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Pedagogy of the City.

Twenty years ago, Brazilian educator Paulo Friere set forth challenges and concerns in his best-selling Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Now, Pedagogy of the City (Crossroad, 168 pages, $17.95 hardbound) outlines a plan of action for transforming schools in a way that respects and interacts with the underprivileged.

The book comprises interviews Friere gave as leader of the Municipal Board of Education in Sao Paulo, including his farewell comments upon his retirement.

He offers the book as an introductory discussion of what his board dreamed of doing and what continues to be done in Sao Paulo. The fact that the school dropout rate was just 5 percent there in 1992 suggests that the man and the principles of democratization of education deserve an attentive audience.
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Author:Graham, William C.
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 19, 1993
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