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Articles from Pediatric News (October 1, 2001)

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AAP Is Revising Hyperbilirubinemia Guidelines. KUBETIN, SALLY KOCH 469
AAP Weighs In With Ways to Help Kids Cope. Brief Article 763
American Academy of Pediatrics Calls for Ban on Manufacture, Sale of Infant Walkers. KUBETIN, SALLY KOCH 644
Antiepileptic Is Approved for Lennox-Gastaut. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 563
Ask Patients the Story Behind Their Name. Brunk, Doug 245
Asperger's Syndrome Symptoms Vary Widely. KANDARIAN, PAUL E. 527
At Least 5 Days of Antibiotic Therapy Needed for Cystitis. Splete, Heidi 352
Bioterrorism Symptoms Mimic Flu. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER 744
CDC Trucks Medical Supplies to N. Y. PETERS, SALLY 335
Cerebral Palsy Linked to Placental E. coli, GBS. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 608
Child's Risk Factors Guide Decision on TB Testing. DONOHUE, MAUREEN 622
Conservative Tx Effective for Otitis in Infants. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 562
Cool Dip Causes Hot Feet. MACREADY, NORRA 259
Croup Is Familiar, Yet Full of Potential Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pitfalls. JACKSON, MARY ANNE Brief Article 631
Dangers of ATVs. Splete, Heidi 132
Doctors Increasingly Sue Insurers for Denial of Care. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER 805
ECHOVIRUS OUTBREAK. Tucker, Miriam E. 125
Epivir-HBV Now Approved for Children, Teens. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 428
Febrile Seizures From Vaccines Appear Benign. McNAMARA, DAMIAN 693
Fla. Court Upholds State Ban on Adoption by Gays. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER 695
Free Vaccinations at Wal-Mart Unsettle Physicians. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER 1071
High-Risk Teen Girls Willing to Self-Swab Vaginal Specimens. Kubetin, Sally Koch 263
Higher Griseofulvin Doses Needed to Fight Tinea Capitis. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 462
How to Establish Good Rapport With Teen Males. BRUNK, DOUG 651
How You Can Help Prepare for Medical Disaster. DEMOTT, KATHYRN; DALES, MARY JO 1193
Immunization Still Lower in African Americans. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 353
Inactivated Flu Vaccines Effective, Safe in Children. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 160
Indomethacin: No Survival Boost in VLBW Newborns. Kubetin, Sally Koch 255
Infant Formula Being Stolen and Relabeled. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. 981
Influenza Vaccines Given Intranasally Equally Effective. Splete, Heidi 160
Judicious Use of Antibiotics. Splete, Heidi 156
Kids Still at Risk in Front Seat of Cars. Splete, Heidi 245
Kids Who Use Ecstasy Are Playing Russian Roulette With Their Lives. BATES, BETSY 603
Kids' Germs May Bypass Adults. Splete, Heidi 150
Laws Protect Physicians Who Give Charity Care. Peters, Sally 136
LETTERS. Letter to the Editor 294
Milliman USA Faces Physicians' Lawsuit. DEFINO, THERESA 1241
MORE SCOOTER MISHAPS. Tucker, Miriam E. 102
Most Acute Otitis Media Resolves Without Therapy. KIRN, TIMOTHY F. 564
Most High-Chair Injuries caused by Falling. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 460
MRSA Isolates Circulating in Healthy Children. Splete, Heidi 176
Navigating Tx of Boys on the Brink of Puberty. BRUNK, DOUG 626
Nitazoxanide Safe, Effective For Diarrhea. Worcester, Sharon 143
OSHA Rules Drive Switch to Safer Needles. BATES, BESTY 752
PLAYGROUND SAFETY. Tucker, Miriam E. 128
Prophylactic Ketotifen Reduces Allergic Reactions to Antibiotics. Donohue, Maureen 218
Rethinking Informed Consent for Genetic Testing. WALSH, NANCY 566
SEALANT SUCCESS. Tucker, Miriam E. 109
Self-Hypnosis Controls Nervous Habits and Tics. BATES, BETSY 598
Soy Formula Has No Effect on Ability To Reproduce. Splete, Heidi 251
SYRINGE WARNING. Tucker, Miriam E. 112
Take These Steps to Properly Store Vaccines. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 529
TANNING TEMPTATION. Tucker, Miriam E. 127
TH Risky in Some Preemies. Splete, Heidi 112
The Value of Family Input. Wilkoff, William G. Book Review 586
Treat Early Obesity as a Serious, Chronic Disease. SHERMAN, CARL 420
Treating the Top 10 Injuries in Teen Athletes. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 1234
Troubled Youth Vulnerable to Online Sex Solicitation. KUBETIN, SALLY KOCH 286
Two-Dose Hepatitis B Vaccine is Cost Effective. SPLETE, HEIDI 342
Ubiquity of Latex. Splete, Heidi 166
Upper-Limb Deficiencies Generally Aren't a Problem. MACREADY, NORRA 539
Vaccines for Children Program Increases Office Vaccination. Kirn, Timothy F. 318
Varicella Cases Down, Rise in Breakthrough Cases. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 540
Varicella Vaccine Offered by Most Pediatricians. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 335
Vigilance in Terrorism's Wake: Helping Children Recover. JELLINEX, MICHAEL S. 776
Watch for Ominous Signs in La Crosse Encephalitis. KUBETIN, SALLY KOCH 520
Weight Loss Programs Work, but Who Will Pay? MULCAHY, NICHOLAS 548

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