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Articles from Pediatric News (April 1, 2007)

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'Flow driver' CPAP good for apnea of prematurity. Finn, Robert 494
A 'role' call for regular meetings. Scott, Charles A. 1387
A heads-up on Head Start. Fine, Bryan R. 773
AAP worried about HDHPs. Anderson, Jane Brief article 132
ALT levels connected to metabolic syndrome. Wendling, Patrice 510
Are combo vaccines really Simpler? Pichichero, Michael E. 871
At-home RSV prophylaxis improved compliance. Sullivan, Michele G. Disease/Disorder overview 359
Ban urged on OTC cold products for kids under 6. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 628
Bariatric surgery in adolescents normalizes heart size. Zoler, Mitchel L. 570
Baseline results support "atopic march" theory. Brunk, Doug 599
Before drugs for hypersomnia, think of 'S.E.L.F.'. 499
Biologics showing efficacy for psoriasis. Boschert, Sherry 760
Booster seat laws help. Anderson, Jane Brief article 138
Breastfeeding and the workplace. Beers, Lee Savio Column 702
Call to action on drinking. Anderson, Jane Brief article 124
Cataplexy is key in narcolepsy diagnosis. Finn, Robert 591
Cervarix shows 100% efficacy through 5.5 years. Tucker, Miriam E. 641
CHCs give quality care. Sagerman, Paul J.; Fine Letter to the editor 529
CHCs valuable in rural areas. Derlet, Mikla Nina Letter to the editor 103
Computer kiosk in ED offers teachable safety moments. Schneider, Mary Ellen 488
Consider Babesiosis in transfused infants with liver problems. Sullivan, Michele G. 625
Consumers don't 'see' precautionary food labels; 'packaged in a facility that also packages peanuts' may be ignored. Brunk, Doug 553
Cough-variant asthma diagnosed too often in children, expert says. Kirn, Timothy F. 437
Dermatologic disorders can mimic child abuse. Tucker, Miriam E. 607
E-prescribing:: it works and it's cool. Goldstein, Philip 596
Earlier is better for vaccine delivery in teens. Mahoney, Diana 874
Ethnicity is a factor in acne patients' response to therapy, study finds. Napoli, Denise 368
Even grandmas are forgetting. Cox, Fred A.; Wilkoff Letter to the editor 246
Expert shares tips on supporting children's grief: ask the families of patients to keep you informed about all important events that affect their children. Brunk, Doug 1296
FDA approves lisdexamfetamine to treat ADHD. McNamara, Damian 840
FDA approves rapid test for viral meningitis. Johnson, Kate Brief article 254
FDA proposes new conflict-of-interest limits. Ault, Alicia 628
Flu-related neurologic complications: risk factors. Napoli, Denise 495
Full vaccination wards off influenza in young children. Wachter, Kerri 445
G6PD deficiency tied to necrotizing enterocolitis. Sullivan, Michele G. 489
Gardasil efficacy is looking better and better with time. Tucker, Miriam E. 401
Group cautions states on Medicaid. Anderson, Jane Brief article 191
Hereditary angioedema diagnostic delay can kill. Finn, Robert Brief article 293
Hydrolyzed formulas cut atopy, not asthma. Moon, Mary Ann 409
IAN is new portal to autism research. Wendling, Patrice 1059
If there's acne on the face, there's most often some on the body, too. Tucker, Miriam E. 394
In short supply. Wilkoff, William G. 622
Infants may have deficit in vitamin D. Kirn, Timothy 463
Injection site pain is Gardasil's most frequent adverse event. Tucker, Miriam E. 364
Internet access fuels child sexual predation. Kirn, Timothy F. 657
It's time to update lipid management, AHA panel advises: new guidelines aim to prevent CV disease. Lovinger, Sarah Pressman 679
Janapanese authorities reportedly advice against Tamiflu use in adolescents. Tucker, Miriam E. 452
Juvenile prostitution data redefined, analyzed. Kirn, Timothy F. 536
Kids and self-injury: "pain makes them feel alive". Kirn, Timothy F. 630
Lessons were learned in the mumps outbreak. Wendling, Patrice Disease/Disorder overview 1013
Lingering diaper dermatitis myths uncovered. Napoli, Denise 617
Melatonin for insomnia in autism. 345
MMR, varicella vaccines benefit preterm infants. Johnson, Kate 319
Morbid obesity affects nearly 4% of American children. Zoler, Mitchel L. 429
Nearly 5% of 12- to 17-year-old girls used inhalants in 2002-2005. Napoli, Denise 665
New AAP guideline may aid palliative care. Dixon, Bruce K. 802
Nonapneic snoring affects behaviors, academics. Finn, Robert Disease/Disorder overview 415
Nonvaccine strains of HPV common in teen girls. Wendling, Patrice 503
Opting for benign neglect in pediatric vaginal wart infections. Johnson, Kate 263
Predictors noted for prolonged AOM in infants. Johnson, Kate Brief article 260
Preventive dental care elusive for minority kids: lack of access to a dentist willing to take Medicaid contributed to the septic death of one Maryland boy. Johnson, Kate 884
Puritanical ideas are perilous. Adalja, Amesh Letter to the editor 157
Put discourtesy on hold. Moore, John C.; Scott Letter to the editor 265
Reasons not to mandate HPV vaccine. Kidwai, Zarin Letter to the editor 189
Rising chickenpox cases indicate varicella vaccine's protection fades. Moon, Mary Ann 531
Rising enterovirus 71 threat compared to polio. Moon, Mary Ann 789
Saving Lives on the highway. Tolchin, Deborah 919
Sexuality and Down syndrome patients. King, Stephanie 1295
Some egg-allergic children will develop tolerance by age 5 years. Brunk, Doug Brief article 395
Specific sleep problems are associated with childhood anxiety. Splete, Heidi 424
Study results link obesity and asthma severity. Brunk, Doug 516
Take a deep breath when you suspect neglect. Howard, Barbara J. 1270
Teen cannabis use tied to adult anxiety depression. Splete, Heidi Brief article 254
Transformative event helps teens lose weight. Sullivan, Michele G. 801
Treatment not needed for most pediatric labial fusion. Johnson, Kate 572
Under a third of asthmatic kids got a flu vaccine in 2004-2005. Mahoney, Diana 492
Uninsured children fare worse. Anderson, Jane Brief article 130
Vaccination mix-ups occur with several new products. Wendling, Patrice 777
Vulvar ulcers may be complex aphthosis. Sullivan, Michele G. 433
Wheezing rhinovirus illnesses predict asthma. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview 807

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