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Articles from Pediatric News (December 1, 2006)

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Abnormal behavior may be side effect of taking Tamiflu: neuropsychiatric events lead to warnings. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1123
Acid, nonacid reflux may trigger cough in children with asthma, Florida study finds. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 599
Adenotonsillectomy linked to improved sleep and behavior. Splete, Heidi 389
Amoxicillin, penicillin fail too often vs. strep throat. Boschert, Sherry 723
Assess need for fluoride varnish before age 1. Brunk, Doug 737
Atomoxetine may benefit children, teens with ADHD plus anxiety. Brunk, Doug Clinical report 429
Avoidance after injury may be posttraumatic stress. Brunk, Doug 589
Bacteria, viruses jointly cause AOM. Splete, Heidi Brief article 194
Being an athletic supporter. Wilkoff, William G. 685
Calling it a career. Scott, Charles A. 1547
Capsule endoscopy called safe, clinically useful. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 527
Case histories document deadliness of C. sordellii. Rutledge, Barbara J. Disease/Disorder overview 589
Cases show pattern of acute confusional migraine. Bates, Betsy Clinical report 651
Child passenger safety improving in some areas. Tanzola, Melinda 923
Circumcision may reduce STI risk. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 258
Clinical consult: tips from a pediatric neurologist. McNamara, Damian 657
Comorbid depression may aggravate ADHD in youth. Brunk, Doug Clinical report 418
Computers can introduce new prescribing errors. Ault, Alicia 445
Concerta may benefit children who have ADHD plus epilepsy. Brunk, Doug 508
Customize Tx in adolescents' major depression. Rutledge, Barbara J. 578
Diagnoses of depression doubled in a decade. Brunk, Doug 328
Does drug testing have a place in our schools? Testing is a deterrent that works. Barthwell, Andrea 419
Does drug testing have a place in our schools? There are too many problems to ignore. Knight, John R. 405
Down syndrome children have higher cholesterol levels. Schneider, Mary Ellen 455
Early, aggressive treatment of pediatric pain urged. Bates, Betsy 636
Ease of use key for adolescent contraception. Lowry, Fran 550
FDA: rufinamide 'approvable' for seizure indications. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 192
First-time flu shot rates fall short. Splete, Heidi Brief article 276
Fluconazole prophylaxis in NICU not linked to resistance. Mahoney, Diana 789
Give teens with ADHD control, gain compliance: patients should feel that they are respected and are equal partners with their doctors about medications. Lowry, Fran 913
Going from pediatric to adult care for diabetes is a problem. Lowry, Fran 520
Group visits help teens shed weight. Bristol, Nellie 510
High TNF-[alpha] in spinal fluid could be early signal of autistic regression. Evans, Jeff Brief article 250
hMPV tied to alveolar pneumonia. Brunk, Doug 392
Home nebulizer misuse cited in asthma deaths. Jancin, Bruce 602
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves cognition in CP: all children advanced their physical, speech, and motor capabilities over baseline after 6 months of therapy. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 433
Investigating SSRIs and suicide. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 129
Issues aired on immunizing children with cancer. Franklin, Deeanna 549
Lactamide-MEA looks good for cradle cap. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report 317
Local factors determine pertussis booster efficacy. Brunk, Doug 414
Long-term effects of bullying vary by gender. Tanzola, Melinda 676
Medicaid, low-income families, and reimbursement. Fine, Bryan 714
Medical home excludes child psychiatry. Sharp, Brett W. Letter to the editor 297
Minority infants at higher risk for pertussis from adults, teens. Mahoney, Diana 724
Misusing Rx pain relievers. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 175
More ideas on marketing. Leonidas, Leo; Scott Letter to the editor 195
Necrotizing pneumonia diagnoses are on rise. Wendling, Patrice 567
New children's ad guidelines. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 195
New Congress could expand SCHIP, offer pay fix; analysts anticipate a new direction in health policy when Democratic leadership takes effect on the Hill. Frieden, Joyce 795
Obesity costs $49 billion for every 4 million born in U.S. Kirn, Timothy F. 446
Omnaris nasal spray, Allegra oral suspension. McNamara, Damian 711
Outbreak shows vaccine value; azithromycin prophylaxis fails. Brunk, Doug 423
Parents pleased with HBOT for cerebral palsy patients. McNamara, Damian 322
Patient recall system improves vaccination rates. Tanzola, Melinda 585
Pediatric melanoma rare, with puzzling features. Bates, Betsy 1214
Performance measures to focus on quality of care. Anderson, Jane 631
Prebiotic formula prevents dermatitis in infants. Bell, John R. Clinical report 266
Prebiotics, probiotics are useful now. Harrison, Christopher J. 795
Premeal oral insulin looks promising. Tucker, Miriam E. 442
Price tag for teen births. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 129
Program using MiraLax ups constipation cures. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 632
Rhinovirus causes more infections than thought; early infection with rhinovirus appears to increase the risk of children later developing asthma. Kirn, Timothy F. 875
Screen teens for prescription, OTC drug misuse. Lowry, Fran 495
Serotonergic brainstem anomalies found in SIDS. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 584
Sertraline response varies with age in depressed children, teens. Splete, Heidi 299
Sleep apnea and opioids are a potentially lethal combination. Johnson, Kate Clinical report 781
Spina bifida patients need screening for ADHD: studies of patients with spina bifida have found that they are at risk for multiple neurobehavioral deficits. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report 462
Standards aim to enable EHRs, retire clipboards. Finkelstein, Joel B. 595
Strep throat risks called exaggerated, Tx rationale changed. Kirn, Timothy F. 820
Study says autism-specific tool is more effective for screening. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report 406
Teens who were LBW show deficits. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article 267
The dark side of sweet dreams. Howard, Barbara J. 1180
The lifelong pursuit of learning. Beers, Lee Savio Column 766
Tipranavir-ritonavir suspension is option for multidrug-resistant HIV in 2- to 18-year-olds. Lowry, Fran 491
To improve, put practice under the microscope: the Bright Futures and Practicing Safety projects are cited, along with the value of an outside facilitator. Lowry, Fran 576
Toilet training children with Down syndrome. Grace, Nancy 1204
Treatment strategy takes on teens' somatic pain. Bates, Betsy 935
Trihexyphenidyl deserves further study for dystonic CP. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report 458
Vaccinating children may cut influenza burden. Tanzola, Melinda 566
Visiting dogs harbor C. difficile, MRSA, Salmonella. Bell, John R. 561
Voters acted on smoking, abortion initiatives at state level. Schneider, Mary Ellen 650
Walk-to-school program works in inner-city neighborhood. Kirn, Timothy F. 406

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