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Pedalling backwards.


THERE has been much talk about Team GB's Olympic success in cycling being due to the Manchester Velodrome, with its facilities hailed as "the world centre".

Yet did not Liverpool have its own velodrome - the former Garden Festival Pavilion?

Instead of grasping this sporting opportunity, the pavilion was demolished and the site has been left vacant for years, although it was Liverpool's finest and most innovative postwar building.

ARE we being too rash in ignoring Dr Tim Leunig and his Policy Exchange septic think tank, which advises everyone in Liverpool to board up their houses and leave for the South East?

Anyone travelling along Edge Lane and its side streets probably thinks this has already happened.

LAUDED by a BBC Radio 4 profile last weekend, Liverpool's acclaimed theatre director and producer, Jude Kelly, is poised for the defining, high-profile project of her career as chair of the arts, education and culture committee for the 2012 London Olympics.

Is this the same Jude Kelly who was overlooked by Liverpool Culture Company as '08 artistic director in favour of imported Australian talent Robyn Archer?

(Who, after much kerfuffle and little visible impact, was exported back to the Land of Opportunity).

Still, when all's said and done, it's only the Olympics, isn't it?

WISHING to treat some friends in style who were waiting to embark for the Isle of Man, Mr Brocklebank suggested afternoon tea at Liverpool's Crowne Plaza Hotel, at Pier Head.

When the frighteningly younglooking waiter was given the order, he looked completely blank and further attempts to explain merely produced similar bemusement.

Eventually, the request succeeded when reworded as: "Could we have three cups of tea, please?"

Once this was delivered a further request for sandwiches was also acted upon, although these materialised as four small triangles of bread and prawnmayo, a dainty division of one point three per guest.

PROLIFIC comedy producer Geoffrey Perkins, tragically killed in a road accident last week, started his working life in Liverpool for Ocean Transport & Trading (Blue Funnel Line) with future politician Michael Portillo.

A colleague recalls: "So disruptive were Perkins' anarchic comic interjections that a corner of the open-plan office in Liverpool was boxed-off to contain him."

Was the producer of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Radio Active, Drop the Dead Donkey, Spitting Image, Have I Got News for You, The Fast Show, Harry Enfield and Catherine Tate too funny for the Capital of Comedy?

Sporting chance for city lost to the bulldozer
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 2, 2008
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