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Patriarchy, 20th Century Bengal and the Naxalbari Movement (1965-1975): Tracing the Roots through Lives of Others. Sarkar, Pritha Critical essay Sep 1, 2021 7791
Reynaldo lleto's Pasyon and Revolution Revisited, a Critique. Scalice, Joseph Critical essay Mar 1, 2018 10126
Rascoala the last peasants' revolt: in early 1907 the peasants of Romania rose up against feudal laws, wealthy landowners and the agents who kept them living in penury and servitude. Markus Bauer discusses the legacy of an 'unbelievable bloodbath'. Bauer, Markus Sep 1, 2010 3389
Apocalypse: the great Jewish revolt against Rome, 66-73 CE; Neil Faulkner sees the destruction of Jerusalem and fall of Masada in the 1st century as the result of a millenarian movement that sought to escape the injustices of an evil empire. Faulker, Neil Oct 1, 2002 4015
Landowners, peasants in fight for land. JEFFREY, PAUL Oct 12, 2001 1937
The Taiping Peasant Revolt. Newsinger, John Oct 1, 2000 3424
From Captain Swing to Pancho Villa. Instances of Peasant Resistance in the Historiography of Eric Hobsbawm. Lowy, Michael Mar 22, 2000 4735
In the Eyes of the Beholder: Discourses of a Peasant Riot in Java. FERNANDO, RADIN Sep 1, 1999 12839
Zapatistas take the stage. Schecter, Joel Mar 1, 1997 1094
Panicked peasants, pompous prelates and passing gas: a brief survey of tax revolts in the middle ages. Mather, Elwood E., III Jan 1, 1996 3122
The trumpet shall sound for rich peasants: Kasan Mukmin's uprising in Gedangan, East Java, 1904. Fernando, M.R. Sep 1, 1995 10932
Learning from Chiapas. Cleaver, Harry May 1, 1994 3022
What makes rational peasants revolutionary? Dilemma, paradox, and irony in peasant collective action. Lichbach, Mark I. Apr 1, 1994 15102
!Zapatista! The Phoenix rises. Taibo, Paco Ingancio, II Cover Story Mar 28, 1994 3149
Ten days that shook Mexico. Cooper, Marc Mar 28, 1994 583
U.S. eyes Mexico's discontent; talks get underway in 'Cathedral of Peace.' (peasant uprising in Chiapas) Coleman, Bill; Coleman, Patty Mar 4, 1994 879
The land belongs to those who work it: roots of rebellion in Chiapas. Healy, Teresa Mar 1, 1994 1490
Race hatred and class warfare in Mexico's south: NAFTA fuels the Chiapas rebellion. Cid, Alex Taylor del Mar 1, 1994 1907
Zapatistas rock a leaky boat: the depth of Mexico's political crisis. Alvarez Bejar, Alejandro Mar 1, 1994 1123
Chiapas revolt spotlights human rights. Santos, John Jan 21, 1994 1900
Salinas opponents in PRI supported rebellion, analysts in Mexico contend. Coleman, Bill; Coleman, Patty Jan 21, 1994 428
Agrarian rebellion and defense of community: meaning and collective violence in late colonial and independence-era Mexico. Van Young, Eric Dec 22, 1993 10312
The Peasants' Revolt (of 1381). McCoy, Kathleen; Harlan, Judith A.V. Reference Source Jan 1, 1992 206
Peasant's Revolt (1381). McCoy, Kathleen; Harland, Judith A.V. Reference Source Jan 1, 1992 141
Ideology, theory, and revolution: lessons from the Mau Mau of Kenya. Mazrui, Al-Amin Sep 1, 1987 3679

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