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Peek at the week.

MONDAY: Hotel (BBC1, 9.30pm) The Adelphi is hit by a bomb threat and general manager Eileen Downey has to evacuate the hotel. Then sparks fly between banqueting manager Brian and David the chef when the vegetarian- hating cook learns he has to cater for more lettuce-munchers than planned. Finally, a student bash gets out of hand and Eileen plays party pooper.

TUESDAY: The Bill (ITV, 8pm) Rik Mayall does a star turn in the cop saga as a compulsive gambler. He pop up in the three-parter playing Patrick Massie, the father of the teenager who died in a fall in last night's episode. The position of the lad's body suggests he was pushed off the roof, but the post-mortem reveals he had butane in his blood.

WEDNESDAY: Secret Lives (Channel 4, 9.00pm) John F. Kennedy is remembered for his charisma but, as this feature-length profile reveals, there was a dark side to his Presidency. For the first time on film, four of the secret service men who protected Kennedy speak about his reckless craving for sex with prostitutes and his dependency on amphetamines.

THURSDAY: Holiday Reps (BBC1, 8.30pm) As the sun sets on this series it's decision time for the reps and their Latin lovers. Debbie packs to go back to Britain, Eve and Andreas make a surprise announcement ... and Caroline is running low of supplies of her man substitute - chocolate.

FRIDAY: 999 Lifesavers (BBC1, 8.00pm) With the number of food poisoning outbreaks reaching a record 94,000 last year, Michael Buerk and Donna Bernard present a special edition reconstructing the stories of the salmonella outbreak that wrecked a couple's dream wedding and the seven-year-old boy struck down with E- coli. And with Christmas approaching, there's some tips on food hygiene.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Smith, Aidan
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 13, 1997
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