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Articles from Pediatric News (September 1, 2008)

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'Extreme education' prescribed for parents of eczema patients. Brunk, Doug 1075
A child's social competence may affect diabetes control. Wachter, Kerri 436
A diagnosis without a disease. Wilkoff, William G. Letter to the editor 603
ADHD symptoms linked to enterovirus infection. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Clinical report 547
Adolescents suffer higher rates of repeat abuse. Bates, Betsy 495
AED availability at schools is urged. London, Susan 755
Airways more responsive in girls with asthma. Brunk, Doug 530
Alternative therapies for chronic abdominal pain. Goldman, Erik L. 1660
An expert makes the case for universal HPV vaccination. Brunk, Doug 858
Antibiotic spray for apples 'bad idea'. Anderson, Jane 134
Antidepressant prescribing by pediatricians rose after warning. Boschert, Sherry 404
Asthma hospitalizations fall. Anderson, Jane 177
Atopic patients appear free of extra MRSA risk. Brunk, Doug 893
Autism: genetics, or radio waves? Gillman, Michael Letter to the editor 317
Barrier products may be beneficial in AD therapy. Brunk, Doug 1123
Behavioral therapy cuts need for ADHD drug. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 588
Best treatment is unclear for disordered eating in diabetes. 602
Blood monitor bests urine dipstick. Jancin, Bruce 809
Bone load helps predict fracture progression risk: training increase, repetitive activity, fitness level, and training errors should also be considered. London, Susan 589
Burner/stinger injuries are not always routine. London, Susan 651
Capitol Hill gearing up for health care reform. Ault, Alicia 833
Check Gardasil adverse-event data. Pelton, Stephen I. 930
Clinical criteria key to post-mono sports return. London, Susan 621
CMS proposes to replace ICD-9 in 3 years, but others protest. Schneider, Mary Ellen 907
Combined therapy slows endometriosis progress. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 588
Congenital illness: confronting the dark side. Jellinek, Michael S. 1094
Corrections. Correction notice 126
Cultivating cultural competency. Beers, Lee Savio 783
Curtailed sleep in infancy may predict later adiposity. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 365
Deciphering the complexities of Rett syndrome. Naidu, Sakkubai 986
Dental care is the 'most prevalent' unmet need. Ault, Alicia 627
Diabetes care providers disagree on primary role. Mahoney, Diana 638
DVDs, games "anesthetize' during minor skin procedures. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 303
Expert: public misperceives rate of food allergies. Brunk, Doug 639
Family plan helps fight child obesity epidemic: self-guided behavioral changes toward a healthier lifestyle are the focus, rather than weight or BMI. Jancin, Bruce Conference notes 966
FDA reports cases of CT interfering with medical devices. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 302
FeNO measurement still at issue. Swamy, Kumar; Lanz Letter to the editor 434
Gastric banding Aids teens' metabolic profiles. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 421
Hemangioma distribution predicts PHACES risk. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 491
High school sports injury study blows whistle on foul plays. Bates, Betsy 732
Histology is vital in diagnosing esophagitis. Brunk, Doug 755
History is key to correct pulmonary diagnosis. London, Susan 673
Hospitalists and health policy. Fine, Bryan R. 779
How to counsel parents on FDA drug warnings: know the evidence and monitor the FDA Web site regularly, an expert suggests. McNamara, Damian 752
Incontinentia pigmenti may not be that rare. Boschert, Sherry 379
Infantile hemangioma risk tied to low birth weight. Wendling, Patrice 703
International adoptees' records of immunizations are often unreliable. Finn, Robert Clinical report 432
Lesions, developmental delay? Try blood test. Boschert, Sherry 384
Let's get back to prevention. Artigues, Michael; Sege Letter to the editor 501
Lower socioeconomic status patients willing to use e-mail. Finn, Robert 391
Model predicts cost-efficacy of HPV vaccination. Moon, Mary Ann 623
Multiple errors in care befall hospitalized children. Bates, Betsy 706
New treatments key in updated rhinitis guidelines: first update in 10 years more individualized. Evans, Jeff 891
Oral Vitamin D boosts peptides in AD lesional skin. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 435
Pediatricians' mental health care role suggested. Brunk, Doug 647
Postdisaster talk guides for children, teens. Brief article 147
President signs Product Safety Act. Anderson, Jane 143
Privacy is top priority for personal health records, task force says. Schneider, Mary Ellen 431
Propranolol found to rapidly shrink hemangiomas. Worcester, Sharon 677
Pursuing peaks inspires a career path. Brunk, Doug 596
Reimbursement is physicians' top concern on HPV vaccine. Ault, Alicia 386
Reinventing the pediatric wheel. Carey, William B. Letter to the editor 106
Safety, not sex, tops parents' concerns about HPV vaccine. Splete, Heidi 673
Screening guide for prediabetes needs overhaul. Jancin, Bruce 350
Short REM sleep linked to overweight in kids. Moon, Mary Ann 414
Skin infections in young athletes demand extra vigilance. London, Susan 705
Sleep, weight problems diminish quality of life. Splete, Heidi 481
Soft, fluctuant lesion may flag sinus pericranii. Worcester, Sharon 421
Study seeks new criteria to avert eating disorders. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 581
Study shows spike in prevalence of food allergies. Birk, Susan Clinical report 774
They'rrrre baaaaack! Harry and Louise ride again, this time for health reform. 309
Thyroid dysfunction is linked to pediatric headache. Mahoney, Diana 395
Type 2 diabetes found more in Hispanic females. Boschert, Sherry 919
Uninsured kids lack care. Anderson, Jane 171
Vaccines make practice a challenge. Greenhill, Philip A. Letter to the editor 153
Watch girls with type 1 diabetes for signs of disturbed eating. 335
Youth suicide rate may be rising after years of decline. Schneider, Mary Ellen 385

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