apr 1, 2002 1380
Court unanimously oks peer grading. (Legal Brief). Angelo, Jean Marie Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 105
Should students grade one anothers' work? The Supreme Court will decide. (News connection: up-to-date and usable education information from schools, government, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie Feb 1, 2002 327
Is It Worth while to Pay Referees? Lai, Ching-chong Oct 1, 2001 3398
HCQIA Cloaks Review Boards with Immunity. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 840
Perceptions Of The Peer Review Program Of The Accounting Profession: Implications For Management [*]. Alam, Pervaiz; Hoffman, Richard C.; Meier, Heidi Hylton Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2000 7226
Are Your Hospital's Peer Review Records Confidential? Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 870
Dr. Sues Hospital for Negligent Peer Review. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 824
Can Peer Review Help Resolve Natural Resource Conflicts? BROSNAN, DEBORAH M. Mar 22, 2000 2679
Suspended Dr. Sues Hosp. & Its Attys. for Defamation. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 821
Get Them Involved, Keep Them Interested. Black, Janet Oct 1, 1999 956
Auditing your association. Kulczycki, Michael Jun 1, 1999 2623
Making association-audits staff-friendly. Aten, Justine Jun 1, 1999 983
Merging Research and Practice: The Example of Positive Peer Reporting Applied to Social Rejection. Bowers, Frank E.; McGinnis, J. Christopher; Ervin, Ruth A.; Friman, Patrick C. May 1, 1999 2726
Peer review: an annual process. Santoro, Joseph L. Mar 1, 1999 2759
Peer reviews and misconceptions: a refresher course. Dennis, Anita Jun 1, 1997 1261
Footprints of a profession are created by its publications. Howell, Terry A. May 1, 1997 825
Peer review revision finalized. Brief Article Apr 1, 1997 301
A refresher course in peer review. Dennis, Anita Feb 1, 1997 1250
BACK TO SCHOOL. Tuleya, R. J. Jan 1, 1997 626
Quality review for quality work. Shapiro, Leslie S. Nov 1, 1996 737
BOMA calls for regulatory accountability. Mar 15, 1995 352
Peer opinions of your association. Coughlan, William Nov 1, 1994 5000
Directors don't have to be perfect. Mueller, Robert K. Mar 22, 1994 2409
Do we need a statewide appraisal peer review system? Smolen, Gerald E. Jan 1, 1994 4614
POB annual report stresses liability crises. Brief Article Feb 1, 1993 407
Peer review may keep you out of court. Dec 1, 1992 1050
A process for objective review of physician performance. Haun, John P. May 1, 1992 1606
The part-time technical reviewer. Wirtz, Patrick T. Mar 1, 1992 1046
Wanted: a few good reviewers. McCabe, R.K. Aug 1, 1991 1878
Peer review under fire: science's gatekeeping system may need an overhaul. Bower, Bruce Jun 22, 1991 1993
A quality review checklist; five simple steps to a more successful review. McCabe, R.K. Sep 1, 1990 1619
Revamping peer review: the National Science Foundation will allow more peering into its reviews. Raloff, Janet Apr 14, 1990 2020
Arranging for a successful review: good preparation and a team that's right for your firm can mean a profitable, even fun, review. Botwin, Bruce S. Dec 1, 1989 2056
To publish or not to publish. Flanagin, Annette Sep 1, 1989 662
Dif-fusion: beware the ideas of March. Amato, I. May 6, 1989 983

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