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Articles from Pediatric News (September 1, 2003)

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'D-Zone' clue is key to MRSA clindamycin resistance: lab test for inducible resistance. Finn, Robert Brief Article 337
AAP urges action to prevent medication errors: new policy statement. Wachter, Kerri 513
AAP weighs in on preventing childhood obesity: calculate and plot BMI yearly. Wachter, Kerri 556
Access unharmed by Blue Cross conversions: from nonprofit to profit. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 242
Already counseling. Ahmad, Amtul Brief Article 128
Best to use age-matched norms when assessing bone mineral density in children: use Z not T scores. Brunk, Doug 682
Beware the price of parental overcontrol. Jellinek, Michael S. 899
Bleeding disorders behind most teen menorrhagia: use platelet function analyzer to assess. Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief Article 373
Brain differences detected in depressed children: preliminary imaging studies. Boschert, Sherry Brief Article 243
Bringing up bed-wetting. Schulman, Seth 774
Childhood migraine has different presentation: only 10% are correctly diagnosed. Kubetin, Sally Koch 505
Children sickened by raw milk. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 181
Ciprodex Otic. McNamara, Damian 371
Close supervision improves parenting skills: forsake power struggles. Kubetin, Sally Koch 594
Comorbid conditions accompany social anxiety: social anxiety + depression = suicide risk. Wachter, Kerri 565
Concussion assessment on sidelines is critical: 'when in doubt, sit them out'. MacReady, Norra 1370
Cumulative UV exposure at age 18 only 23% of lifetime UV: contradicts previous belief. Hall, Gwendolyn 721
Decline in uninsured children. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 133
Developmental delay referrals: time and money: the type of disorder matters too. Boughton, Barbara 330
Device allows adults to curb TV viewing, aid in obesity prevention: excessive Web surfing also a problem. Jancin, Bruce 470
Diagnostic dilemma. MacKenzie, Richard G. 576
Doctors try to reignite single-payer plan debate: nearly 8,000 physicians sign on. Frieden, Joyce 829
Erythromycin resistance increased over 6 years: children with otitis media. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 296
Expert advice on keeping good support staff: acknowledge the stress they're under. Brunk, Doug 599
First step taken in pediatric disaster preparedness: consensus conference recommendations. Walsh, Nancy 1067
Five types of behavioral problems come your way: precede overt psychiatric diagnoses. Kubetin, Sally Koch 548
Folic acid fortification cuts neuroblastoma: Ontario population study. Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief Article 240
Fungus among us. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 187
Green bananas reduce severity of shigellosis: cuts duration of chronic diarrhea. McNamara, Damian 465
Growth hormone raises bone mass after patients hit final height: may prevent adult osteoporosis. Brunk, Doug 400
Health report cards. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 119
HIPPA flexibility. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 110
How children have coped in the wake of 9/11: adults talk, children act. Wachter, Kerri 556
How to keep teens with HIV/AIDS in Tx; high mortality in this age group. McNamara, Damian 677
Humatrope. McNamara, Damian Brief Article 321
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy precludes sports: preclinical diagnosis. Kubetin, Sally Koch 548
Imitrex nasal spray for migraine is fairly effective: long-term users aged 12-17 years. Finn, Robert 248
Internalized symptoms don't deter ADHD Tx: anxiety and depression. Walsh, Nancy 390
IOM calls for halt of smallpox vaccination of general population: says risks outweigh benefits. Schneider, Mary Ellen 584
Is Norwalk on your cruise? Check with CDC: sanitation scores available. Wachter, Kerri 566
Literature abstracts: JournalToGo. McLeod, Thomas G.; Ebbert, Jon O. 655
Macrolides still preferred for pertussis: immunoglobulin, steroids also useful. Finn, Robert 773
Malpractice awards linked to higher premiums: appear to be primary contributor. Silverman, Jennifer 551
Measles outbreak in Ireland. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 171
Mild obesity raises early hypertension risk: males at greater risk than females. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 381
Most physicians not ready for HIPAA compliance: Oct. 16 deadline: leeway for those working on complying. Frieden, Joyce 1251
New fees boost office revenue: charging for administrative services. Silverman, Jennifer 877
Nonstimulant modafinil effectively treats ADHD: two double-blind trials. Jancin, Bruce 571
Obesity easier to treat in children: multicomponent behavioral program. Jancin, Bruce 602
Omega-3 fatty acid capsules reduce endothelial dysfunction in hyperlipidemia: slow coronary heart disease progression? Jancin, Bruce 423
Over-the-counter Prilosec to hit stores this fall: may delay diagnosis, Tx of abdominal pain. Finn, Robert 589
Parasitic errors. Post, Warren M. Brief Article 166
Pearls of wisdom plucked from clinical articles: one pediatrician's picks and commentary. Tucker, Miriam E. 1703
Pediatric developmental health isn't given enough attention: community approach. Silverman, Jennifer 1059
Perinatal group B strep infection: resistance rising: alternatives needed. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 263
Pertussis deaths increased by 52%: among infants since 1980. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 292
Pertussis persists in Oregon outbreak despite vaccination: more cases in older children. Splete, Heidi 422
Plenty of flu vaccine is available this year: production proceeding apace. Splete, Heidi 318
Pneumococcal infections rising. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 173
Reimbursement raise. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 120
Salmeterol garners warning of asthma deaths: deaths more common in African Americans. Splete, Heidi 526
Saying goodbye to old friends. Wilkoff, William J. 660
SCHIP money restored. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 159
Smallpox vaccine may provide lifelong immunity: degrades only slightly over time. Frieden, Joyce 440
Steroids still mainstay of atopic dermatitis Tx: new guidelines. Bates, Betsy 671
Teen menstrual problems relatively easy to triage: expert opinion. Kirn, Timothy F. 540
Teens & metabolic syndrome: at least a million affected: prevention is key: they may be at risk for type 2 diabetes and premature coronary artery disease. Wachter, Kerri 769
The West Nile virus presentation is changing for the worse: neurologic manifestations. Bates, Betsy 749
Three lots of Nortrel 7/7/7-28 day OCs recalled: pills out of sequence. Hall, Gwendolyn Brief Article 244
Try [beta]-lactam, drainage first for skin, soft-tissue infections: then consider community-acquired MRSA. Finn, Robert 333
Try ibuprofen first, then sumatriptan for migraines in children, teenagers: sleep regularity is great preventative. Kubetin, Sally Koch 478
Try linezolid for resistant gram positives: weak Mao inhibitor. Finn, Robert 339
Vaccinate children who have cochlear implants: bacterial meningitis risk up 30-fold. Splete, Heidi 543
Vaccination rates. Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 131
Vagal tone may predict ADHD in LBW boys: ADHD looked for at 30 months. Walsh, Nancy 445
Vector-borne diseases reaffirm need for prevention: insect repellents. Kirn, Timothy F. 541
Vitamins C and E may help improve endothelial function: hyperlipidemia patients. Brunk, Doug 348
Voriconazole is effective against fungi: not yet approved for use in children. Finn, Robert 435
When to send a child for brain imaging. Brief Article 151
Where the wild things shouldn't be. Jackson, Mary Anne 916

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