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Forging New Pathways: PAVE helps veterans navigate the transition to higher education. Elfman, Lois Apr 14, 2022 1535
Peer Support Specialists and People with Mental Illness: Navigating COVID-19 Experiences. Nieweglowski, Katherine; Sheehan, Lindsay Report Jan 1, 2021 7119
COVID-19: NEW GUIDANCE: Focus is mental health of frontline clinicians. Yasgur, Batya Swift Oct 1, 2020 829
Using Online Peer Feedback through Blogs to Promote Speaking Performance. Yeh, Hui-Chin; Tseng, Sheng-Shiang; Chen, Yu-Sheng Report Jan 1, 2019 8710
Online Targeting Behavior of Peer-Assessors under Identity-Revealed, Nicknamed, and Concealed Modes. Yu, Fu Yun; Sung, Shannon Report Jan 1, 2019 7046
Efficacy of teachers training paraprofessionals to implement peer support arrangements. Brock, Matthew E.; Carter, Erik W. Report Apr 1, 2016 9575
TPAPN broadens eligibility criteria. Jan 1, 2016 260
Randomized evaluation of peer support arrangements to support the inclusion of high school students with severe disabilities. Carter, Erik W.; Asmus, Jennifer; Moss, Colleen K.; Biggs, Elizabeth E.; Bolt, Dan M.; Born, Tiffany Report Jan 1, 2016 15443
Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP). Klotter, Jule Oct 1, 2015 550
Did you know? Brief article Jul 1, 2015 183
Mom2Mom helpline launches national expansion of Mom2Mom. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 246
Lay and peer counsellors to reduce leprosy-related stigma--lessons learnt in Cirebon, Indonesia. Lusli, Mimi; Peters, Ruth M.H.; Zweekhorst, Marjolein B.M.; Van Brakel, Wim H.; Seda, Francisia S.S. Report Mar 1, 2015 9127
Peer supervision requires ongoing commitment: four Canterbury nurses have endured a raft of challenges--including earthquakes--over more than seven years, but nothing has stopped their peer supervision group. Harker, Dianne; Hahn, Donna; Banks, Jeanette; Orr, Trish Gardner Feb 1, 2015 2189
The Severely mentally ill use YouTube for peer support. McCarthy, Kathleen Nov 1, 2014 440
Beyond illness and treatment. Chang, Tobata C.S.; Liu, Jennifer S.Y. Report Sep 1, 2014 2160
"Recovery" from the eye of a peer specialist. Chan, Lei-Hung Report Sep 1, 2014 556
The impact of Medicaid peer support utilization on cost. Landers, Glenn; Zhou, Mei Report Jan 1, 2014 6037
The secret to great leadership. Oct 1, 2012 657
Peer Assistance Program In Nursing (PAPIN). Whiting, Sylvia Apr 1, 2011 550
MONA peer assistance program. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 245
Local Sailors embrace Navy's new CSADD program. Cole, Oliver Sep 1, 2010 417
Delineation of the job role. Gill, Kenneth J.; Murphy, Ann A.; Burns-Lynch, William; Swarbrick, Margaret Report Jul 1, 2009 4568
Program shown to significantly delay child marriage. Jul 1, 2009 1243
Commuter campus student peer helper program orientation: a training curriculum. Wozny, Darren A.; Porter, Julia Y. Report Mar 22, 2009 6240
Promoting student strengths in a strengths-enhancing environment through an elementary peer helping program: a one-year effectiveness study. Larrier, Yvonne I.; Harris, Sandra M.; Linton, Jeremy M. Report Mar 22, 2009 9135
Multiple perspectives in supervision: using a peer consultation model to enhance supervisor development. Granello, Darcy Haag; Kindsvatter, Aaron; Granello, Paul F.; Underfer-Babalis, Jean; Moorhead, Holly Report Sep 1, 2008 7451
Helping the impaired nurse: MONA's peer assistance committee. Phares, Dianna Jan 1, 2008 463
Get involved with mentoring. Mayer, Deborah K. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 136
An Online Peer Assisted Learning Community Model and its Application in ZJNU. Gaofeng, Ruan; Yeyu, Lin Report May 1, 2007 372
Peer Counselling Empowerment and Ethical Considerations. Zakaria, Noor Syamilah Report Mar 25, 2007 125
Assessing antecedent variables: the effects of instructional variables on student outcomes through in-service and peer coaching professional development models. Stichter, Janine P.; Lewis, Timothy J.; Richter, Mary; Johnson, Nanci W.; Bradley, Linda Nov 1, 2006 9648
Perceptions of web-mediated peer assessment. Steckelberg, Allen L. Jun 22, 2006 2944
Value of peer support regaining attention: studies show method improves symptoms and social functioning while reducing hospitalizations. Ault, Alicia Jun 1, 2006 805
Peer support counseling makes sense, saves cents: the group approach is not meant to replace talk therapy or medication. Ault, Alicia Apr 15, 2006 794
The effect of reciprocal peer counselling in the enhancement of self-concept among adolescents. Egbochuku, E.O.; Obiunu, J.J. Mar 22, 2006 2949
The influence of a continuous learning environment on peer mentoring behaviors. Eddy, Erik R.; Tannenbaum, Scott I.; Lorenzet, Steven J.; Smith-Jentsch, Kimberly A. Sep 22, 2005 4994
A tale of two cities. Jun 22, 2005 808
