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Articles from Pediatric News (July 1, 2003)

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A rash of problems. Bell, Edward A. Letter to the Editor 106
ACIP against expansion of smallpox vaccinations: myocarditis/pericarditis cited. (News). Tucker, Miriam E. 352
Adult visits to pediatric ERs. (Policy & Practice). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 122
Biologic therapy approved for moderate to severe allergic asthma: omalizumab binds to immunoglobulin E. (Clinical Rounds). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 624
Botox can treat, correct toe walking: reduce need for surgery. (News). Mulcahy, Nicholas 353
Broaden focus to include whole family: Task Force on the Family. (Practice Trends). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 111
Bullying, being bullied lead to violent behavior: affects boys and girls. (Behavioral Pediatrics). Splete, Heidi 206
C. difficile test rarely needed. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 214
Cardiac exam skills of many pediatric residents below par: a few skills performed well. (Clinical Rounds). Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 209
Clinical skills exam. (AMA Briefs). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 118
Database programs: HanDBase v3.0. (Digital Assistance). McLeod, Thomas G.; Ebbert, Jon O. Product/Service Evaluation 650
Diagnostic dilemma. (News). 719
Drugs used for suicides differ for youths, adults: hospital discharge, mortality data. (Clinical Rounds). Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 268
Early start to acetylsalicylic acid has benefit in acute Kawasaki disease: low dose vs. high dose questioned. (Clinical Rounds). Mahoney, Diana 474
Early vitamin supplements risk food allergy: higher risk of asthma as well. (Clinical Rounds). Kirn, Timothy F. 494
Empathy deficit in doctors starts as early as pre-med: unlike in other career paths. (Practice Trends). Finn, Robert Brief Article 242
FDA acts to speed approval of more generics: AMA applauds action. Kirn, Timothy F. 568
FDA nixes Paroxetine for major depression: 1- to 18-year-olds. (Behavioral Pediatrics). Hall, Gwendolyn 408
FDA panel recommends drug for idiopathic short stature: expanded indication for humatrope. (Clinical Rounds). Franklin, Deeanna 1071
FDA Panel: ipecac OTC stores should be revoked: little efficacy data. (Clinical Rounds). Mechcatie, Elizabeth 912
FluMist licensed for ages 5-49 years: more expensive than injected. Tucker, Miriam E. 972
For the first time in several years, CDC deems vaccine supply to be stable: only Hib is somewhat precarious. (Infectious Diseases). Frieden, Joyce 388
Handle vaccines with care or you may rue the day: use best practices. (Infectious Diseases). Perlstein, Steve 442
HIPAA and the rumor mill. (Letters From Maine). Wilkoff, William G. Column 649
House staff self-governance. (AMA Briefs). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 116
How to choose the best antibiotic for sinusitis: amoxicillin ok for majority. (Infectious Diseases). Finn, Robert 501
Impact seen later with asymptomatic CMV: cognitive sequelae seen at age 6 years. (Infectious Diseases). Kirn, Timothy F. 385
Improved TB test. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 111
Infectious disease workshop. (FYI). Brief Article 108
Inform parents syncope in child is usually benign: rule out cardiovascular disease. (Clinical Rounds). McNamara, Damian 767
It pays to immunize. (Policy & Practice). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 133
Medicaid criticisms. (Policy & Practice). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 135
Metformin use for PCOS in adolescents called premature: no long-term data yet. (Clinical Rounds). Kirn, Timothy F. 321
Monkeypox far different from varicella or smallpox, doctor says: scattered lesions at varying stages. (News). Kirn, Timothy F. 606
Monkeypox illustrates emerging infections threat: from Africa to North America smallpox vaccine, suggested for exposed kids. Kirn, Timothy F. 1066
More frequent coitus is associated with the persistence of HPV: small study. (News). Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 307
MRA reveals peripheral aneurysms in Kawasaki: allows more aggressive therapy. (Clinical Rounds). Mahoney, Diana 505
New & approved: NIOX, Flonase. (Clinical Rounds). McNamara, Damian 656
New AAP leader outlines goals. (Policy & Practice). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 167
New pathogen primarily infecting children is spread by raccoons: severe CNS effects and death. (Infectious Diseases). McNamara, Damian 344
Nonfatal self-inflicted injury rate is the highest among teenage girls: probable suicide attempts. (Clinical Rounds). Jancin, Bruce 258
Overuse knee injury symptoms vague, nonspecific: must understand causes to properly treat. (Clinical Rounds). Splete, Heidi 975
Panel debates promising hyperbilirubinemia drug: comparison with phototherapy key. (News). Sullivan, Michele G. 896
Panel supports broader indication for herpes drug: uninfected partners. (Infectious Diseases). Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief Article 219
Parents sacrifice custody for psychiatric care: GAO report. Finn, Robert Brief Article 102
Patient sex-ed brochures. Brief Article 221
Pediatric drug rule revival is still sought: appeals court wants answers. (Practice Trends). Silverman, Jennifer 514
Pediatric vaccine counseling code in development: August target datecode: would separate physician work from vaccine administration itself. Silverman, Jennifer 723
Pediatricians using wrong needle sizes for vaccinations: 7/8 inch is recommended for infants. (News). Brunk, Doug 390
Pneumococcal vaccine is a must for cochlear implant patients: 30-fold higher risk in this population. (News). Tucker, Miriam E. 338
Predicting UTI scarring. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 115
Preemie weight and UTIs. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 134
Prepare adolescents for healthy adult sexuality: give parents anticipatory guidance. (Behavioral Pediatrics). McNamara, Damian 430
Preventing heat illness. (Policy & Practice). Perlstein, Steve Brief Article 134
Put some teeth into your exam. (ID Consult). Block, Stan L. 806
Rx without Dx. Spence, Mary Letter to the Editor 131
Safety device unregulated. Bull, Marilyn J. Letter to the Editor 190
SARS in Hong Kong and U.S. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 163
Serious bacterial infections unusual in young infants with RSV and fever: full sepsis evaluation unnecessary? (Infectious Diseases). Brunk, Doug 369
Start teens on monophasic oral contraceptives: compliance not as problematic. (Clinical Rounds). Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 265
Training is lacking for pediatric end-of-life care: students, residents, physicians surveyed. (Practice Trends). Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 271
Twins, triplets multiply behavioral challenges. (Behavioral Consult). Howard, Barbara J. 973
Tx-resistant recurrent OM is common: compared with AOM. (News). Splete, Heidi Brief Article 188
Unintentional injury rate down 40%: from 1987 to 2000. (Clinical Rounds). Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article 108
Use of growth hormone in SGA kids adds inches: new guidelines. (Clinical Rounds). Brunk, Doug 491
Use ultrasound to dx thyroid disorder: congenital hypothyroidism. (Clinical Rounds). Brunk, Doug 419
Vaccine-associated anaphylaxis risk calculated at 0.65 per million: events low, but impossible to predict. (News). Kirn, Timothy F. 407
Watch for suppurative complications of bacterial sinusitis: affects older children, adolescents. (Infectious Diseases). Finn, Robert 432

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