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Articles from Pediatric News (March 1, 2005)

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'Primary care psychiatry'. Gillette, Patrick Letter to the Editor 178
ACIP sets priorities for a flu vaccine shortage. Tucker, Miriam E. 465
Adding exercise to your routine. Brunk, Doug 1661
Allergic rhinitis hits hard in the classroom. Mahoney, Diana 1230
Antidepressant black box warning draws fire by not including suicide causality. Johnson, Kate 415
Antidepressant prescriptions for youth drop 10%: physicians cite concerns about liability. Kilgore, Christine 880
Autism education costs high. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 138
Babies may benefit from HIV drugs in breast milk. Mahoney, Diana 617
Bleach bath can kill bacteria in atopic patients. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 301
Canada suspends sale of Adderall XR due to sudden deaths. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 243
Certain bruising patterns suggest abuse. Brunk, Doug 431
Childhood type 2 diabetes affects next generation. Johnson, Kate 297
Children of overweight mothers prone to obesity. Brunk, Doug 690
Critical period exists to suppress P. aeruginosa. Brunk, Doug 359
Decavac, Clolar IV infusion. McNamara, Damian 739
Dermatologic infections often are emergencies. Worcester, Sharon 845
Diagnosing and treating UTIs in newborn called difficult. McNamara, Damian 819
E. coli linked to diarrhea. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 230
Exotic pets can transmit serious dermatologic diseases. Wood, Debra 553
FDA panel echoes WHO in 2005-2006 flu vaccine choice. Lesney, Mark S. 1062
FDA's new drug safety board under scrutiny: lawmakers and consumer groups have questioned how much independence the board will actually have. Silverman, Jennifer 743
Federal adoption initiatives. Horn, Wade F. Letter to the Editor 229
GAS isn't always strep throat. Harrison, Christopher J. 1017
Greek study ties atopy to superclean households. Bates, Betsy Brief Article 302
HAART stabilizes CD4+ counts. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 201
Hasten vaccine schedule for international travelers: if travel to a measles-endemic area is planned, consider giving MMR beginning at 6 months of age. McNamara, Damian 800
Health insurance for all children. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 136
Hemangiomas: some need treatment, others don't. Finn, Robert 475
Imaging can match brain structure to behavior. MacReady, Norra 621
Infant mortality rate rises. Silverman, Jennifer 146
Internalized racism may affect adolescents' metabolic health. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 252
Medicaid patients visit 'free' ER. Kreider, Rodney N. Letter to the Editor 113
Medical home strategies. McWilliams, Neil 1149
Menactra advised for preadolescents. Tucker, Miriam E. 809
Metapneumovirus underreported in bronchiolitis. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 251
Methylin recall expanded. Wachter, Kerri Brief Article 171
Microdiskectomy good course for herniated disk. Boschert, Sherry 603
Mouth and throat problems. Beard, Lillian M. 1307
Neurologic ills are added to flu high-risk list. Tucker, Miriam E. 441
New congenital vertebral/ cervical anomaly reported. Boschert, Sherry 455
New glucose monitors tout more accuracy, ease. Jancin, Bruce 557
No deformity is seen years after spinal fusion. Boschert, Sherry 382
Non-BMI assessments Miss overweight kids. Evans, Jeff 503
Now boarded: pediatric dermatology a recognized subspecialty. Brunk, Doug 870
Obesity affects reproductive organs in girls. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 231
Offending words. Sawyer, Bob Letter to the Editor 177
Pediatric UTI Tx: attention to susceptibility. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 201
Pertussis outbreaks underline need for vaccination: vaccines for teens and adults could be beneficial, as immunity from infant immunization wanes. Tucker, Miriam E. 709
Pertussis takes toll on teens. Tucker, Miriam E. 447
Proposed cuts to Medicaid. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 166
Rapid protocol safely jump-starts allergy relief. Mahoney, Diana 571
Rule out leukemia in juvenile rheumatoid arthritis evaluation. Bates, Betsy Brief Article 236
Should newborn screening be expanded to include rare, potentially disabling conditions? Bailey, Don; Holtzman, Neil A. 1040
Sibutramine improves obesity factors in teens. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 599
States meet their match. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 164
Step-up drug therapy can curb systemic JIA. Bates, Betsy 574
Study finds growth delays due to steroids are temporary. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 535
Survey finds physicians will accept routine Tdap for 11- to 12-year-olds. Tucker, Miriam E. 495
The chronically ill child. Jellinek, Michael S. 1079
The pen is mightier. Wilkoff, William G. Column 644
Transmission of MRSA traced to breast milk. Tucker, Miriam E. 347
Trichotillomania is usually a passing phase in children. Zoler, Mitchel L. 451
Troublesome 3-year-olds may face asthma risk. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 487
Urinalysis predicts kidney diseases. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 172
Use positive adoption language. Borchers, Deborah Letter to the Editor 221
Varicella vaccination cuts mortality. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 161
Who should answer? Scott, Charles A. 618
Yale investigators discover novel coronavirus. Brunk, Doug 507
Your hardest task. Eastern, Joseph S. Editorial 675

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