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Peary, Robert Edwin (1856-1920).

explorer. Peary entered the United States Navy as a civil engineer. He began his Arctic explorations in 1886; on April 6, 1909, he reached the North Pole. Dr. Frederick Cook claimed he had reached the pole a year earlier; in 1911 Congress recognized Peary's claims and made him a rear admiral. Peary wrote Northward over the "Great Ice" (2 v. 1898), Nearest the Pole (1907), The North Pole (1910), and Secrets of Polar Travel (1917). His biography was written by Fitzhugh Green (1926) and by W. H. Hobbs (1936). Peary's wife, Josephine Diebitsch Peary (1863-1895), accompanied him on early expeditions and wrote My Arctic Journal (1893); The Snow Baby (1901), an account of her daughter who was born farther north than any other foreign child; and Children of the Arctic (1903).

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