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Articles from Pediatric News (May 1, 2006)

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'Pay as you go' for vaccines. Levitt, Richard A. Letter to the editor 254
ACIP working group backs two-dose varicella policy. Schneider, Mary Ellen 572
Adenotonsillectomy linked to reduction in ADHD symptoms. Finn, Robert Clinical report 585
Alcohol-free foam good for atopic dermatitis. Jancin, Bruce 617
Autism 'epidemic' discounted; Dx shift cited. Bell, John R. 879
Bill Junks junk food in schools. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 141
Birthmarks said to be associated with cancer risk. Splete, Heidi Brief article 240
CDC survey: one in three U.S. girls sexually active by age 15. Nelson, Colin Clinical report 461
Certified electronic health record products due soon. Schneider, Mary Ellen 469
Children in trials unharmed by dental amalgam. Moon, Mary Ann 890
Children's health study funding cut. Nickell, Nancy 198
Conduct disorder traits are seriously antisocial. Little, Linda 571
Contact solution pulled in wake of Fusarium cases. Ault, Alicia 639
Cough syrup can promote dental caries. Splete, Heidi 422
Early insulin Tx, inpatient education help teens with type 2 diabetes. Mahoney, Diana 465
Eating disorders doubly likely in diabetic teens. Johnson, Kate 635
Emotional toll of atopic dermatitis highlighted. Jancin, Bruce 653
Epileptic encephalopathy: regression is selective. Evans, Jeff 677
Erythromycin resistance in S. pyogenes. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 217
Escitalopram for depression in teens only. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 209
FDA approval for new patch extends ADHD therapy use: transdermal methylphenidate gets the nod. Finn, Robert 803
For a minority, therapy is linked to autism recovery. Evans, Jeff Disease/Disorder overview 1240
Hospitalist puts a face on inpatient services. Nickell, Nancy 764
ID consult: put mumps back in the differential Dx. Jackson, Mary Anne Disease/Disorder overview 982
Immediate contraception ups continuance rates. Mahoney, Diana 833
Improved imaging tracks congenital heart disease: new tools allow physicians to image the heart and other structures in small pediatric patients. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 745
Keeping up in a grand manner. Wilkoff, William G. Letter to the editor 758
Liability, malpractice costs eat 10% of premiums. Frieden, Joyce 369
Make reflective practice a habit. Plack, Margaret Letter to the editor 439
Mass. to add a recovery high school. Nickell, Nancy 212
Molecular diagnosis in empyema. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 257
MRSA in Nurseries Blamed on Bad Hand Hygiene. Bell, John R. 629
Multiple vaccines pose minimal risk. Splete, Heidi Brief article 246
New dads get depressed soon after baby's birth. Sullivan, Michele G. 339
New swimmer's ear guidelines call for use of antimicrobial drops, pain Tx first. Bell, John R. Disease/Disorder overview 1045
Nightmares on scheduling street, Part 1. Scott, Charles A. 1462
Nonpesticide safe, effective for killing head lice. Boschert, Sherry 646
Of risks and benefits, bicycles and Ritalin. Jellinek, Michael S. 1358
Overweight kids increase health care firms' costs. Sullivan, Michele G. 367
PCV7 herd immunity covers unvaccinated infants. Sullivan, Michele G. Disease/Disorder overview 827
PDA dose calculator slashes NICU drug errors. Goldman, Erik 532
Plan B: altered bleeding patterns appear transient. Nelson, Colin 596
Pneumococcal vaccine stops hMPV infection. Bell, John R. Clinical report 227
Pre-tacrolimus topical steroid benefit affirmed. Jancin, Bruce 606
Relenza, flovent HFA inhalation aerosol. McNamara, Damian 768
Sleep abnormalities underestimated in young down patients. Johnson, Kate Clinical report 517
Sparse evidence guides adolescent bipolar depression Tx. Evans, Jeff Clinical report 351
Stimulants for ADHD equal; Tx by gender is not. Bell, John R. 1189
Study: amblyopia doesn't affect health or social outcomes. Moon, Mary Ann 517
Surge in outpatient surgery requires primary care. Splete, Heidi 877
Teen lawn mower injuries rev up. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 179
Ten derm diagnoses pediatricians should make. McNeil, Jane Salodof 1202
Three more Guillain-Barre cases associated with menactra. Moon, Mary Ann 476
Three-pronged method helps behavioral insomnia: focus on the sleep schedule, a bedtime routine, and a checking routine to conquer behavioral insomnia. Finn, Robert 717
Two heavy smokers and how they quit. Brunk, Doug 1541
Using credit cards for medical care. Dykers, John R., Jr. Letter to the editor 176
Wal-Mart selling plan B emergency contraceptive. Frieden, Joyce Brief article 173

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