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Every child fears the swabbing of his throat for a throat culture. It can take two or three adults to hold down a scared child. Here's a couple of tricks that may help lessen your child's apprehension and make the process a lot easier.

Instead of telling him that the doctor is going to wipe the back of his throat, try saying the doctor is going to "tickle his tonsils." Many kids actually like to be tickled -- and the image of tickling his tonsils is a lot less scary.

Another trick is to have your child sit on his hands, open his mouth, and take a deep breath. Just as he is inhaling, the doctor or nurse should be able to wipe the applicator before he knows what's happening.

Consultant, 7/01.

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Author:Monaco, John E.
Publication:Pediatrics for Parents
Date:Jul 1, 2001
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