The effects of adult guidance and peer discussion on the development of children's representations: evidence from the training of pedestrian skills. Tolmie, Andrew; Thomson, James A.; Foot, Hugh C.; Whelan, Kirstie; Morrison, Sheila; McLaren, Brian May 1, 2005 13584
Peer mediation goes high-tech. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 255
The effects of a peer-mediated positive behavior support program on socially appropriate classroom behavior. Christensen, Lynnette; Young, K. Richard; Marchant, Michelle Aug 1, 2004 14783
Research into practice. Kelley, Michael F. Jun 22, 2004 1570
Peer pressure. Edmond, Alfred A., Jr. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 349
Six factors inhibiting the use of peer mediation in a junior high school. Karan, Orv C. Author Abstract Apr 1, 2004 6259
Peers for peace: building bridges of peace through peer counselling. Dagdag, Teresa Oct 1, 2003 849
Three steps forward: adopt a teacher. Blackwell, Jacqueline Column Sep 22, 2003 714
UK youth prefer peer-led sexuality education classes to teacher-led programs. (Digests). Rosenberg, J. Mar 1, 2003 977
Therapeutic communities: thinking outside the box. Patmon, Cecil Jun 1, 2002 1065
Peer advocate services increase the odds that women with HIV will use condoms with main partners. (Digests). Brown, B. Mar 1, 2002 1495
Fussbusters(*): Using Peers To Mediate Conflict Resolution in a Head Start Classroom. Chick, Angela Jun 22, 2001 2609
Receipt of School Health Education and School Health Services Among Adolescent Immigrants in Massachusetts. Blake, Susan M.; Ledsky, Rebecca; Goodenow, Carol; O'Donnel, Lydia Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 7931
Boundary Management Tactics and Logics of Action: The Case of Peer-Support Providers. Bacharach, Samuel B.; Bamberger, Peter; McKinney, Valerie Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2000 16879
Word of Mouth Spreads Mammography Gospel. MOON, MARY ANN May 15, 2000 409
Peers May Help Reduce Teen Pregnancy. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 239
Juvenile Peer Mediation Expands Beyond Schools. Brief Article Nov 22, 1999 403
The Future of the Peer Movement. Gartner, Audrey; Reissman, Frank Brief Article Sep 22, 1999 688
Peer Support through Teen Journalism. Blustain, Rachel; McCarthy, Nora Sep 22, 1999 2143
Life Imitates Pokemon: The Virtues and Necessities of Technology-Based Peer Education in Today's Schools. Bloomfield, David C. Sep 22, 1999 2768
Young People as Assets: A Foundation View. Hein, Karen Sep 22, 1999 4242
Writing through Littleton. Bugeja, Michael Jul 1, 1999 963
Delight. Weiner, Mary Lou Mar 1, 1999 842
The peer principle: the key to addiction treatment. Riessman, Frank Dec 22, 1998 882
Management and prevention of personal problems in older adolescents via schematic maps and peer feedback. Peel, Jennifer L.; Dansereau, Donald F. Jun 22, 1998 5993
Using peer supporters to help address law enforcement stress. Tomz, Julie Esselman May 1, 1998 4962
Effectiveness of one-year participation in school-based volunteer-facilitated peer support groups. Wassef, Adel; Mason, Gayle; Collins, Melissa Lassiter; VanHaalen, John; Ingham, Denise Mar 22, 1998 2110
Peer helping/involvement: an efficacious way to meet the challenge of reducing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among youth? Black, David R.; Tobler, Nancy S.; Sciacca, John P. Mar 1, 1998 5031
Peer helpers: encouraging kids to confide. Tanaka, Gail; Reid, Kelley Oct 1, 1997 1710
Peer counseling: proceed with caution. Latham, Andrew S. Oct 1, 1997 1055
Nuances before dinner: exploring the relationship between peer counselors and delinquent adolescents. Beitel, Mark Sep 22, 1997 5238
It's savvy, sage, and necessary for NEA to reach out to newcomers and help them aboard. Chase, Bob Sep 1, 1997 691
A cultural model of mentoring and peer support shows results. Jun 16, 1997 374
A peer-led AIDS prevention program for students in an alternative school. O'Hara, Peggy; Messick, Barbara J.; Fichtner, Ronald R.; Parris, Don May 1, 1996 5461
Adolescents calling a peer-listening phone service: variations in calls by gender, age, and season of the year. Boehm, Kathryn E.; Schondel, Connie K.; Marlowe, Alison L.; Rose, Jared S. Dec 22, 1995 2388
Inner-city peer counselors foster values. Jones, Arthur Dec 22, 1995 1213
A review of selected school-based conflict resolution and peer mediation projects. Powell, Kenneth E.; Muir-McClain, Lois; Halasyamani, Lakshmi Dec 1, 1995 5239
You & me. Jun 22, 1994 505
Peer coaching: building collegial support for using innovative health programs. Gingiss, Phyllis Levenson Feb 1, 1993 5974
Group evaluation: a collaborative, peer-mediated behavior management system. Salend, Spencer J.; Whittaker, Catharine R.; Reeder, Elizabeth Dec 1, 1992 3630
Best summer ever! Fratini, Nancy J. Jun 1, 1990 995
Effectiveness of Peer Counseling on High School Students Who Failed Two or More Classes in a Nine Week Quarter. Reardon, Michelle Turner Author abstract Jan 1, 1990 463

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